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PostSubject: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:24 pm

Status: (open)
Area: Poverty Ditch
Imran McCourt- Silvia's Character
MariBriza- Mayra's character


The sky was a murky gray this morning and I thought I'd help Mah find some food and then go play some soccer on my own because everyone else would be at home trying to help their own parents fulfill their chores. The weather didn't seem ideal for playing soccer to the rest of the village kids, but for me even the gloomiest of days was the perfect time to practice my kick.

After I though I had gone through every garbage pile and thought I had enough food for my three baby siblings and Mah and Pah I headed back home with a batch full of worthy food, it was a lucky hunt and I was grateful to have the opportunity to help my parents and please them, to make them proud. I ate my meal, sardine leftovers and a scrumptious leftover wheat bread, hadn't had that in a while.
After that I looked over my shoulder and wished the rest of the family a great meal, I promised Mah I'd be back before dawn even though typically I'd get caught up in my game that I'd come back a few minutes after my so called "curfew" but I knew better than to stay too long, those were dangerous streets out there. Regardless my occasional tardiness Mah trusted me and knew I was just a kid trying to follow my heart, my dream.

I headed back to the elementary school across the village, dashing through the aisles paved with hunger, better said starvation, and overall frightening poverty. I'll help these people, my people when I can, I thought to myself as Mr. Japah, the local store owner waved back at me and said "Oh Imran hope you have a nice practice." I waved back and continued my now steady jog. I brought with me the improvised soccer ball I made during recess at school yesterday and was eager to try it out. Even though it was just an old worn out bag stuffed with old Sunday newspapers it was a worthy ball. I finally arrived and began with a steady passing, then proceeded to an all energized goal kick.

The murky clouds had disappeared and the perching sun now stood in their place. The day was going by quicker than I thought and before I noticed my face was a tart taste and showered in sweat. Even the perching sun was beginning to get enveloped by the night sky. The burning rays were now disguised in a cool breeze. I was ready to finish up my finally kick when I caught an unexpected glimpse from the corner of my eye. Two beautiful turquoise eyes pierced through the pitch black surroundings and nonetheless through my mind.

I was alarmed at first but soon it became more a sense of company. I approached the silhouetted individual and told it to not be frightened. It was obviously a foreigner because no one around ever felt the need to accompany me during practice. She retreaded and I assured her, it was apparently a female as her long locks swayed in the night chill, that I meant no harm. She then approached me and rested her hand on my shoulder, she seemed to have read my past and knew I meant no harm. She asked if she could join in and practice along with me. I granted a grateful yes but reminded that I could only stay a while longer before Mah got worried. She responded in a delicate voice, "sure I cant be long either." Still I could not see beyond her slender silhouette, her piercing aqua eyes and the reflection of her locks against the luminous moon. We were physically distinct but I felt a strong connection and figured we shared the most important thing in the world, our passion. I was eager to learn more about her...

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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:41 pm

I had to find out one day who I was. The night time seemed to be the best time for me to go out, even though I was invisible no one would realize when I was gone anyway. Maybe by wondering the night sky I would discover who I was. I found the perfect place to let my lonely soul just wonder and think. I flew to a very poor ditch that captured my attention and seemed to call me down.

I wanted to play soccer but the weather wasn't letting me but nothing would ever interfere for me to just kick a ball around. A young boy approached me and I felt his innocence and comfort. I saw that we both had something in common that passion of soccer when I noticed a "homemade soccer ball." To us was the only thing that made us get away from everything. I knew I couldn't stay long. I barely knew this place. The young boy had raggedy old clothes and dripped of sweat. I decided to join him and started to kick the ball around before we both departed.

Indeed he was an independent young fellow always in search for the best for him and his family. He was so young living in the cruel realities that we all ignored. I never really thought about what other people had it worst than me. I was complaining of my super abilities while others had it worst. Yet. I felt that now I could help this young boy and I was going to take him with me. I Knew that everyone had a purpose in this life. Maybe was to fulfill this young boys dream and his family. Maybe I was the last hope for everyone on this planet. Was it really me that could do a change in even such as a young boy. I felt as if the young boy put all his hope on me.

The dark nigh and this new place had dangerous written all over it. This young boy made me have a positive outlook on life. For this I wanted to give him a recompense. Our passion was so strong that he had a dream that I knew I had to fulfill. One day he was going to grow up and be one of the best soccer players. he had to start somewhere and I was going to be his start. I would take him flying with him to see that there is more to life. We would also interact with other soccer fanatics that also had a dream.

We began to socialize for a while, listening to each others thoughts. In such little time I learned so much about him, he also learned about me but I don't think there was much to learn about me since I didn't know much about me either. I was in search of who I really was. I told him what I was thinking about and he wasn't sure if he would come with me me because he was the one that provided the food for his younger siblings. I told him that with me he would receive so much more. It was late already and we both had to head home. Our journey was going to begin some other day........but I knew it was soon...hopefully.
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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:12 pm

It was something i had never done before. But watching those two humans play made me want to play so badly that i didn't even thought no more. The girl, it was something weird about her. She didn't seem normal at all. I had to know. Also i wanted to play soccer that i didn't care what was going to happen if my father found out i was secretly sneaking out of the Castle.
"This is not a good idea," Frodo kept saying.
"If you don't want to come you don't have to," I said, I knew he wasn't going to let me go alone.
"Fine," He said, "Then i guess am staying."
That shock me because i never thought he was going to say that. I knew he didn't approve the thingsi did but i never thought he was going to let me do something on my own. I didn't looked back as i went trought the portal. I landed on the place i had seen in the Underworld. I never thougth people would live in those kind of places. It was so dirty and the houses were made out of wood and newpaper. But just as i was getting closer they both left.
"No!" I wanted to scream, but i didn't.
I saw the girl leaving and the little boy to. A sadness over came me. I wasn't going to play today. But i would keep an eye open for the next time. Which i hoped would have been soon, i was dying to play some soccer. With people that i knew loved it as much as i did.
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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:40 pm

I headed home and the presence of that young girl seemed alarming and mysterious. She didn't seem like the typical people that wondered around here and as as I lay in bed I hoped I would meet her again. I promised myself I would return the following day. Perhaps she could become my friend and since she seemed to enjoy soccer almost as much as I did I wanted her to be my friend, better said my teammate.
The following day she made an offer, one that took me unprepared. I learned a lot from her in a short talk we shared that day. Thinking back to that night:

-Hey I thought you wouldn’t have been here today.
- Oh. How couldn’t I. Yesterdays game was a ton of fun, I had to come back for some more of that soccer love.
- Um I have a question… Where are you from? I mean… why are you HERE, in this poverty ditch?
- I hoped you would never ask.
-Why is that?
- I am not human. I am an alien from outer space that has come to this planet seeking for help. But I have realized that there are many who are in more need for help than I, like you and your family. I have realized that I can help you.
-Help me? I can help myself, by working hard, ill get my own family out of here.
-Listen, I can take you to the big nation. America I heard it is. You can join a minor league there and get the practice you need from a professional. Just think about it please.
-I can, I can’t leave them, and they are the wind beneath my wings, the strength beneath my kick. I have to go I’ll see you tomorrow.

As I left it was hard not to notice that someone else had come from the sky. A hovering person above the setting sun. Well I didn’t know what to think anymore. I thought it as nothing more than a hallucination. So much of that non- human talk and supernatural aliens was making me insane. But I was so sure that there was someone there, she began to talk to my friend, alien better said.

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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:52 pm

The following afternoon I was ready with my response for my alien friend. I would go with her to that America she spoke of. The sooner I became famous and successful, the sooner I’d dig my family from here. I was willing to sacrifice a few days of hunger for their future well being. I raced my normal warm up to the back yard of our elementary school but she was not there. I looked around the corner to notice that she had been standing there all along. She wasn’t standing alone. I was right it was more than just my imagination playing tricks on me. I turned around as my alien friend called my name.
- Wait up Imran!!!!

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PostSubject: HUERTA34 & LOVE_MAYRAX14+ anyone who wants to join the soccer passion   Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:08 pm

I just return home, almost a year has passed since I left to the academy. It's a awful time since them and now that I have return I don't know how to spent my vacation while I still have time. As I wouldn't stay still at home not even for a second, I left my house and explored.

It was getting bloomy by the time I began walking but I still went on. I didn't even bother to turn around and get a umbrella. I just kept walking waiting for the sensation of the rain falling and hitting straight on my face. However, I would have to wait until it begins raining. I kept walking and walking not knowing where I was heading to, but I knew I was far from home already and it was getting late.

As I walk I saw a little boy and a girl playing with a ball. I didn't know anything to what were they doing. If they were trying to kick the ball and hit one another or if it was a sport. But, whatever it was I just felt that I had to play with them. That I wanted to do the same thing as they did. To enjoy playing with them as they did with one another.

Soon, I was trapped on my imagiation. To how great I can become. Thinking how these can affect me and my mother. How things can change forever. However, I was reawaken by tinies water drop landing right on my nose. As I came back to reality I noticed that everything had change. The two people I saw before were long gone. It was darker and had began to rain. I hurried back home where my mother most be waiting for me worried for my absence.

I was determined to find out what was that they were doing. To find a way to play the same game as them and possibly be the best I can be at it. However, most importantly for my mother to be proud of who I become.

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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:55 pm

On my way back home I flew very slowly. Processing everything that had just happened. Meeting this young boy with such wisdom made me have so many thoughts. I was afraid of what he was going to tell me whenever I thought of him; I knew there was so much more to him that he could do leaving that horrible ditch.

I came back the next day to see whom what he called himself Irman. I was apprehensive and told him that he should come with me to America. We both had that passion and I wanted us to be better. I was going to take him to America. As I awaited his response a boy with black hair, light skin and black clothing approached us. He also seemed quite interested in soccer. It seemed to be his first time playing but he quickly caught up.

Now it was three of us in search of this dream to become soccer players. My main goal was to help them be better. I was hoping that slowly more and more would join this dream. However, Irman was my main priority I wanted him to have a better life. Yet, I had that sense that someone else was watching me.......
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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:05 pm

"They are together again!" I screamed.
I had waited all day just hoping to see them and now they were here. This time i was going to play with them. Even if I had caught, which wasn't really possible. But I still had to be on guard.
"You are going again?" Frodo asked.
"Of course, its you don't want to come?" I questioned.
"In one condition, that if things get out of control we get out of there, ok?" He said.
"Umm... ok." I agreed.
We walk to the portal and up to the Upper world. It just finish raining and it was muddy everywhere. It didn't matter, you could play soccer anytime. They were already playing. But it wasn't only the girl and the boy alone. Someone else had join them, a guy older than the boy. He look interesting. Just by looking at him i could tell he wasn't the average human. I had closer and i notice that the girl saw me.
"Don't worry Frodo, just act like a dog and don't talk." I warned.
"Ok, but don't use the term dog." He said angry.
"Frodo, here they are going to call you a dog, so you have to deal with it." I said.
We were there, at first they all stop playing just to stare at us, then someone spoke...
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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:05 pm

-“This has become something beyond my wildest imagination, beyond what I can handle.”
“First an alien then another, and how great another yet has come.”
“Soccer has brought us three together like linking magnets, a passion and desire to succeed that this sport provides and driven us all here. But what has brought you here?”
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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:09 pm

I was able to join the two people I saw the other day. I was not expecting things to go so fast at all. First, I didn't know what I was doing and then I was doing it over and over again. I became to learn the sport which is called soccer. I came to love the sport as much as I like using my own abilities.

At the very beginning things were not easy. I first, began to learn how the game is play and what are the rules. It was difficult at first but as I pratice more and more the easier it got. I became a good player by a few days. However, I was far away from being at my best or even being the best.

It was just my second day and I was practicing how to have a better control of the ball when I saw a girl walking toward us along with a dog. I didn't know what to do so I just kept playing until they came closer and what her attentions were. It was a few seconds that she came close to us. She asked if she could joined us playing soccer and agreed to it.

We all were playing at the same time and were having fun. Including the dog was playig trying to kick the ball with its head or trying to head when coming down. It was a lot of fun for everybody. We all got to know each other more.

In the ended we all went home for being late. We were all tired from playing all day. From trying to get better and challenging on another. However, we all agree to meet the next day at the same time as today. NOW, I have to wait until tomorrow to keep up the great work!!
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PostSubject: Re: SCORE!!! (OPEN)   

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