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 Innocent character.

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Innocent character.   Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:43 pm

Which one of the scharacters from Romeo and Juliet was the most innocent? Explain with text support.
Expository 7 paragraphs
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PostSubject: SILVIA'S EXPOSITORY VICTIM ESSAY   Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:45 pm

- Expository essay(victim in R&J)

Guilt, culpability, the fact of having committed a crime or done wrong. It's simple to identify the victim in a crime scene, but perhaps more complex to find the delinquent. But its for sure that is not the case in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, a love story that soon unfolds into a malevolent tragedy of all times. The liability of the two star-crossed lovers' death was shared by many characters. It could have been Friar Lawrence, a priest but more so Romeo's confident whose inability to better organize a plan, and desire to see a rivalry come to an end leads to their death. Or perhaps it was the Montesquieu and Capulets, the two disputing families who loose their child's trust and prohibit their marriage. Maybe even their own misfortune and their preposterous "love" as they soon classified it. It was a death to whichs blame could be daubed onto many characters. But now there seems to be many guilty people but no specified victims.

A victim, the sufferer, that who experiences misfortune that leads to injury or death. Due to the interpretation of this encyclopedia definition for a victim it would be reasonable to say that Romeo and Juliet were the victims of this play. But, were Romeo and Juliet the true victims of this all time play, or where they just the opposite? Are appearances lying and is Friar Lawrence the true victim of this tragedy?

His wounds may not have been physically evident, and he he was not physically killed but were his emotional and physiological wounds more profound than what it appears? Friar Lawrence was a victim of the families rivalry, of the star-crossed lovers pressure and misfortune, and nonetheless the pressure of his profession. Friar Lawrence was a victim of many and his inevitable actions unfortunately led to circumstances, like Romeo and Juliet's death that he did not plan of.

As a minister ones profession is not easy. To offer condolences, to solve disputes, to advise and redirect ones peoples. Friar Lawrence's job was no easy task especially after befriending both families. He knew these families for many years and he was not ready to watch them both fight so long. He found it difficult to break his jobs duties and un-fulfill his requirements as the confident he was suppose to be.

Not only was Friar a confident to the families but he was also a confident and close friend to Romeo. Romeo sought help and advise from the wise and experienced priest. Romeo's pressure towards the priest after pleading for him to wed them led him to perform actions he was not prepared for. If he would have said "no" to Romeo it may have ended their friendship. Romeo pressured Friar to wed them and to try to plot a plan to run away. Perhaps after the priest gave Romeo a hand, Romeo took his arm.

The families rivalry had been daunting the communities streets for many decades and Friar Lawrence much like other residents were fed up. Friar as pastor of his community was seen to help the cause. Intrigued by the families rivalry he was seen to find a possible solution to the problem. A simple family meeting was not going to do it because these families were rivals at heart and were not willing to drop a rivalry, a hate held for so many years so easily. At the end his actions did put a stop to the families rivalry.

Overall, while Friar Lawrence's actions in the play may point him as the guilty one for Romeo and Juliet's deaths he was the victim actually. His actions were influenced by others who at the end caused him emotional harm. Friar Lawrence will probably never be able to offer condolences to his community. His reputation was ruined by the unfolding of events and the pressure of those who so cared for him. Nonetheless, Friar was adversely affected by the actions or circumstances that took place.

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PostSubject: Innocent essay   Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:11 pm

What is innocence for you? Do you know anyone that fits your description? Or have you read any story were you found a character that was innocent? Someone that didnít really had to do anything with the problem of the story? Probably we have read a story with a character like this but we really didnít pay attention to it.

In the play of Romeo and Juliet everyone seems guilty. But thatís not really the case. There are characters in this play that get trap with all the drama and they donít have to do with anything. They are just mixed up with the ones that preceded the tragedy and drama. One of these characters in Romeo and Juliet was Balthasar, Romeoís servant that brought him the news of Julietís dead.

He was with Romeo when they went to search for Juliet at her ďtomb.Ē Balthasar wasnít aware of the plans Juliet had and told Romeo everything. Romeo even threatens him with killing him if he follows him. Balthasar fearing for his life didnít follow him. At the end he even was a suspect for Romeo and Julietís dead. If it wasnít for the Friar, he could have ended up in jail.

Which leads me to the second character that I think is innocent. Mercutio, Romeoís friend, he just followed whatever Romeo did. It wasnít his fault Romeo and Julietís family didnít like each other. By defending Romeo he died in a fight. He wasnít even involved in it. Thatís why I think Mercutio was one on the characters that was innocent.

Besides these two characters I donít think that there are any more characters that are innocent. Of course not all people are going to agree with me. Some might think that the ones I mention are guilty. Others might have more than me. Everyone has different opinions.
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PostSubject: Darline Rosa's Essay about Victim in Romeo & Juliet   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:10 pm

In Romeo and Juliet a lot of charactes were included. Some where round characters but a lot of them were flat characters. It would make beter sense to say that Romeo and Juliet maybe one of the victims. And i do believe that Juliet was the victim of all this. If you think about it they would both be alive still if Romeo did not kill himself.

Its hard to say which one of them is innocent, but i think its juliet the most innocent. I believe he should have been more mature about it. Juliet may have been the person he loved the most but that was all in his head. He did not kill himself to safe her, he kill himself because he didnt want to live without her. If it was to safe her its a whole different story, but sadly is not.

Romeo was a teen, but he had more experience then Juliet. How would they expect to marry when they dont know about life, or at least how hard it is. You need to make sense of what you do, and killing your self is not the most smart thing. Although if he had not killed himself then the play wouldnt be called "The tradegy of Romeo and Juliet".

also i believe shes the most innocent about this because she was almost force to marry him so early. She may think she loved him but the point is that if she wasnt so pressured maybe they wouldnt be dead right now. I dont think it was the right moment to decide to get married. Its not matter of being young is a matter of experience.

Moreover, life is a game we need to learn how to play. Many of us dont understand that, but the truth is thats what it is, a game. We never going to learn how to play it perfectly, there are no tricks, you just need to use your head. Sometimes we make and fall in our own tricks, thats what makes life not so easy.

You can be innocent, but there is a lot more than that. Being innocent doesnt mean you can't be culpable of nothing. It just means that you dont understand many things of life, and you need someone to guide you soon or later in order for you to understand. sometimes the one that is guiding you is not the right person, and that can affect your life a lot.

In the final analysis, i believe Juliet is the most innocent character through the story. I believe when she saw Romeo dead, she saw he was dead because of her and looks like she wanted to pay that back. It wasnt so much about not living wit him anymore, it was just something she had to do. None of them had to kill themselves but after dieing what could possibly be done?
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PostSubject: INNOCENT CHARACTER   Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:46 pm

In Romeo and Juliet, there was one guilty party, Tybalt. Since Tybalt like caused most of the commotion, there were many that were innocent. I could name about five different characters that would be innocent, most them are very innocent.

The most innocent character has to be Mercutio. He was one of the victims of Tybalt's mess. He did nothing that caused Romeo and Juliet to die plus he was very loyal. He would take a shot or a stab to save his pal Romeo. He was the only one that was completely innocent.

Another one that was innocent was Romeo himself. Romeo did all he could to see Juliet. He was another victim of Tybalt's actions. When he killed Mercutio, Romeo got very frustrated. He was innocent cause of what happens to him at the end.

Juliet was also one of the innocent ones. She also wanted to be with her lover. She took a sleeping potion and by accident, Romeo drank poison and killed himself. She had no idea that Romeo would die because of her. She was a sweet innocent flower.

Benvolio was one of the innocent characters. He wasn't part of Tybalt's actions so he kept quiet. He couldn't do anything because he wouldn't know what the outcomes would be. If he was part of the commotions, then he would be a different character, but inside, he is innocent

Paris was also an innocent character. He wanted to marry Juliet . He wanted to have all of his dreams come true and be with his love. He wanted to do anything to be with his soon to be bride. He was innocent since he was killed by Tybalt's actions.

As Mercutio is the most innocent, many people start to see the point. Mercutio was the first to die and the first victim. If Tybalt didn't cause this, Romeo and Juliet's death, then he would be the most innocent. In fact, all the characters would be innocent.
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PostSubject: Who's the most innocent   Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:07 pm

In the story of Romeo and Juliet we see many shady acts done by different characters. Now because of such shadiness and betrayal we all like to form our opinions about who is the most guilty, but another question that may come to mind is who is the most innocent? Also. there even an innocent character in a play that is full of disloyalty, lies, and untrustworthy people.

I believe that although the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet was full of betrayal from all characters there is one character who managed to stay true throughout all the drama. Paris was the only character who was able to remain sane and didn't either kill someone or himself. He also didn't try to persuade or convince Romeo or Juliet to do the wrong thing. I find it quite surprising that of all people, Paris remained true.

I say this because Juliet was supposed to marry Paris. He was the man the her parents, especially her mother wanted her to marry. Juliet felt that she wasn't ready for marriage up until she met Romeo, After meeting Romeo and falling in love with him she had no intention to marry Paris. The way Paris handled this situation was very surprising because he could have easy retaliated through violence but he didn't.

I feel that Paris was the most mature and loyal character in the story. I believe in his mind, his main goal was only to marry Juliet. I thought it was very loyal of him to only talk to Romeo and not do anything crazy like poison him or fight him. Maybe if the characters in Romeo and Juliet were more like Paris, then maybe all the drama and the unfortunate death of Romeo and Juliet could have been avoided.
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PostSubject: Re: Innocent character.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:47 pm

Every character knew what they were doing. No one was forcing them to do anything . An innocent character would wouldn't have even been all of this, trying to avoid it. Maybe some characters were just victims of the"love" that these teenagers said they felt.

Moreover, innocence what exactly is it? a person who is free from moral wrong; pure. Also, free from specific wrong, guiltless, innocent of a crime. A person who is not involved in the evil intent or motive. I think that every character in some way participated in this love story, the reason for them to be even mentioned in the story.

However, I think that Paris was an innocent character. I believe he was just there as the future husband of Juliet. The Capulets wanted Paris to marry their beloved daughter. I don't think that Paris had much say in this story. Al he wanted was to marry Juliet. I don't think he caused or did any wrong. There wasn't much said about him.

Some people may believe that Friar Lawrence was innocent but he wasn't I consider him as one of the ones that caused the most chaos. He first started off as marrying the two secretly. He didn't give such great advice to Romeo. In addition, he was the one that gave Juliet that potion. As you can obviously the poor man did know what he was doing. He was a wise man with his own ideas. Only because he was a priest doesn't make the innocent one.

Additionally, other characters were also just victims that didn't know what life had in store for them. I think that loyal friends end up being victims. For instance, just as Mercutio, he was only that loyal friend to Romeo. He died defending the love of the two. He only wanted the best for him. if Juliet made him happy then there was nothing more to do about it. He was always there to listen to Romeo and knew that their love story might not have a happy ending.

The nurse can also may be seen as an innocent character. She had the same beliefs of the Capulets. In a way I saw her as that rag doll and puppet of the Capulets. She had no other choice but to do as what she was told. She also just wanted the best for Juliet and she thought that the way her parents had their ideas she followed.

In conclusion,, everyone has their own beliefs of who was the most innocent. Some may believe that a person is guilty while others think that that same person is guilty. It would depend on the circumstances and all that. Were they really aware of what was happening or are you just a victim only you decide
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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Re: Innocent character.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:40 pm

Honestly, in Romeo and Juliet, most of the characters are culpable for the tragedies that took place in the book. However, there was one character in particular that i found took no guilt in the story and was pretty innocent despite what happened to Romeo and Juliet. And his name is Tybalt.

Some people would argue with me about Tybalt being the most innocent character. I think they'd say that he was the one that started trying to fight Romeo and the one who killed Mercutio, so that's why Romeo took his revenge. I say differently. I think that Tybalt was the victem in this case.

If you look at it the way I see it, then it makes sense. Tybalt was a capulet, and Romeo was doing wrong by crossing territories he shouldnt be crossing. Going to the party was alright, but publicly announcing his lust for Juliet was a bit far. Tybalt was Juliet's cousin, so I think he had the decency to protect her from an enemy.

All said and done, Romeo was a Capulet and Tybalt and Juliet were cousins. If I was Tybalt, I'd protect Juliet from what I considered an enemy. Tybalt had no need to die. In fact, by Romeo killing him, that should show that Romeo isn't trustworthy and does things out of revenge. I think it was unfair that Tybalt died, even though he was standing up for his sister and the rest of his family.
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PostSubject: Innocent Character   Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:00 pm

On my opinion, I think that the character that was the most innocent during the play of Romeo and Juliet is Romeo's cousin, Mercutio. Even thought he took part on an important event during the whole play it cause him his life and caused a great controversy between the two families. Mercutio didnít have anything to do with the whole conflict that was between Romeo and Julietís family. He was not included on the issues that his cousin Romeo was but decided to do so.

He was not involved at first on the Romeoís business after the party that he was force to go by his cousin. There he met Juliet in which he immediately became in love with and wanted to be with her. When Mercutio noticed his new attitude he knew that he was different and wanted to know why? He was asked him why he has change and Romeo told him that he has fall in love with another woman. Mercutio was interested and told him who it was. Romeo told him as much as he could about her.

When Mercutio figured out whom this woman was he knew that it would cause a lot of trouble. Knowing this decided to take Romeoís side and help him over take this obstacles. He stood next to him knowing of the most obvious consequences. He helps Romeo overcome Tybalt cousin who hates him.

When he meets Tybalt and some of his friends, Romeo knowing he is hate gets on a fight with him. However, Mercutio interferes not allowing for him to get hurt or anything. As a result, he gets killed by Tybalt. Romeo being mad tries to get paid back but is stop by the Prince before reaching his goal.

As for this, I think that Mercutio is the most innocent of all the characters in the play. He was never meant to hurt anybody or even get himself killed. He just wanted to help his cousin Romeo forget about his previous love and move on with the one he loves now. However, trying to help him it causes his life getting on a fight with Tybalt Julietís cousin.
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PostSubject: "Innocent Character"   Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:22 am

In the story of Romeo and Juliet, there is much character analysis. However, I find that it is quite hard to distinguish the "guilty" characters versus the "innocent" characters. Each character has their own reasons for their actions which helps to explain why they did something. In the end, it is really all your own opinion anyway, so in my opinion, I think the most innocent character in Romeo and Juliet is Mercutio.

During the play, we meet Mercutio, an extraordinary character who was best friends with Romeo. Mercutio had an interesting personality, to say the least, because he was witty, sarcastic, and pretty anti-romantic. This provided Romeo with an outside opinion when he was head-over-heels in love. Mercutio was not afraid to speak his mind or tell the truth, so when he was killed by Tybalt, I believe he became the most innocent character.

Although, he played a major part in the play, Mercutio was killed by Tybalt. This may have been partially the reason why I say he is the most innocent character in the play. He did nothing so wrong as to deserve death. Mercutio may have been a temperamental person, but he always stood up for his friend Romeo and always spoke of what was in Romeo's best interest. To kill his character off was quite harsh.

Also, Mercutio's death may have been preventable. The two families of Capulets and Montagues were in a large feud at the time, as they had been for many years. On the other hand, the young generation of the Capulets and Montagues (Romeo and Juliet) did not hate each other. In fact, they loved each other immensely. It was only the older generation that still kept this feud burning. This proves that it was possible for Capulets and Montagues to coexist peacefully; it was the elder members of each family that taught their children to hate each other. The feud could have ended long ago, successfully preventing Mercutio's death.

To continue, Mercutio was protecting his namesake and his friend when he was killed by Tybalt. This was a very noble deed on his part, for he died for what he loved and believed in. Tybalt was guilty for Mercutio's death was is very sad. Mercutio was innocent for the most part and only stood up for what he believed in. This was not proper cause for him to die.

Lastly and most importantly, Mercutio had nothing to do with the romance of Romeo and Juliet. Although it was the main topic of the play, their romance had nothing to do with him. Mercutio frowned upon the relationship growing between Romeo and Juliet. He knew that their relation would not last on pure love, but for some odd reason he was still sucked into the storyline and killed along with the young couple's dreams of eternal marriage.

In conclusion, I know that Mercutio was the most innocent character in the play Romeo and Juliet. He was sadly killed for what he believed in. Also, if there was no silly feud between the two families of Romeo and Juliet then Mercutio would have survived to the end of the play. His death was the fault of ignorant families who refuse to let the past be the past. Mercutio had no business in the play, besides being there for Romeo. There is no way that you can find Mercutio culpable for the death of Romeo and Juliet, so I am officially declaring him THE MOST INNOCENT CHARACTER in Romeo and Juliet.
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PostSubject: Re: Innocent character.   

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Innocent character.
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