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 Moon Sunlit by Rosa Luna

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PostSubject: Moon Sunlit by Rosa Luna   Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:25 pm

Name: Moon Sunlit

Alias: Destructive Moon Goddess

Age: 60 years old (her appearance lies)

Gender: Female

Home World/Land: Paradise in the moon where craters are, and where all you feel is a blistering cold called Serias. The moon, home to Moon Sunlit where there is nothing more then a desert of moon rocks yet with every inch and crater filled with these rocks it creates an illuminating reflection creating bright and white heat waves of color that freezes you to the bone. With her being the supreme being of all eternity in her home where she slowly roams yet no one dares to disturb. Her home usually never is disturbed unless important news arrive her. Her origin is in Zeank planet where all the people have a Utopia type of life but there is also an underground group of warriors to protect the Zink people from different races and people who are a threat to there Utopia planet. Her planet is very strict of who lives there and many are killed but since she has special abilities and no one knew what could happen if she was destroyed or angered so they banished her as an infant, sent to Uranus' moon to live there not knowing the reasons why she was left there and lives with doubt.

Race/Species: She originated in the Zeank planet with Zink people yet she was a different type of Zink since she has a special ability none other Zink has. Her birth was in one of the most rarest days where only she had the gift of the eclipsed passed on to her. Her powers where like none other, and could never be compared to any other being where ever originated. Moon Sunlit is one of the least known in her planet since she cannot be one single person in appearance. This caused her banishment in her planet, because all the Zink people believed she was a threat to them and were ever she live she would destroy. No one in the Zeank planet new what her reaction would be if they tried to destroy her since no one knew much about her or what her gifted self would bring to Zeank planet. All was decided when her birth came and her site was unbearable by the Zink people since she wasnít a normal female baby born to normal parents. Although she was born to normal parents but with the gift set upon by the eclipse.

Appearance: Moon Sunlit has the body figure of the most gracious woman with her beauty captivating everyone slowly filling them with feelings of manipulation and distorting the personís true selves. She has an unusual gift of giving the one who looks at her or even glances at her the pleasure to see there true love and perfect lover even if they havenít found them yet, but its all an illusion for her scheme to come to play. With this talent even she sees the beauty in herself because she sees the perfect woman in her when she looks at her reflection. Anyone who looks at her whether male or female she always appears to be the perfect woman whether sheís tall or short brunette or blonde either way sheíll appear in your own perspective of a beautiful woman. Her beauty is a curse that she can not get rid of with out her death, but no one is willing enough because everyone is blinded by her beauty and believes her death will only cause more trouble to who ever is the killer.

Alignment: She has no conniving intentions yet she is curse to have this uncontrollable gift leading to a beautiful disaster. Nothing real can stop her from her own wishes but she usually wishes for her death to come and bring peace and tranquility. She isnít completely neutral but she likes to understand and give both sides of the story credit. She isnít evil but can have devilish thoughts. At times she may seem cruel and careless but in reality her heart is immense that can not be measured.

Personality: Moon Sunlit is a bold character who knows what she is in search for yet she isnít able to make all her wishes come true because she has no real guide for her own life. She is in search of her purpose in life to end her curse yet no one has the courage to take her away because of who she is a beautiful woman with indestructible power that cant be measure because it breaks every barrier. Although she wishes her death to come as soon as possible it only disturbs her train of thought because she cant think clearly. One of her other talents is fighting, she is a fighter till the end of each battle. Her fighting skills increase so quickly because of her fast learning abilities where she can be destructive when she does fight which is rare because no one is really willing to sacrifice themselves or confront her. She is difficult to defeat since she has been training since she could remember. She began training by herself just to take precautions for anyone who would want to fight her. She learned by traveling through different planets seeing and watching people fight with different styles. She hid for a while in different lands trying not to be seen by anyone who cross her path and she was very cautious about it, since she knew she would have to kill them if they did see her because it would get out that she is loose and panic would arise. She watch warriors of all sorts learned there techniques by watching them in battle and in there learning process this became a hobby for her and she practiced on her because she had impeccable memory.

Likes: She enjoys battle and fighting on those rare occasions that come along. She also enjoys watching people being themselves and watching them live there life as she tries to understand who they are and what they live for. She leaves the moon sometimes just to watch this occur and examine any individuals she comes too.

Dislikes: Her dislikes are when she encounters someone without reasoning and gives faulty information. She is not fond of people who she believe have no intellect what so ever or are very ignorant in many different things.

Affinities: She is the envy of every woman because no one can portray or even compete with her beauty. Her most valuable gift is her beauty and her immense strength in the celestial life. She also has her fighting abilities that she gain over 60 years of her life.

Main Quest: Her main quest find a way to get rid of her self so she wonít cause any pain devaluation in another being. Beauty can be a burden. She also wants to understand her value in life and what her purpose is as well as vengeance to her home for banishing her without real rights to do so.

History: Moon Sunlitís Story begins where at the first meeting of the moon and the sunís alignment creating one of the most rare eclipses in Uranus where the moon was traversing the face of Uranus. When this occurred many say Moon Sunlit was She was born as a shining baby with an unbelievable brightness, in which she shined for days until she finally developed completely. She grew immensely fast like none other child had before. She quickly became adolescence and with this came disaster although no one really knows who was Moon Sunlitís mother is understood where she brought her powers from she was who she was. Her power ultimately came from that single rare eclipse because it transferred its power to an individual chosen through out the universe with no real meaning. It is said that this power comes once in a blue moon and when it does the one who falls upon thy power is cursed till they find there true purpose and die, yet she is an immortal which complicates it more. Once her birth came, people in Zeank planet had noticed she wasnít natural and could be a threat to them and only some of the old folks knew the story. Not even mot folks knew it but those who did understood why she had to be banished, with old age the wiser you become and so the Zeank planet had to listen to these people to protect there home. The underground group of people led to her banishment and sent her to one of Uranus Moons, leaving her alone and deserted from the rest of the Zink. No one knew what happened after her banishment

Her banishment was as a young one about a month old but she grew so quickly her appearance quickly changed and within two months or so she was a full adult in the age of 20 which was phenomenal but no one really knew why or what would happen.

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Moon Sunlit by Rosa Luna
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