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PostSubject: JENNY'S VALDEZ ADVICE COLUMN   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:21 pm

Two Star Crossed Lovers
What Should They Do?

Hello Everyone. My name is Romeo and my love Juliet are in dire need for advice. We love each other with all our mightÖwe would do anything for each other. Now our parents hate each other with a passion but our love canít keep us separated. Although we are young we went to get married and spend the rest of our lives together. Do you thing we should? Or tell our parents and wait until we get older? Or do we just completely forget about the whole situation? Please HELP!!!

Anonymous-age 16

In my opinion you two should follow your heart and gut and get married. I am not too much older then you and I are also married to the love of my life and itís going great so far! Although our parents didnít approve at first either they learned to cooperate just for me or my husband and the same can happen to you. If you wait to long you may never get the chance to get married again. Life is too short not to follow your instinct. If your parents really love you they will accept you for whom you love and what you makes you happy. If your love is true like mine then you can get through anything like I did. Donít wait it would just be a waste of time that you couldíve had together.

Kathy- age 27

What is wrong with you two kids?! You guys are too young to know what love is.And on top of that you would go against your parents? The people who gave you life and everything they have tried to do for you? First of all you should know the person you are marrying and you two kids barely know each other and what to spend the rest of your lives together? You guys are crazy! Talk to your parents and if they donít approve then get their approval no matter what it takes! But donít EVER go behind their backs. Itís just not right. Take my advice because I thought the same thing when I was younger and it just faded away. Donít make the same mistake I madeÖitís not worth it.
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