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 One of Uranus Moons, Serias

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PostSubject: One of Uranus Moons, Serias   Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:44 pm

Serias a Moon Located nearest to Uranus. Serias is the moon where the rarest of all eclipse occurred in Uranus. Serias may seem as a welcoming planning where the beauty is reflected during the daylights gleam. As the Sun shines the moon rocks give this special type of aurora effect on the sky with the toxic gasses coming from the underground toxins. While this may seem spectacular it really slowly kills you filling your lungs with toxins that have never before been even classified because when you step into the air of Serias you begin the count down to your death. People say you have approximately 48 hours to live in Serias while Moon Sunlit is able to survive because she has gain powers of the eclipse occurrence on to her making her immune to these toxic gases. Moon Sunlit is the strongest and usually the only one in her moon. There are craters and like mountains on the surface of the Serias making this a paradise with its deadliness. None have come back alive from Serias becase of Moon Sunlit and the moon itself with its toxins.
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One of Uranus Moons, Serias
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