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 Greek and Roman myths

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PostSubject: Greek and Roman myths   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:34 pm

Juno was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera and was considered the Roman supreme goddess, married to the ruling god, Jupiter. She is believed to watch and protect all women and was called by the Romans "the one who makes the child see the light of day". Every year, on the first of March, women hold a festival in honor of Juno called the Matronalia. To this day, many people consider the month of June, which is named after the goddess who is the patroness of marriage, to be the most favorable time to marry. Juno's own warlike aspect is apparent in her attire. She often appears armed and wearing a goatskin cloak, which was the garment favoured by Roman soldiers on campaign. In Rome she was worshipped on the Capital hill along with Jupiter and Minerva, goddess of wisdom and the arts.

The Greeks thought of Poseidon as a god of violent, unpredictable movement. He is most often the god of the ocean, which is of course the biggest, most unpredictable, and most dangerous thing around. Many Greeks spent a lot of time sailing on the ocean, and they paid a lot of attention to Poseidon.

But Poseidon is also the god of earthquakes, and earthquakes are also very common in Greece. He stamps his foot, or he hits the earth with his trident (like a pitchfork) to make an earthquake.

And, maybe for the same reason, Poseidon is the Horse-God. Horses, I suppose, are also big and unpredictable and dangerous, though not on the same scale as earthquakes and oceans. If he came with the Indo-Europeans to Greece, then he might have originally been a horse-god, who only later came to be associated with the ocean and earthquakes.
Poseidon, in Greek mythology, is the brother of Zeus and Hades, and so also the brother of Demeter and Hera. Like them, he is the child of Earth and Time, Gaia and Kronos.

There are not very many stories involving Poseidon. One is the story of Phaedra, which shows Poseidon more or less as a blind, uncaring force, rather like the oceans and earthquakes he controls. Another is the Odyssey. You might think of Poseidon as representing physis, nature, in the Greek mind, and that when people sacrifice to Poseidon they are trying to control nature, to reduce chaos to rationality, to establish nomos, or law. For people who sailed on the ocean in tiny wooden ships, the idea of being able to control the ocean might seem very interesting.


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PostSubject: Hades, God of the Underworld and Mars, God of War   Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:36 pm

Hades is the Ruler of the Underworld and the God of the deads. He rules the Underworld not as a mean and cruel God as you might think. But he is fair with everyone and knows the perfect punishment for the people who were evil or bad in their life time. Also, the Underworld is not a bad place for the people who were good when they were alive. The Underworld is devided into parts. Those who were cruel and evil were send to Tarturus, its like hell. A dark place were people get torture.

Hades's wife is Persephone, daughter of Demeter, god of Harvest. Hades kiddnapped Persephoine and Demeter was fourious. Therefore she made the Earth a cold place with no food. She wanted her daughter back and was going to make the Earth miserable if she wasn't back. Persephone who ate the food from ther Underworld couldn't go back becasue she eated the Underworld food. Demeter was still furious. Therefore Hades allowed Perseophoine to go back to Earth but come back again for four months. Which we now know as winter. There Persephone stayed with her husband. She and Hades made a perfect couple and ruled the Underworld without problems.

The other God i did was Mars, the God of ware for the Romans. His Greek equavalent is Ares, but unlike him Mars was not cruel or liked wars. Mars was one of the most worship god in Rome. He is also portrayed with full war armor, he was the protector of tyhe people that went to war. His parents are Jupiter and Juno, which in Greek mythology are Zeus and Hera.
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Greek and Roman myths
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