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 The Tangerine by: Aris

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PostSubject: The Tangerine by: Aris   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:33 pm

By: Arislenny Corcino

My mystery box, my new home,
At least its warm and I the tangerine is not alone,
Iíve only been here for days, but it feels like years,
My friends and I all have the same fear.
The fear of Grimy hands caressing each of us,
Grimy hands we donít trust.
Instead of feeling orange I feel blue,
Iíll stay stuck to this box as if I had glue.
Iíll put up a fight,
Iíll watch out everyday and night.
The only way to survive,
Is to rot my shriek
My skin will go weak
I wonít give in
One sure thing is my mystery box and I will stick through thick and thin.

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The Tangerine by: Aris
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