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 Template for character creation (Taking suggestions)

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Template for character creation (Taking suggestions)   Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:17 pm

Name: (What is your characters name?)
Alias: What you want your character to be called.

Age: (How old is your character? How old do you think they are/should be?)

Gender: (Are they male or female?)

Home World/Land: (Where does your character originate?)

Race/Species: (What kind of being is your character? You are not limited to just being human on this site.

Appearance: (What does your character look like? What do they wear?)

Alignment: (Is your character Good, Evil, or Neutral? Chaotic or Lawful?)

Personality: (How does your character act?)

Likes: (What things do your character like or like doing, ect.)

Dislikes: (What don't they like to do, eat etc)

Affinities: (What is your character good at? What general skills and abilities do they have?)

All around/other: (This is where you can things about your character [optional] if what you want to put about him/her does not fit into any of the catagories above.)

History: (What has your character done? What do they plan to do? What are their ambitions? What do they want in life?)

Pictures: (Any images of your character that you might have go here, they are optional)


Zheack, the falcon demon

Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife
Atreyu- Two become one
Slipknot- Before i forget
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PostSubject: Re: Template for character creation (Taking suggestions)   Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:53 pm

Name: Jeevarani
Alias: Jeeva

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Female

Home World/Land: Makani Island , off the Coast of Naila in Terazinda planet

Race/Species: Egyptian Lioness Goddess who can transform into any feline

Appearance: Beautiful in human form and ugly in feline form

Alignment: Neutral but can be mean and ruthless LOves to serve Justice

Personality: Shes mean hardly ever nice and doesn't like do be proved wrong

Likes: (Singing (secretly) Loves to watch humans Loves to visit the Golden PAlace Felur

Dislikes: Hearing people lie and false accusations an cruelty to animals

Affinities: Singing,being fierce,Dazing people with her undescrible feline eyes

All around/other: Secretly wants to be human)

History: She has stolen the throne from her mother and disreguarded Anubis's authority

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PostSubject: Re: Template for character creation (Taking suggestions)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:10 pm

Your supposed to make these in separate topics...
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PostSubject: Re: Template for character creation (Taking suggestions)   

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Template for character creation (Taking suggestions)
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