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 Odysseus and Achilles Chat

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Odysseus and Achilles Chat   Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:11 pm

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PostSubject: Odysseus and Achilles Who owns Troy?   Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:18 pm

Odysseus: Achilles please sit down

Achilles: What do you want now Odysseus?

Odysseus: Tell me Achilles. Your city is known as the city of Troy, right?

Achilles: Yeah that's right sir. Why do you want to know that Troy is the city, my home, my only pride left to cherish.

Odysseus: You really care about the city of Troy.

Achilles: I would die to protect that city and the people that reside there.

Odysseus: You would really do anything for the city of Troy.

Achilles: Here's my question to you. Why do you want to know how much I would do for the city of Troy? Can you at least tell me that?

Odysseus: Well, I'd better tell you now. You will know sooner than you think. And since you part of my plan.

Achilles: What plan Odysseus?

Odysseus: The plan of me going to take over Troy. Soon, it would no longer be your city. It will be my city. And I think I'll change the name from Troy to maybe Odyssey or even better Land of Odysseus.

Achilles: That plan is one that I will stop. You can't change the name of the city of Troy. Odysseus is there another way for us to settle this?\

Odysseus: Well, there is another way to make this whole plan thing work better than this. i suppose I was a little harsh.

Achilles: So what is the other plan. Does it involve me and me doing what?

Odysseus: Yes it does and you would have to work for me. Also, work for Lord Helios, the god of the sun. What do you think?

Achilles: I'll do it to save my city of Troy. The place where my people stay and reside.

Odysseus: Then we have an accord. You start tomorrow. Better start looking sharp for Helios.

Achilles: I will sir. Sir, may I call you sir?

Odysseus: Achilles, call me Odysseus. Although, sit has a nice ring to it. But Achilles, we are good friends here, or that's what you might think. The thing is Troy is your town. The place where people close to you reside. I wouldn't have done any harm to that city. Achilles, we can make this work, you and me in charge of a city, where us two can rule. If you please Helios, then this will work out fine. But if he is not pleased, then it's been nice knowing you. Let's just work this out. For Troy?

Achilles: For Troy!
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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus and Achilles Chat   Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:33 pm

Odysseus: Well, well, well, if it isnít ďAchillesĒ if that is your name anyways

Achilles: What are you talking about?

Odysseus: HA! I knew you couldnít fool me

Achilles: what are you talking about Odysseus?

Odysseus: About your little disguise, you are a boy

Achilles: Congratulations Odysseus, do you want a medal

Odysseus: No I want something else

Achilles: And that is?

Odysseus: You will fight for Greece

Achilles: I want to, but my mother-

Odysseus: No matter what your mother says, you will fight for this city

Achilles: You think I donít want to, I love Greece

Odysseus: Well then get out of that disguise and fight for the land you love

Achilles: But my mother has warned meÖ

Odysseus: Forget your mother; you will have fame, fortune, and much more

Achilles: Well I must admit, that does sound intriguing, butÖ

Odysseus: BUT WHAT, you donít want fame and fortune?

Achilles: I do! But why should I trust you?

Odysseus: Because I am fighting for your side

Achilles: And how am I supposed to believe that

Odysseus: Very well, I have a plan against the people of Troy

Achilles: Tell me more Odysseus

Odysseus: Well, on my mind was that we built a structure symbolizing Troyís victory over the Greeks. They will bring it into their city and celebrate, however the horse will be filled with our soldiers inside.

Achilles: And when they leas expect it, tour soldiers will attack?

Odysseus: Exactly!

Achilles: Itís a brilliant plan have you told the king?

Odysseus: No but Iím sure he will be delighted with the idea

Achilles: He will its brilliant, I want to be in that horse!

Odysseus: You can, you can, but everything has its time

Achilles: This idea is extraordinary; Trojans will never have a clue

Odysseus: YesÖ this way we will have an entrance right inside their city, making them vulnerable

Achilles: In that case I will fight for-

Odysseus: What was that?

Achilles: I think itís the Trojans

Odysseus: D*** them, hurry up we must not let them enter our city

Achilles: Iíll kill each one of them

Odysseus: Excellent, you will make an excellent leader

Achilles: Leader? HA! Iíll be king

Odysseus: Maybe his secretary, since I will be king

Achilles: Weíll see about that

Odysseus: But first we have to make sure we kill these Trojans

Achilles: Letís do it

Odysseus: Kill those TROJANS!
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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus and Achilles Chat   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:37 pm

Odysseus: Achilles, I been looking for you.

Achilles: Well stop looking because Iím right here.

Odysseus: Yes, I could see that.

Achilles: So what brought you here? Nothing good I can feel

Odysseus: You think right, am here because I want you to help me on something.

Achilles: Let me guest, it involves a war?

Odysseus: I wasnít my idea, Helen fled to Troy and we have to bring her back.

Achilles: So this is all because of a girl? Am going to waste my time because of that?

Odysseus: You are not going to waste your time because we are going to destroy Troy.

Achilles: Troy! I like that idea.

Odysseus: You are going to help then?

Achilles: I wouldnít miss this for anything.

Odysseus: Of course you wouldnít, this is going to make history. Your name will be in the Histories books and everywhere.

Achilles: Thatís why Iím doing it, not because I want to bring the girl back.

Odysseus: This is going to benefit us all, not only you. The great city of Troy will be destroyed.

Achilles: So what is the plan?

Odysseus: What plan?

Achilles: Donít tell me you donít know what you are going to do.

Odysseus: Then in that you are wrong because I know what Iím going to do.

Achilles: And what are you going to do?

Odysseus: You will find out when we are there.

Achilles: Ok. Anything to see Troy go down.

Odysseus: Yes, Troy is going down!!
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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus and Achilles Chat   Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:40 pm

- Odysseus & Achilles Dialogue (2-pages)

Odysseus: There is a grand gap between the way we lead, the ways in which we believe, and of course all due to the impact of our age upon us. It has made me wise and you naÔve.

Achilles: There is indeed a distinct way in which we fight and lead our warriors to victory, mine perhaps more efficient. I fight for my countryís pride and youÖ

Odysseus: I fight to uphold my alliances and return to my family, I donít want to die I have much to tech the future generation.

Achilles: No! You have much to learn yourself. Your pride for our land, our nation is not sincere.

Odysseus: We are both Achaean heroes of the Trojan War. But who will prove to be the better of the two is yet to uncover.

Achilles: My passion, it inspires me and drives me to lead this nation into greatness, that will show indeed.

Odysseus: Your passion is on the contraire your strength it is your weakness. It will account for you failure for your downfall.

Achilles: I am not frightened to die in honor; I would rather call that bravery. Sounds better than cowardly doesnít it?

Odysseus: I am an orator a man of true skill. Not physical perhaps but mental for sure. It is that skill that will lead us to victory, an intelligent mind that leads the warriors to victory.

Achilles: A leader must show their troops, lead by example and not teach them to be frightened to die while they honor their country.

Odysseus: You have much to learn young man. The years will teach you much more than you can accept now. You will remember this talk and recall I was right. Lets just hope the years arenít too late, because your intolerable arrogance and pride may get in the way much too soon.

Achilles: What are you trying to say old man. What brings down a hero is not bravery it is what makes them a hero like no other. What brings them down is a fear like yours.

Achilles: If we both died this second the people would be ought to remember me for my bravery and the way I have led these troops. They will admire my strength and diminish yours. They will speak of your cowardly until they soon forget you ever existed. You will be gone and forgotten like the years that have passed. You will be nothing more than a forgotten soul.

Odysseus: You know not what you speak of! That talk is absurd and I can tell how you like the thought of death. You are a dumb kid not sure of what they really want. You donít know who you are until you realize who you cannot be...
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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus and Achilles Chat   

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Odysseus and Achilles Chat
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