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 Serias, [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Serias, [OPEN]   Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:14 pm

Moon Sunlit

Like everyday I was at home, my moon, Serias, as I pondered on the slightest things. I wasn't sure what to think since my home wasn't interesting enough or entertaining. I didn't die of the toxic gases as I took every breath day by day. I was slightly tired for no real reason but I understood that I didn't have anything to do or do anything much all day except when i practice my fighting skills against the walls of the mountains. I am getting stronger by the day, and I really don't know what is making me stronger. At first I thought about the toxic gases maybe they where the key to my strength. This is all the kind of things i wondered all day to pass time by. It never really worked because I always ended up angered at the fact that I was imprisoned and couldn't understand who did this too me and why. What happened at my birth noting make sense.

"Ugh! Sometimes I wish I was gone I hate this place!" I was so angered I had to scream to this lonely place my misery. I wasn't sure what to do next after my usual screams of horror and so i moved on and wondered does anyone hear it and I thought about it and it is not logical. I laughed at my stupidity since I'm always thinking of all these random mind bobbling things.

]I sat down on this slate rock that seemed like a stool just perfect for my height and weight. I wanted to wait just there and hope someone would appear just to set me free but I know people could die just because they come here and I know no one comes out alive. I am so afraid of anyone coming near me so when I expect anyone or sense the presence of an alternate being besides mine I dress on a black cloak covering my entire self except my eyes to see. I really wish someone came too liberate my soul free...

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PostSubject: Re: Serias, [OPEN]   Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:22 pm

Woah!! I felt like I had just been sucked into a black hole. The hole then brought me to this place. This place is creepy, dark and scary. The moon of Serias was very different than any other moon I have ever saw. The toxic gases made me want to puke, but I was getting used to them since I am a moon goddess.

Well, half. Anyway, as I was walking through the moon, I encountered upon a young girl. She was wearing a black cloak all around her, covering everything except her eyes. I walked closely to her, taking small baby steps towards her.

I didn't want to scare her so I didn't go up in front of her face and stuff like that. I pull out my guitar and started to play a sweet tune that no one could resist. The tune was nice and then, the music got loud and booming. Like fighting music. With her cloak, I can tell that she was a fighter. As I played, she turned a little bit towards me. I then knew that she liked the music.

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PostSubject: Re: Serias, [OPEN]   Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:03 pm

I had felt her presence as this creature came into my moons range. She was here to make friends I knew she was she had the spirit of an innocent young one. Who was she really? I questioned it as she landed in to my planet she hadn't realized every movement she made was being watched by me.

What was she doing? It stuck me to see her sitting down gleeful and full of cheer. Who was she, why did she come, what is the purpose of her music? Questions gone unanswered what should I do scare her away so she wouldn't be curious? As she sat down and played her guitar I wasn't sure if to like it or not but its something I've never heard, being in this lonely planet. What kind of tune was that?

I began turning my head slightly she caught me watching her with curiosity. I stood still, as possible as I could. I knew once she saw me she would envy me like ever other girl that has come to my planet. I was wondering the same questions over and over and a ringing of voices came to my head. I never knew whom these voices where because they seem delicate as a feather and smooth as velvet that slowly sucked me into a trance I couldn't stop. I couldn't control this so I tried to speak and question her, but she will probably run off. I was slowly devising a plan to rid me off her I knew she wouldn't be able to be my friend since every female envies me and I wish I wouldn't be so attractive... I never knew the proper word to describe me.

I finally decided to do something then be idle. I tilted my head a few degrees to see her. She was another ordinary girl from who knows where. I looked at her straight in the eye. She saw something in me I didn't know if it was a shock but I noticed my hood and my shadow didn't cover my face completely she saw my skin and partially my face structure.

"You should leave soon if you don't want anything happening to you." in an angered manner with a voice that seemed so powerful with the slightest hint of beg I told her to leave. What was I stupid, no I need her to free me
I turned away and watched her next move...

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PostSubject: Re: Serias, [OPEN]   Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:48 pm

That person was creeping me out. I have seen other people that are way creepier than her. I got a little scared, and I usually never get scared. So I didn't hear an answer, but I can feel her feeling my presence. What a weird person! What a weird feeling too. I then started to walk away and she turned away when she felt my first step. With me and my guitar, I could tell that she didn't like the music at all. The guitar was my only friend when I got left by my parents. Strange, the music that I play always comforts people, the way the tone flows. The music would comfort many of my new friends that I have met. It comforted Aliblondee, my alien friend and my other friend, Staraxy. She obviously didn't want me there and she obviously didn't like it. So I then cam up to her to say a few more words to her. By words, I mean music. In my own little language, words means music since I'm a musician. I then played this mellow tone to sooth her ways. I wondered if it worked. But when I heard no response, so I had the idea that she didn't like it. Then I kept on walking away on the big rock that is the death toll for many victims.
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PostSubject: Re: Serias, [OPEN]   

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Serias, [OPEN]
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