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 Life in 2009

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Life in 2009   Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:51 pm

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Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife
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PostSubject: Re: Life in 2009   Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:59 am

How far do humans reach to create the next top selling invention? I find it incredible that the second a new product such as; receiver holograms, transportation devices, or thought processed devices hit stores, there is another human being working day and night to improve that invention. Back in 2009, most human beings would not have even thought that these inventions would become possible. Who could have thought that with the click of a button you could have a hologram computer or television before your eyes? Flying first class in an airplane was definitely something to brag during my childhood, yet now people would think you are stupid. I didn’t know that humans could become lazier than using the microwave, now you don’t even have to click the numbers, you just think them.

Seeing my children press a green button and have an entire computer before their eyes is simply incredible. Much of my house is empty because there are no televisions anymore besides the one in my living room. Instead, we have receiver holograms that make moving much more easily. During my adolescence my friends thought having the 30” imac was extremely cool, now it would be embarrassing. In 2009 I only saw hologram devices in science fiction movies; never in my life would I have thought of buying one.

I recall back when I was flying with my family visiting Europe during the summer. This would have made an extremely interesting story to converse with my peers, had it been a few decades ago. Nowadays, my wife is convincing me in buying the transportation 3000. For about $25,000, we can transport to any place in the world, even outside of Earth. In my teenage years I only used teleport devices in video games such as halo, I find it amazing that I am in the edge of buying one.

This device completely astonishes me, I woke up one morning and the microwave door somehow opened. I thought I was going crazy but right behind me was my son who thought it would be funny to scare me. Almost all electronic devices now have thought processing monitors, basically whenever your electrolytes are in an urge to watch television, it will automatically turn on. Remote controls are no longer needed, anyone could even my one-year-old daughter could. In 2009, my friends thought that having a sound monitored cell phone was pretty cool, now you don’t even have to talk.

In conclusion, I now realize what both my mother and father once conversed to me about. “Technology always changes, and never will stop, sometimes for the good and other times for the bad, that’s life.” My parents wouldn’t have thought that computers would ever be invented, it never ran across their minds, yet it happened. Life in 2009 was pretty cool, but like my parents did back then, I have to start catching up with technology. God knows what these inventors will create next!
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PostSubject: Darline Rosa "life in 2009"   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:14 pm

There was I, with creatures around me. There is nothing rare about it, just that when you look back this was like a dream. They have come here once again since millions of years ago when they had not left any clues. Not even the geniuses had ever expected this. This is just like a surprise party, its plan but you never expected it.

Humans had been looking for aliens a long time, yes ALIENS. That was back in 2009 but now looks like the one that were found where us. It’s very surprising. Who would ever imagine that? Things no matter what, always change. Just like us humans, we use to look like monkeys but we have been changing. In 2009 if you thought about aliens coming to earth you would think about them destroying our planet. Even I use to have that in my head. But now I have been proven wrong.

Many times we are ignorant but we need to keep in mind nothing is impossible. Not even the craziest thing you can imagine. Now this aliens has brought us new ideas. Things that in 2009 wherent’n somebody’s head. Right now they have brought supercars, which are cars that are drove by talking to them. We have to recognize they are way more organized and improvised than us. But now they have helped us put with that.

The point of this writing is that whatever time you’re living in is the most improvised. But when you think of future you should not really know what’s going to happen. Because new things come up and you never know how much that'll affect the future you expect. You can’t plan your future like people say. You make get a little prepare but there is no way you can plan it. When you don’t know what is going to happen. Just like In 2009 we never thought living with aliens. Now we do and we have to deal with it, even though it wasn’t expected or planned.

We tend to have a small brain. When we can actually can make a lot out of it. I remember when I was a teen, people were so calm about everything, they only thought about technology nothing else. And yeah we did something wrong and we will always do it which is we don’t know how to expand our imagination and convert it into reality. Yeah “Hi, my dear friends, good morning!” Let me go back to sleep and hopefully dream about the next great thing.
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PostSubject: "Life in 2009"   Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:45 pm

"In my day, we never had these crazy humbo jumbo machines like you youngsters do! And you all take it for granted! Oh if I had the technology that you kids have these days..." my great grandfather rambled as he usually would do. I was tired of listening to his nonsense, so I asked our RoboNanny to bring me my TriPod Duo. Although it was not the latest version of the TriPod, it would still do well for drowning out the sound of my grandfather. Each day he goes on bout how the past was so "family oriented" and how he had primitive gadgets in his time. I hate to say it but, I really don't care. Or at least I thought I didn't...

It was a week after that day when my teacher announced that we would be going on a school trip. Although school was mostly taught with virtual headsets and updated computers, we would sometimes fly in the usual hovercrafts to whatever it was that our class was going to. My class was told that this trip would be to the World History Museum, the biggest museum of history in the world. Some kids were excited, but as for me I did not care for history and I was pretty sure nothing would change my mind on the subject.

Two days later, all of my classmates had gotten their permission slips signed and I was the only one without my slip signed. That was when my teacher asked me why I had not given my permission slip to my parents. "I don't like history and I don't know what it can contribute to our society now." I stated honestly. My teacher replied "Can you please get the slip signed and tomorrow I promise I'll show you the value of learning history." I thought about the subject and figured that even if the trip was boring, I might as well get out of school for the day.

Finally, it was the day of the trip, I was unexcited about going, but I decided that I might as well try to learn something. When we got there it looked like any normal building, but when I got inside I almost peed in my pants. The things which were contained in the museum looked liked they had been sitting there for centuries. I had personally never seen any of these items. My whole class was interested in these artifacts of the past. For example, do you know that people of the past didn't use the hover crafts that we have today?!? The used to drive ON THE GROUND! That is insane for someone could get hit more easily that way. Also they used to have to prepare meals and preparation could take a whole hour at times. What crazy facts!

By the end of the day I had learned more about history then I ever knew. I mean, people used to have to clean the house themselves and their cellular phones used to give humans cancer. In their times, cancer was a dangerous thing, unlike now when we take the cancer shot. Things used to be so much different back then I could hardly believe it. Believe it or not, when I got home, the first thing I did was ask my great grandfather to tell me some stories about life in 2009.
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PostSubject: Re: Life in 2009   Thu May 21, 2009 12:41 pm

Mamadou Bah Period 2 May 8, 2009
Life In 2009
“Wow did you hear that?”
“Yeah I did!”
“That’s right 2009 was a weird year.”
It has been twenty long changing years since 2009. 2009 was a year of many unexpected events from great movie releases to political milestones. 2009 like previous years before it had become more advance and more sophisticated. Computers now-a-days are everywhere and has become the norm, and everything is more technologically advanced. In 2009 computers where only in certain places and weren’t able to connect to the internet efficiently as today.
In addition, movies at the time were in no comparison to todays. Movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine where major hits at the time but today they are just relics of the past. Today all the movies are seen in eye popping 3D without wearing goofy glasses or having to go to a fancy theater. Additionally, unlike 2009 today a remote control really lives up to its name now by basically controlling everything in the house from the television and air conditioner to the stove and door. Back in 2009 everything was manual and nothing in the house was really automatic or controllable through a central system.
Also, in 2009 America experienced its first African-American president who was Barack Obama. Today having a black president isn’t nearly as a big of deal as it was back in 2009. Additionally, one thing not experienced in 2009 is an election of the first woman president. Today our president is a woman and like the first black president everyone is excited and women finally feel they have been recognized in a major way and that they have come a long way like the blacks felt back in 2009.
Furthermore, back twenty years ago global warming was a big deal and scientist where estimating that things would be really horrific in the future. Well I have a news flash for you 2009 the world is in a better state now then it was before. Why is that? Well, being more modernized and technological has its positive side. Today all cars run in alternative fuels such as water, electricity, and some with solo power on their roof top. That means no carbon dioxide and pollution.
As a result of less pollution and carbon dioxide we now concentrate more on diseases. Unlike 2009, people now-a-days don’t get life threatening diseases like cancer. Cancer is what we study in history now like we study the plague of many hundred years ago. As a result of less threatening diseases people now live healthier and longer lives. It is the norm now to see someone one-hundred three or four.
In conclusion, 2009 and today is distinctively different in many ways. Even though twenty years apart, 2009 seems many more decades back then it is. Technology is one prime example of this difference, from basic technology to complex but simple to use technology that makes everyone’s life easier. So ask yourself, having the choice to live the past or the future what would you choose? I know I would choose the future with all its glamour and surprise.
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PostSubject: Re: Life in 2009   Thu May 21, 2009 12:46 pm

My pet is the perfect pet for anyone, it’s the animal that meets every need. To begin with, my pet is extremely amusing, and fulfilling. With its warmth and shinny fur it enlightens my daily life. As I see it approach me every morning I smile, warm inside with a feeling that only he can cause. The gloss in his fur reflects on my eyes, and gives me an enormous strength inside and out.

As Max transports me into another dimension of speed and adrenaline I fall in love with him once again. I fall in love with his strength and will to always continue. I look into his creamy, chocolate, brown eyes and see my reflection, that’s when I know that he knows me better than anyone, and better than I would like anyone to ever know me.

Above all Max is not only the greatest friend one can have, but the most terrific listener. He is the one person that is always there, whiling to listen and give me support, that I know comes from the bottom of his heart. No one’s words can match up to the sensation caused by his droopy eyes as he sees me sad.

Max is my beloved black horse, the best pet anyone can ever have. Max, the only one that knows how to isolate me from the world when I need it. As I get on him, he, and only him, knows where to take me, it is as if he can perceive my feelings. Max can speak however I can assure that in multiple situations he understands me better than many humans.

The form in which I obtained him is just as special as he is himself. Max is the only son that my grandfather’s favor horse had. That horse was very special to my grandfather, who is now dead, and is the only thing I will always have from him. Max brings me many great memories, and he is a pet anyone can have. By raising him and growing side to side with him we developed the connection that is incomparable to anything else.
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PostSubject: Re: Life in 2009   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:31 pm

Have you ever realized, what new technologies and inventions we have today? All of these new things helps us get through everyday of our lives. Many of us seem to realize the importance of these new things. All we do is take things for granted and never appreciate them. Almost 200 years ago, people did not have the technologies that we have today. At the time, systems, televisions, and computers weren't available as they are. Today. Things were so much different 200 years ago then what they are today. They probably only had the option of going to differefnt libaries to get information instead of using computers. It is true that with addition to these new technologies,that people live more differently. Although,there is so many good things that come with these new inventions, there is bad things that come along with this. As yo may know, one crisis that we are going through is air pollution. Some of these technologies make this issue worse everyday. For example, many factories today excert harmful gasses into the atmosphere that breaks down th ozone layer and makes the air more polluted than it is today. All in all, over the past 200 years, we have really improved our way of living. There are many new and useful technologies that were created. During these past years. Cars boats,and other types of transportation have ralyy helped us out during these years. However, these same types of transportation have harmed our atmosphere.
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PostSubject: Re: Life in 2009   

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Life in 2009
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