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 The End of Me

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PostSubject: The End of Me   Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:34 pm

I didn't have a fruit I had a cookie so my fruit poem is about a cookie

I'm sitting on a shelf
In a grocery store
Waiting for people to come
Through the automatic door

In the snacks isle
In a cookie box
This box feels so heavy
Like a pile of rocks

I'm the first in line
So i can clearly see
Who is coming down the isle
And will pick me

A boy comes his way
Reaching for the box
He picked it up, i feel light
Not like a ton of rocks

He put me in the cart
Riding to the checkout
The box was opened
What was this all about?

I was picked out of the box
The first one you see
He took a huge bite
And that was the end of me
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The End of Me
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