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 Culpable character

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PostSubject: Culpable character   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:43 pm

Essay: (4 paragraphs) Which character in Romeo and Juliet is most culpable? Why?


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PostSubject: who is most culpable?   Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:24 pm

The play "Romeo & Juliet", written by one of literature's most influential writers of all time, Shakespeare, is a romance that slowly tranforms itself into a great tradgedy. The young "star-crossed" lovers, Romeo and Juliet, go through a great deal of drama and complications to make their marriage a reality. Their unaccepting fueding families and their age are just one of the few obstacles they face in the play. In the end, both tradgetically die after their marriage cannot be fullfilled and a scheme to be together all goes wrong. But who is most culpable or to blame for the death of these two young lovers?

In my opinion the character who is most culpbale for the death of Romeo and Juliet is Friar Lawrence himself. Why didn't Romeo and Juliet flee at the moment they get the chance? Mostly because of Friar's counsel. He's the wise authority figure, so of course they were going listen to him.

The most unforgiving mistake Friar could have committed was leaving the already terrified and confused Juliet next to the corpses of three significant people in her life. Discovering Romeo and Paris slain, he hears a noise and fears discovery. Ultimately, the man responsible for Juilet's situation, runs away, leaving a thirteen year-old girl in tomb beside the corpses of her cousin, her fiancee, and her husband. Honestly, what does he think will happen? Imagine the thoughts running through this poor girl's mind at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Culpable character   Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:52 pm

What does the word culpable mean? Culpable is another word for saying gulity. This story has people who are guilty. The Friar was the one who gave Juliet the sleeping potion. Juliet was also guilty for killing herself. But out of the characters, who was the most guilty? In my opinion, the actions that have taken place are all around Tybalt.

The events started out this way. Tybalt came to Mercutio and Romeo. Tybalt wanted a fight and accidently kills Mercutio. Then Romeo kills Tybalt and gets him banished. Juliet takes the sleeping potion to be with her lover. Romeo gets the poison and drinks it, killing himself. Juliet finds Romeo dead and she kills herself.

If Tybalt hadn't killed Mercutio, then Romeo wouldn't have to kill him and then Juliet wouldn't have killed herself. Mostly, it is Tybalt who is the guilty party. I think he is the most culpable based on what has happened because of him. Everyone else would think that the Friar was the most guilty or the nurse was the most guilty.

Romeo and Juliet is the story of two lovers. There had to be a guilty person, the one who is blamed for everything. Tybalt is that guilty person, cause all of this was in his mess. Again, if he didn't kill Mercutio, then Romeo would have never killed Tybalt, be banished, have Juliet drink the sleeping potion, have him get the poison and have Juliet to kill herself. See how the pieces fit together! Tybalt is guilty for killing the two lovers.
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PostSubject: SILVIA'S GUILT ESSAY   Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:47 pm

Guilt Essay (4-Paragraphs)

The deaths of the two star-crossed lovers in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, where the result of the quarrel between the two families, the Montesquieu and the Capulets, the priests lack of adequacy and perhaps even their own misfortune. I believe that the families intolerance and rivalry was the leading cause of the youngsters deaths. They were both against their children marring and therefore, forced the other possible "criminals" to take action. Nonetheless, some of these "criminals" became victims themselves after trying to help the two lovers have a happy ending.

The families intolerance, their nonacceptance of mixing blood with rival blood caused the youngsters to sneak around and try to do everything behind their backs. It is one of the reasons why Romeo was forced to seek for help from the priest, Friar Lawrence and Juliet from the nurse. Perhaps the families lost their child's trust. Maybe traumatizing them both to the point in which they were frightened to express their feelings.

The families inability to leave their past behind and resolve their issues led to the lovers death as well. If the families would have left their past where it belonged and learned from their errors their deaths would have never occur. Sometimes, the past is something to learn from and remember, while at others its something that should be stored deep behind ones mind. The Capulets and Montesques should have left their rivalry to themselves instead of spreading it to their innocent children.

Overall, the two disputing families were the cause of their own loved ones deaths. Their ignorance and intolerance caused their child fear and a lack of communication. Nonetheless, the priest only tried to help by giving Romeo the potion and his inability to better organize his plan ended killing both youngsters, but at the end this taught the families the flaws of their ways and how it affected their children. They learned that nothing good bloomed from something sour, their rivalry.

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PostSubject: who is most culpable? BY: Darline Rosa   Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:32 pm

In the play of Romeo and Juliet a lot of actions occured. There where a lot of conflicts, and some of them where not developed entirely. Although the main conflict of the play was the worst one. This conflict particulary didnt have such a nice solution. It had an eternal solution for a temporary problem. Although it was not neserarely Romeo's choice to pick this solution.

As we know Romeo and Juliet both where victims of a bad game. It was something unexpected. They both killed themselves for the most irrelevant mistake. They planned to marry but looks like they didnt plan there outcome too well. However someone was behind all this, someone we never thought would be the most culpable.

In the entire play i strongly believe that the most culpable character is the Friar. We all know that he didnt make the right desicion. That choice did not show at all how of a good person he was to Romeo. Or either did it payback all the time that Romeo wads there for him. I also believe that if he would have been a more careful person nobody would have resulted dead.

In the final analysis, if the Friar would have chosen to not marry them this would have never happened. Even if there heart was broken right now, they would be still alive, and they would also have a chance to fall in love again. He had the biggest and hardest choice. And i believe that he should have think about it more carefully. Or at least if they where going to get marry to plan it more well, because this wasnt an finished plan. Its sad that they had to die for a misunderstanding, and its also sad that they thought they needed two hearts to live perfectly when you are only born with one. In the end this priest did not act like a real Friar and he should feel guilty.
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PostSubject: Re: Culpable character   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:51 pm

The life of two foolish teenagers ends tragically. They wanted to be together because of the nonsense of such feeling "love"but it wasn't it was just "lust at first sight." All they wanted was to be happy by not letting anyone or anything come in their path. You may have never imagined that their love will go through so many obstacles resulting even in the death of the two. Therefore, I ask who is the one to blame of this tragic love story.

There is no one to blame but themselves, because you are responsible for your actions. The responsibly and knowledge of you actions come with consequences That you have to deal with. Romeo and Juliet, where the victims of their own choices. Yes indeed, they have no right to blame anyone else of the tragic incidents that occurred. They weren't little children anymore, they knew what they were up against. If they were ready for "love" then they ere ready for the responsibility that it had in store for them.

Many people may have failed them such as the messenger or Friar. Many things would have been different having a much happier outcome. Yet, it was all up to Romeo and Juliet. For instance, Friar Lawrence gave him advice that wasn't the best but Romeo choose to listen to it and made a huge mistake. Juliet had her own plan that backfired on her when the messenger didn't arrive to Romeo. Many things didn't go as planed but they were in this problem now as one.

It all comes down to the choices that Romeo and Juliet took just to be with each other. They both made mistakes that led them to a horrible end. The two should have known that they had much more to experience out there in the world. I honestly believe it was pathetic killing yourself for the one you "love" while you just met and are so young. Romeo didn't have to kill himself and neither did Juliet. Only if Romeo had waited a little bit longer to see her awaken, they would have been alive. They decided and therefore they failed.
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PostSubject: Culpable Character   Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:57 pm

On my opinion, I think that the character that has the most fault to what occur on Romeo and Juliet is the Friar. He was the main character who set up most of the planned on how Romeo and Juliet would get married. He planned everything to get them both married for they can be together. It all comes to the responsibility of him to get it all done correctly.

I would have to say this because he is responsible for creating the planned. He planned how Juliet was going too pretended to be death until the moment they were going to get married. He was with the idea of Juliet drinking the potion that would put her to sleep for a few days. This way her parents would know that is death for sure and just bury her. But, in the reality she is not and would soon be getting married with Romeo.

However, the Friar was responsible of letting Romeo know of the planned. If anything were to occur that isn't what was planned can cause some serious problems. For instance, he was responsible for Romeo to get the information of the Friar's planned to get him and Juliet married. However, the messenger he sent with the message didn't got there on time and Romeo got the opposite news that was meant for him to receive. Instead, he was told by Balthasar that Juliet is dead. He immediately left to Julietís tomb without getting any other information that was crucial.

Friar was responsible for letting know Romeo of the planned but he never received it. It would have been better if he would have delivered personally the message to Romeo. These way he would know how important was for the message to be received by Romeo and would have rushed to get it to him as soon as possible. If he would have done this Romeo wouldnít have gone to Julietís tomb and on his way find Tybalt and killed him for not letting him see Juliet. None of this would have occurred and no more death would have happened because of the mistake he did. In the end Romeo committed suicide thinking that Juliet was really death. When Juliet woke up and saw that Romeo was death next to her she stab herself on chest taking her own life.
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PostSubject: "Culpable Character"   Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:31 pm

The play of "Romeo and Juliet" quickly turned into a tragedy when the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, sadly each commit suicide. They are led to an early gave because each one thinks that the other is dead, which was true at times. Their love for each other was so great that when one was dead, the other could not live without them. However, it is hard to decide which character in the play is most culpable for their deaths, for the author never clearly states this, but in my opinion I think that Friar Lawrence is most guilty for the deaths of the young couple.

To begin, I would like to point out that Friar Lawrence had no business helping out the young couple of Romeo and Juliet try to secretly have a romance behind their families backs. In fact, Friar Lawrence should have told the parents of Romeo and Juliet that they were trying to secretly have a relationship. Instead, he attempted to help the couple on their mission. He thought of a plan for the couple to escape their families without arising suspicion, but obviously, it didn't work.

In the Friar's plan, Juliet was supposed to drink a potion which would make her seem like she died and Romeo would go to her grave and retrieve her, knowing that she is not really dead. Unfortunately, Romeo did not know she was dead and he decided to end his life. It was the Friar fault that Romeo killed himself because he did not give word to him that Juliet was not actually dead. If the Friar had never decided to "help" the couple, then the two of them may have gotten in trouble with their parents, but they would still both be living.

In the end, I feel that Friar may have believed that he was doing no wrong be deceiving the Montagues and Capulets. Friar Lawrence really should have thought twice through about the future and what his actions would do to the future of the young couple. Neither person had a job, a house, or any money. Their relationship was based on pure love so even if the plan would have worked, Friar Lawrence should have noticed that their relationship probably would not have lasted. I think that as a role model, Friar Lawrence should have realized these problems and for that I blame the death of Romeo and Juliet on his sholders.
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PostSubject: Re: Culpable character   

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Culpable character
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