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 Loyalty essay

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Loyalty essay   Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:44 pm

7 paragraphs
Due: 3/25/09


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PostSubject: Loyalty Essay   Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:14 pm

Before we go deeper into this part, what exactly is loyalty. What does the word actually mean? In my opinion, loyalty is when someone is there for someone, like a supporter. Loyalty can be found in anyone; a good friend, a teacher, and many other people. In the story of Romeo and Juliet, there are some examples of loyalty. But I want to give some examples of loyalty.

One example of loyalty is me. I am a good friend cause I'm very loyal. I am very loyal to my best friends, my classmates and my teachers. I treat them the way they want to be treated. I also am there to support them and always there to help them. If anyone has trouble with a problem, they come to me to get advice. If you are truly loyal, welcome to my club, the loyalty club.

In Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is loyal to Romeo. Mercutio was a friend of Romeo whose life ended too soon. Mercutio would be there for Romeo and would do anything for him. When he took the sword for Romeo, he showed a major quality in a friend, loyalty. He was there for Romeo when he needed help on something, anything. Mercutio was a loyal friend to Romeo and that is what matters.

The Friar was not loyal to Lady Capulet. The Friar kept a secret and a loyal friend would always tell the truth, no matter how bad it is. Lady Capulet had the right to know what happened to her daughter. The Friar has to tell her, if he wants to be loyal. A loyal person, like Mercutio, should always tell the truth to someone who is involved with the love of Romeo and Juliet. The Friar was not loyal, end of discussion.

Tybalt was loyal to his cousin Juliet. Tybalt was then killed by Romeo, which had him banished. Tybalt was cautoius to see who Juliet was going to marry. He didn't want Romeo because he was a Montague. But Tybalt listened to what Juliet had to say. At least Tybalt was a good listener. A loyal person is always a good listener. He or she would listen to your problems or what you have to say.

Montague and Capulet was loyal to one other, not each other. Monatague wanted Romeo to stay away to Juliet and Capulet wanted Juliet to stay away from Romeo. They both care about their children. Caring about someone makes them loyal. They are definitely not loyal to each other, since their families are fighting. Fighting lords is not loyal. But what they are to their own children, is loyal.

Mercutio was loyal to Romeo. The Friar wasn't loyal to Lady Capulet. Tybalt was loyal to Juliet. Montague and Capulet were loyal to their kids. Here are four examples of loyalty in one simple story, a story of drama and tragedy. Mercutio is the most loyal character because he would take a shot for Romeo. He would risk his life to save others. Loyalty can be found anywhere. Think of it, you can find loyal people in school and in your own home and many other places.

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PostSubject: Re: Loyalty essay   Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:11 pm

so...which character was the most loyal?
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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Re: Loyalty essay   Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:21 pm

Loyalty can mean different things to different people, but everyone has the basic idea what loyalty really is. According to the book definition, loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause. However, we all know loyalty is much more than that. Loyalty towards someone is when you know in your heart that you always stand by someone's side, and that person knows in his/her heart that he/she can trust you always. Being loyal is the ability to never fail someone, especially when they really need you. Loyalty is standing by someone's side through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And loyalty is always different for people, but itís basically based on the foundation of trust.

Then thereís how loyalty is formed. In a way, there are levels of loyalty, the way I see it. From the start of a friendship, there is a little bit of loyalty to your newly acquired friend. You want to build a bond of trust so that friendship can become better. As it does become a closer friendship, the level of trust changes a bit. Youíre relied on more, and you start to be there for your friend. Best friends in a way have the highest loyalty towards each other, because they always have each otherís back no matter what. Also, thatís when the level of trust becomes very unstable, because your actions affect everything.

Loyalty doesnít limit to just friends however. Someone who is loyal can also be someone who is steadfast in allegiance or duty. What that means is that you have a sense of responsibility for your duties. Duties is not limited to just work. Being there for someone in desperate need of help can be a duty. You can have a loyalty to your teachers, or schoolwork, or whatever. But loyalty is mostly seen in people. Even in Romeo and Juliet there is a lot of examples of loyalty.

First, there was the Friar. Even though he was not one of the major round characters, he was definitely important to the story. First, he was culpable towards both Romeo's and Juliet's deaths. But before that, he was loyal towards them. Of course, he didn't want to cause their deaths, but his loyalty towards them caused it. He agreed to marrying them in knowledge that their families would not approve, and in knowledge that they had barely thought their love through. In this way, the friar was not loyal to the Montagues and the Capulets.

To continue, Mercutio was loyal the his friend Romeo. Mercutio was a good buddy of Romeo, and it was apparent that they always stuck together. That is, until Mercutio was killed. However, Mercutio was killed because he was loyal. Romeo was about to fight with someone, and Mercutio took up the fight instead of Romeo. He took the sword, and ultimately he was killed. That's what a true friend would do for someone you're loyal to. He was there for Romeo the whole time and he was willing to risk his own life for him.

Then there's Juliet's nurse. Like the friar, she was loyal to one side and not loyal to the other. She was loyal to Juliet the entire time, when obviously she had the duty to be loyal to Capulet and Lady Capulet. She was giving Juliet advice ever since she knew the situation, and was keeping it all a secret from the others. She was also a messenger between Romeo and Juliet, which was pretty unethical of her. She also took part to blame for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths.


Zheack, the falcon demon

Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife
Atreyu- Two become one
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PostSubject: Darline Rosa's Loyalty Essay   Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:12 pm

What exactly is loyalty? Many of us wonder that. To me loyalty is simply one word, trustworthy. Yea, its simply one
word but it has a big meaning. Is not as simple to understand. Trustworthy is a person that you can trust. Somebody
you could tell your private stuff to. Someone who you know will never let you down no matter in what situation you are.
To me this is the definition of loyalty.

In the novel Romeo and Juliet there are loyals characters, except there is one that's the most loyal.That is ,
Mercutio, he is an excellent example of loyalty. He was there for Romeo always except maybe we didnt get to know a lot about
about him because he died very soon in the novel. An example of his loyalty is when he took the sword for Romeo in the
beginning of the play. That showed how much he cared about Romeo and how true of a friend he was.

Why was Mercutio the most loyal character? Well the answer is simple he was trustworthy. There where other loyal
characters but their loyalty where at different levels. So i strongly believe he was the most loyal. Its not easy
to be loyal either or to explain it. It may be easier if you do it with out knowing.

In the other hand we where all surprised when the Friar didn't come out to be so loyal. Romeo always thought that the Friar
was royal, but at the end it didn't come out like that. Romeo ended up killing him self because of someone he though
was his friend, someone that would never let him down. Sometimes it makes sense " Dont judge a book by its cover".
Meaning why trusting so much someone when we are all humans and make mistakes. Just because he is a priest doesn't
mean he's never going to be wrong.

Moreover, i think im a loyal friend. I wont say i never make mistakes or that i am the perfect trustworthy friend,
but i can be trusted. I know that almost for sure, i just let my self go by the saying dont do to people what you don't like them
to do to you. I try my best at that, i think its a pretty good quote to look at, and to think about.

Talking about loyalty reminds you of the word truth, doesn't it? Well thats what its all about. Talking with the truth
and acting wit the truth. Thats the keyword. When your not being loyal to someone, the first thing you will ask is
what did i lied to you about, or what did i do to you?. So there is a lot to this word, there are a lot of ways to
show it, but there is only one keyword "truth".

Overall, loyalty has everything to do with truth. In the play Romeo and Juliet the most loyal character is Mercutio.
He is the accurate example, like i said we didn't get to know about a lot of him but for what we learned. We saw he
truly loved Romeo as a friend and he would do anything for Romeo, even die. In the final analysis, it all comes
down to truth.
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PostSubject: SILVIA'S EXPOSITORY ESSAY (7-PARAGRAPHS)   Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:41 pm


Loyalty, fidelity, maintaining faithfulness to commitments or obligations. A simple definition,a simple duty right? Wrong! Being loyal has proved to be a complex and controversial issue by philosophers and a tough task for professionals, friends, and entire nations. It's a thing of being committed, as people have classified it but is it more than just that? Why has it caused major havoc and proven to be unfulfilled by many? Is there a difference between loyalty and an undeveloped commitment. Is one born to certain loyalties and forced into others?

Being born into poverty is possible, but is being born into a loyalty possible? Sure, one is loyal to ones family, religion, and country. Thus, is this kind of loyalty unreal and artificial? If you responded "no" think of this,going to church every Sunday afternoon, its something that a strong religious believer remains loyal to. But is it a loyalty one had no choice in, was one raised into believing this so much and never questioning its importance that eventually one gave up on ever changing ones commitment? Commitments that one is practically forced to remain loyal to are not real, nor is one being disloyal.

"... was accused of corruption past Saturday!!!" These headings occupy our Sunday newspaper weekly, governors who have stolen from a community they have governed for decades, ever worse one they were born in and raise in. To that they swore loyalty and fidelity to. Nations, who become allies and at the moment of dispute they have no longer "each others backs" as they said they would. These people have broken a commitment they swore to maintain and thus proved once more to break their commitment and become disloyal. Did they act unprofessional or was it more a virtue broken?

From the punitive 1700s plays to modern day novels many have exposed and portrayed loyalty as their main theme. Take Shakespeare's novel Romeo and Juliet for instance. The priest, Friar Lawrence, was a loyal friend to Romeo and the two disputing families, therefore agreeing to marry the star-crossed lovers disregarding their families discretion. But at the end proven that his decision killed the two youngsters, Friar Lawrence had not only broken the loyalty he held for the two families but also that of his occupancy as priest by interfering with what he was not called for.

Loyalty seems to be much deeper than the futile definition, of maintaining faithfulness to commitments or obligations. It is more a thing of moral fulfilling, virtue better said. One is born to become committed to something their heart really cares for. To be loyal to ones friends and family is measured by how willing one is. How much they are able to risk.

The above examples have all proven that the parties involved did not share the passion and their heart was obviously not in their obligation. If one is truly loyal it is no longer an obligation or commitment its something one wants to do. Like one of China's most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist put it in terms of work, ďChoose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.Ē The same reasoning applies to true loyalty.

Referring back to Shakespeare's play, Mercutio, Romeo's loyal friend was willing to risk his own life for that of his friend. When Romeo was in a deadly dispute Mercutio interferes and is consequently killed instead of Romeo. This portrays Mercutio's true loyalty to Romeo, and how much he was willing to risk for his friend. This is a detailed exemplar of what loyalty really is, or better said what it should be.

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PostSubject: Re: Loyalty essay   Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:56 pm

Sue Cruz
Objective: What Is Loyalty?

What is loyalty? Loyalty is the idea of trusting oneís word on a specific subject. Loyalty is something everyone can have, but not everyone can stay committed to such a limited idea. You usually rely on a best friend for loyalty, a lover, or a family member to be exact. Being able to trust someone is a big step to do. Not everyone is loyal; therefore, it isnít easy to know who the right person to tell anything to is.

When it comes to loyalty, I rely on my younger sister. Usually people would give me a reaction as to why I do rely so much on her. I trust her with every ounce of oomph. I think loyalty would come from the heart, not from the word. If you feel passionate or caring towards someone, nine times out of ten you wouldnít do anything to hurt them. That is what my sister does for me. I trust her and she trusts me.

For instance, Romeo and Juliet is a great example of loyalty. Romeo relied so much on Friar that he was able to die with her at the end of the story. Friar understood how much passion Romeo had towards Juliet. Friar also understood how much Romeo depended and trusted him. He didnít want to disappoint him. Therefore, he helped him as much as possible throughout his conflicts within the story.

Loyalty is a strong word. In my view, I do believe it has its own kind of power towards a relationship or friendship actually. It helps keeps people together. Loyalty helps people bond and helps makes people grow to be mature and ďlegitĒ. Even though loyalty can be either positive or negative, it will always have its privileges and it will always have its consequences.

How can you be able to tell what person is truly loyal or not? I mean, you cannot just spill out your deep thoughts to anyone on the street. First, you need a personís word on trust. They have to let you know that they are capable to not betray you in any way whatsoever. There isnít many people I trust to be honest. And it isnít a problem to not trust everyone either.

Now, I believe that everyone has the gift to be a loyal being, but many arenít committed to it. I like the idea of thinking this way. If you truly do take consideration into thinking about it specifically, this thought can actually be true. You can only acquire so much loyalty that you arenít limited to whom you can give it to.

Overall, loyalty has many meanings. Loyalty has many causes and effects attached to it. Loyalty is a lovely characteristic to achieve. I know for one fact, that I am a loyal person. The only person I trust in my life, is my younger sister and my best friends Arislenny, Amber, Dionte, and Chino. It seems like a lot of people but I go by that it doesnít matter how many people you can trust. As long as you are comfortable with telling someone your inner thoughts, I donít think it is a matter.

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PostSubject: Loyalty essay   Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:23 pm

Have you ever wonder what is the real meaning of loyalty? Well I have, so I looked it up in the internet. This is what I found: Loyalty- feeling of friendship or duty towards someone or something. For some people it could mean more than that. They could be loyal to a friend or the other way around. They could have a friend that is loyal to them. Meaning that they could trust and relay on that friend. In Romeo and Juliet there were character likes this. Characters that Romeo and Juliet could trust.

Not everyone is going to say the same thing, or agree with me. But for me there were two characters that were the most loyal and they were Friar Lawrence and Mercutio. Romeo relay a lot on Mercutio and Friar Lawrence help them both a lot. Romeo and Juliet needed a lot of help to continue with their relationship and these two characters help them in their unique way. Friar Lawrence gave them both advice and Mercutio help Romeo get to Juliet.

Friar Lawrence was loyal to them because he never told their parents about the love that they had for each other. He helped them with their relationship by marring them. Which he thought was good because it was going to help their family get together. He never thought that everything was going to end up bad. He was loyal to them till the end.

Mercutio was also a loyal friend because he helped Romeo in a lot of things. For example, in the story if it wasnít for Mercutio, Romeo wouldnít have been able to enter the party and see Juliet. Mercutio was the one that had the invitation and he told Romeo to come with him. Also he defended Romeo in the fight that they had into and he died. Mercutio was loyal to Romeo until the end.

Loyalty means been trustworthy for some people. But not all characters were like that in Romeo and Juliet. Some seem to be loyal but they werenít. An example of this was the Nurse. Juliet trust her and the Nurse didnít really liked Romeo. He wanted Juliet to marry with Paris. Therefore, he tried to convince Juliet to forget about Romeo. She also told Juliet that Romeo died in the fight where Tybalt died.

But not only was the Nurse a loyal friend or person to Juliet and Romeo. When Juliet asked her mom for help, she refused. Her own mother didnít help her. For me this was a surprise because mothers are supposed to support you or help you. But in this case that didnít happen. Lady Capulet gave her back to Juliet and left her alone in her problems. She wasnít going to be involved with Julietís problems.

This is an example of someone who is not really trustworthy, or someone who you can rely on.
Loyalty is something a lot of people want in a friend. In they donít have it; they are not really considered true friends. In Romeo and Juliet we have a lot of examples about loyalty. I named some but some people may have others. They might agree with me but some arenít. everyone has different examples. But loyalty has only one definition; feeling of friendship or duty towards someone or something.
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PostSubject: loyalty essay   Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:38 am

by: Amber Seda

What Loyalty means to me...

Loyalty to me is a very strong word. Loyalty is a characteristic that many people should strive to have. I feel that loyalty is when you are a very trustworthy person. When someone can rely on you to be there for them during their hardships or when they just need a friend to talk to. Loyalty is something that Infeel is necessary in our world especially today because without it the world would just be a chaotic mess.

An example of loyalty in my life has to be my friends. These are people who I can always count on to be there for me no matter what. They are very supportive, they give the greatest advice, and they know how to cheer me up. Without these loyal people in my life I don't know how I would be able to survive and not go insane.

In the play of Romeo and Juliet you might wonder if there can even be some loyal characters in a play that revolves around drama and betrayal, but in fact there are some very loyal characters in the play and I think that without them the play wouldn't have been as suspenseful and interesting as it was.

One of the loyal characters is Tybalt. He was very loyal to Juliet. He was Juliet's cousin and stayed by her side throughout everything. He supported her and tried to keep her safe. He tried to help her with her situation with Romeo while also trying to keep her parents happy.

Mercutio is another character, who in my opinion was the most loyal character in the play. He was Romeo's best friend and he remain true to him throughout his whole time in the play. I say throughout his time in the play because since he was so loyal to Romeo he stands up for him and decides to fight in his place.

Unfortunately he dies but I think this was a great example of how loyal he was towards Romeo. Maybe if he could have lived and remained in the play longer than Romeo's death probably could have been avoided. Then he could have lived the rest of his life with Juliet.

In Romeo And Juliet loyalty is displayed throughout many other characters but i think Mercutio and Tybalt portrayed the best loyal cousin/friend of all.
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalty essay   

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Loyalty essay
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