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 Life on Earth in 2009

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PostSubject: Life on Earth in 2009   Tue May 05, 2009 12:52 pm

Life 200 years ago was very different than today. Many inventions that help us today did not exist back then.

For one example, earlier transportation methods was very primitive. They only used rocket ships for research trips to the moon. They wouldn't understand the concept of a body beamer. People walked on the ground of Earth; they did not go through chutes in the air.

The making of food back then was also different. In 2009, simple earthlings seldom used freeze-dried food. they did not have auto-cookers as we do. They had to go to the supermarket to buy food. We select from cmputer lists for instant delivery.

The 2009 houses and buildings were all on the ground. They did not have floating buildings. Some house were made with wood. Silly people thought they had to build colossal mansions. We use housing space much more efficiently.

In addition, their lifestyle was extremely different than ours. Most of the time, people were in a hurry. The adults had to go to a building to work. The kids had to leave home to go to school. They did not have many online schools and online offices. How backward! They would have to make a lunch. they would eat lunch at work or school. Their pastimes included books . We read online texts.

They also used metal circles for currency. They also used pieces of paper. We simply use virtual credit for all the amazing products and services available to us.

in 2009, if anyone commited a crime, they would be hunted down by the police in person. They did not have embeeded computer chips that monitor us when we do wrong. the people that commited the crimes were then taken to court where judges determine if the suspect were guilty or innocent. Our computer monitoring provides instant judgment and sentencing.

We should be very pleased with the progress we have made in 200 years!
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PostSubject: Re: Life on Earth in 2009   Fri May 22, 2009 12:24 pm

Life in 2009

The year is 1999, and many prepare for Y2K fearing the worst. There desolate minds show nothing but fear. Andrew Connor which is nothing but an everyday mere teenager lays in a fettle position as the heart pounding countdown began, each second beating as slow as his feeble heart and as zero turned from a number to a marker of his death Andrew told his brother Scott, “Dude can you believe we never had a black president?” and Scott simply replied “the day our president is black humanity will end.” Three words Scott would lament for the rest of his life.

As Y2K passed over the world once again felt foolish for blowing up such propaganda and life continued as it did before hand. The time now January, 2009, as president Obama is sworn into office and millions at Washington and billions around the world rejoice. “Well, well, Scott I don’t see any humanity ending in our area,” Andrew boasted. Scott replied, “Wow man!! That was 10 years ago guessing your right.” and the two joked about it without knowing the unfortunate future. As Obama’s time in office seemed flawless no one expected what is come.

TV’s began ringing with the noise of news anchors all reciting the same story, “A massive outbreak has just occurred in Mexico City, Mexico where scientist at a university attempt to cure cancer but instead create a deadly virus that transforms the inhabited into a out of the ordinary mutant.” The human race never saw it coming. Never once did they expect to be wiped out like a cluster of ignorant beast. Though only a month passed nearly 9 out of every 10th person on the face of our miniscule planet was no longer in existence and the other 600 million, well lets say they wished they suffered the others fate.

Only 20 million humans were immune to this malady and were forced to face the everyday horrors of the flesh ravenous monsters. Andrew and Scott were one of those humans lasting on only small portions of survival food left over in there parents Y2K bunker under the house. The two felt so alone yet knew that they couldn’t be the last of humanity, the most evolved organisms our sun has seen, nearly extinct. Scott, the older of them was always the sharper of the two and felt it was his duty to figure out a way to reverse engineer this virus and find a treatment while his brawny little brother would go out and scavenge food for the two at day and protect them from the beast by night, A constant cycle which went on daily in perfect harmony.

One day while Andrew was stalking for his prey he passed by an abandoned electronics store where he saw a god send, a radio, which he took home to show his brother. They now had a way to reaching out to any other survivors. Everyday at noon Scott would send out a distress call saying, “Hello, hello this is an emergency broadcast for all survivors. My name is Scott Connor and I’m a survivor, if you can hear this then trace it back here to my base of operations, please anybody, my brother and I are offering food, water and most of all protection.”

The brothers become inpatient as the only response they receive back is static. Lonely static which meant there pleads weren’t being heard, there tears weren’t being dried. All hope was lost and the wanting for life no longer alive, until static seemed to form broken down English. The two gathered around the radio and jerk the antenna’s as to find the signal. At long last other humans, other soldiers to fight the tedious. “Eghhhh, Andr…..ew Conn…r we have heard your calls….for…h…elp and will arrive…at your ba….se in two… as we…mus…t travel by day.” And just like that there life line and only connection to other humans was gone. Now they knew that life was worth living.

The days passed and a random banging of there door occurred. Andrew grabbed his riffle though he knew who it was. As the rusty door slid it screeched an unwelcome sound and sunlight burned his face as he had not seen it for several months. The two men greeted each other as if they been friends for years yet neither lived in the same state. As the two started to become acquainted they couldn’t but notice the awkward silence. As he took him to the lab the feeling that they weren’t alone came clear as a darkly figure appeared in the distance. “Scott is that you?!” Andrew screamed. The figure came closer and then the men saw there were two.

The snarling figures went from curious to aggressive and fervently attacked. Andrew and the other man drew there automatic riffles and without any second thoughts fired an entire clip into the beasts. And as the bodies slowly trembled, one to its knees, a tear ran down Andrew’s war torn face. One of the beasts was his brother which had been bitten by one of the monsters he was testing his cure on and contracted the virus. His brother no longer was himself but another, one which Andrew no longer recognized as man and as it crawled towards Andrew he made a decision that would haunt him forever. He strangled the one they once called Scott until he took his last breath.

The bitterness of his tears running into his mouth were those of no comparison to any ocean as one brother had to end another’s life. “I’m sorry I would have never fired if I knew he was your brother.” the man who still remained nameless said. They carried his body outside and made a makeshift grave and carved his name on an old piece of wood. They went back inside to gather his stuff and saw something saw miraculous neither could believe it. All five of his test subjects turned into humans which meant Scott had discovered the cure. One mere human being seemed to answer every question which had aroused us all and especially the one about man’s existence on this planet. Andrew released all five who were in some soft of coma state until being awaken ass all took large breaths.

Andrew gave them some old cloths, body armor, and weapons from his armory. He made a speech to the other six that would be burned into there minds which went like “I know most of you don’t know who each other or I am but soon we will become your family. My brother saved your lives while losing his own but indeed his loss will not be in vein as he has found the cure to this disease that has shattered mankind. From now on we are the resistance who shall rise against all that stand in our way and rid the planet of all beasts!” This message was broadcasted throughout the world to unite all who are left and inform them that there is a cure.
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Life on Earth in 2009
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