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 ~Dollar Bill Descriptive Essay~

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PostSubject: ~Dollar Bill Descriptive Essay~   Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:25 pm

This is where you shall post the essay, not the draft this must be the final product of this essay.

Post Your essay here.
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PostSubject: Alex Dollar Bill Story   Fri May 08, 2009 12:42 pm

The Dollar Bill

“I believe that I should call you Billy. I can’t believe that I have just received my first dollar. I have worked really hard to receive you. I usually don’t do chores, but I realized that being a teenager, that I really need to own money. No matter what temptation comes by me, that I will never spend you. Knowing that I’m rich, I should have nothing to worry about.” Alex said. I was proud that I was the first dollar that would not spend their whole entire life being in a cash register. “Alex, get down stairs now, we have a lot to talk about. As you may know, I went to your school to get your report card and you got three F’s. You will not be receiving the allowance that I promised you for a whole month so you better use that dollar wisely.” Alex’s mother said with rage.

As his mother went into the other room, Alex started to put his things away from long days worth of work. He put on his pajamas and turned on the T.V. “As you may not know Billy, my favorite show to watch is Sports Center, so I hope that you like that show as well. Also my favorite thing to do is play basketball with my friends. I would ask you about what your favorite thing to do is but then again, money cannot talk.”

I became confident because I knew that he was confident that no matter what obstacle came by him that he would never spend me. Night had passed and in the morning, Alex decided to go to Washington Park so I came along with him. He had told his mother that he would shoot some hoops with the guys and he should be back soon. He stood there for about three hours and didn’t even decide to take me out of his pocket so I could get fresh air. Well at least Alex wasn’t spending me in a local grocery store.

The next time that I was out of Alex’s pocket was when he threw everything out (including me) to look for something. I was in Mc. Donald’s and little did I know that he was looking for me. Scared and out mind I started to panic and did not know what to do. I began to wonder why he was looking for me. Then I realized that he had decided that he was going to spend me.

He ran into line dying of thirst waiting for an employee to give him a cup. I couldn’t believe that no matter how much he said to me, he was willing to give me up for a cup to drink from. All of the nightmares that I have endured these last couple of days were starting to come true. As he was handing me to the cashier I braced myself, expecting the worst. I was going in and I was certain that I wouldn’t be back.
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~Dollar Bill Descriptive Essay~
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