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 Part I: Identifying the Controversial Issue

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PostSubject: Part I: Identifying the Controversial Issue   Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:54 pm

A.1 Describe a current controversy on which you have strong views.

A.2 Compose a statement of your thesis regarding controversy.

A.3 Write a brief paragraph explaining your thesis.

A.4 Compose a statement of the belief of an opposing group and briefly explain it.

A.5 List and describe very briefly any other opposing points of view. Remember that opposing points of view
need not only be CON to your PRO: they may offer different solutions to the same problems.

A.6 Reread your thesis,then re-write it, revising as necessary.

A.7 Make a list of all the reasons WHY you believe in your thesis. Include all reasons even if the may not offer a persuasive "punch" to your essay.

A.8 Asterisk the three reasons which best reflect your attitude in the paragraph.

A.9 For each of the asterisked reasons, take three minutes fir each and write why that reason is important to you. Tell where your reasons come from.

A.10 Examine your answers to A.7, A.8, and A.9. Make a list of details, facts, statistics, quotations, expert testimony, etc. would help make these reasons more solid and convincing. Keep these reasons for later web research.

As you work through these steps you may find that you are not interested in the topic you selected. CHANGE IS GOOD! Write a new thesis, complete all the steps listed and note briefly why you changed your mind. Thinking about an issue frequently causes a change of mind. That's what thinking is all about!
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PostSubject: Part II: Describing the Readership   Tue May 05, 2009 12:51 pm

B.1 Identify your readership - a group o people who do not share your thesis. Write a few sentences describing these people: What are they like? What sources of information do they have? What reasons and evidence do they offer for their view.

B.2 Take five minutes and write about your present understanding of the views of the readers of the paper you write.
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Part I: Identifying the Controversial Issue
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