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 Foxy Amber

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PostSubject: Foxy Amber   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:17 pm

The Fox Who Isnít as Sneaky as She Thought
By: Amber Seda

The cute little fox stretches out her long legs. She looks at herself and thinks wow I look older than I thought. Although she sees herself as a full-grown fox her father looks at her as the little baby that heís used to. She sneaks around doing some things she shouldnít but what can you expect from a little naÔve baby. In her eyes what she does isnít sneaky but in the eyes of those who truly love her, they see the sneaky fox instinct coming out which she inherited from her father. He tries to help her grow up into a smart, clever, young fox, which will do great things. Though her sneaky and clever fox instincts kick in at times, she knows that what is done and said to her is purely out of love. She thinks that she is clever enough to fool everyone but little does she know that this cleverness is not only instinct but its also inherited from her relatives so now sheís learning the hard way that she canít always use her cleverness to fool others, especially those who taught her how to use it.

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Foxy Amber
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