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 Five Favorites

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PostSubject: Five Favorites   Fri May 08, 2009 12:37 pm

Write a first-person account of a meal that includes all five of your favorite foods. Use descriptive language to capture not only the way the foods taste but also the way you eat the meal.
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PostSubject: Re: Five Favorites   Fri May 08, 2009 12:39 pm

Mamadou Bah Period 7 May 4, 2009

The Picnic
It was a warm sunny bright day I was at the perfect location, the park. There is no ideal place to be in the summer then in a park. I was with Rob, who was my best friend for years. We went to the park to play soccer; of course it was our favorite sport. As we were playing, the air around us smelled the aroma of delicious summer foods.

Our noses pointed the way toward the source of the scent. After a moment we stumbled upon an open field, we discovered it was a picnic. As we were walking around surveying the food I saw someone familiar, it was my former teacher Mrs. Greve. I asked her:

“Mrs. Greve what’s going on here?”

She replied, “I am hosting a picnic, want to join.”

I answered, “I thought you would never ask.”

“Well there is plenty of food for you and your friend so have fun.” She added

“Thanks a lot!” I shouted

After the conversation me and my friend Rob rushed to a red and white checkered covered table. At the picnic table their was enough food to feed me for months. I took two plates because I had a feeling one plate wouldn’t be enough. I went to my first station where for a second I forgot where I was when I saw an appetizing, scrumptious-ketchup-dripping burger. It was the type of burger you knew was excellent the minute you saw it. It had a juicy well cooked patty with lettuce and ripe tomatoes slices on it. I quickly put it on my plate before someone took it.

After my quick day dream I moved on to the next station where a hot dog was awaiting me. It wasn’t an ordinary hot dog though, it had a smoky-rich thick chili on it and the bread had a garlicky aroma that just made you gasp for more. But before I could finish gasping my eyes wandered to an object in the distance it was a slice of pizza. I took the hot dog and ran for the pizza. The pizza overflowed with sauce and cheese. It had an oily glazed atmosphere with a perfectly baked flat doe; it made my stomach beg for me to pick it up, which I eventually did after being dazed by it for a while.

Then I moved on to something more cool, ice cream, of course vanilla. Unlike the other foods it was ordinary looking ice cream but for some reason because it was a hot day I felt like I was melting just from looking at it. Then while going to a table to eat I saw something else, watermelon. The watermelon looked like it could quench my thirst and my hunger, so I took it filling both of my plates. So then I went to the table and sat down with my friend Rob who also had two plates full of food. Then before I knew it I looked down at my plate discovering it was empty then looking at my extended belly I knew where everything had went and my tummy thanked me with a loud burp. Not being able to move because I was so full, I sat their admiring a beautiful sunset taking in the glow of it until it waved goodbye and dipped under the horizon, a truly beautiful sunset.
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PostSubject: Alex Five Favorites   Fri May 08, 2009 12:44 pm

Five Favorites

As I waited in the long line in Red lobster, all I could think about was tasting my favorite dish. The “Shrimp Platter “, has five different types of shrimp of which they are my entire favorite. The different varieties of shrimp that they offer you for such a low price are really worth the pay. The first time I time I tried this dish was when I was in a rush to go somewhere, so I didn’t get the full affect of all the juicy goodness. The next time I had it I took my time and really enjoyed the scrumptious taste of every piece of shrimp.
“Next!!!!! Who’s next in line?” as I woke up from my flash back I realized that I was next in line and in no time I was sitting in a seat waiting for someone to take my order. The steaming pieces of shrimp were served to me with the tasty sauce and a side order of French fries. The first shrimp that I ate was the pineapple shrimp that has a sweet taste when it enters your mouth. In no time I devoured all of the pineapple shrimp in sight and went on to the next type of shrimp. I was so hungry today because I had just had an appointment at the doctor’s office and I wasn’t allowed to eat for three hours.
The shrimp was unbelievably great. All of my five favorite types of foods are on one special platter. The taste of coconut shrimp, pineapple shrimp, crispy shrimp, butter shrimp, and shrimp cocktail were flowing through my mouth. This day couldn’t have gotten any better; on the side was even my favorite type of soda. I wasn’t in a rush and I had all of the time to myself to enjoy my food and to digest it carefully.
In the mix of eating these shrimps I started to hear voices and I became terrified. “Don’t eat me!!!!! Please don’t eat me!!!!!” What’s going on? As I looked down, a piece of coconut shrimp was actually talking to me telling to not eat anymore of them. “Please don’t eat us, this is the number one bought meal so millions of us die every day. All I ask is for you to just let us go in piece and for us to enjoy the rest of our lives.”
I started to feel sick and did not know what to do. I knew that I had lost my appetite but now I did not know if I should throw them away or if I should find a way to save t hem. I thought I was going crazy but I didn’t care and I brought my plate into the bathroom. There were tens of people looking at me while I flushed them down the toilet. “Thank you, Sorry about the trouble.” After I flushed them down I felt good about myself, but at the same time everyone thought I was crazy, so I was thrown out of t he restaurant. This had to have been the weirdest and saddest experience of my life.
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PostSubject: Re: Five Favorites   Fri May 08, 2009 3:54 pm

Christopher Ramos
Period 7
April 8 2009

Five Favorites
The following events take place on April 16,2005. They are true accounts from the foods tat were in the events. These involve my favorite 5 foods which I like to combine into a delicious meal.
Platano- they were all relaxing on the top floor when suddenly a large pack of broccoli I was placed next to them. General Platano knew, however that there would be severe issues because there was not enough space for both the Platano and Broccoli. Therefore he sent Mr. P to the other side to investigate. He came back nearly half a hour later and was nearly destroyed with green. “Dear lord, what happened?!” General asked Mr. P. “I was ambushed, it seems that they are complete hostile. With that General Platano declared war and quickly alerted the Allies, Salami and Cheese. However when they finally got to the center of the floor they saw that the Salad had aligned itself with the Broccolis. In the following chaotic battle that happened the struggle lasted for several hours. Getting desperate, General Platano tried a risky move: he distracted the broccolis with throwing some salami. While they were distracted the rest of the troops quickly went and threw them over the floor. With that they celebrated that they won and an hour later when I opened the fridge I noticed that the vegetables where somehow on the floor.

Sprite- this journey shows the story of a Sprite getting from the factory to my stomach. It started out being made in a faraway factory where it was later put into a van. The entire ride Pablo (he was made in Mexico) was rolling around faster than a long down a hill. After what seemed like weeks which were really only hours he was lifted up and put into a local bodega. Day after day passed and everybody picked another soda and Pablo was steadily getting impatient. Finally, one day it was incredibly hot and I went in the store to buy Pablo to refresh me.

Pancakes- Soon after being made the pancakes were placed in the kitchen table. One, a courageous little fellow named Pan tried to make a break for it while being cheered on by the other pancakes. However he was greatly slowed downed by the amount of syrup that was put on him. Suddenly as he was inching toward freedom he was suddenly blasted with some whipped Creams. It was the attack of the Whipped Creams! The pancakes and the Whipped Creams had been rivals for nearly 50 decades. It had all stated out over an age-old argument about which one tasted better than the other. Luckily, Pan retailed by throwing a pancake grenade ands launching it at the incoming Creams. It took most of them out and the rest scampered in fright.javascript:emoticonp('pale')

Fried Chicken/Ice cream- I checked the fridge for some Fried chicken and saw that it was in the freezer shivering javascript:emoticonp('pale')of how cold it was. I wondered what it could possibly be doing there but I just shrugged it of. I was also looking for the delicious ice cream cake and saw that it was fighting for space with some of the ice creams. I split them up (literally) and began to devour them with great joy.
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PostSubject: The End of The King Crab   Sun May 10, 2009 12:10 pm

Refered to as king of Crabs. Master of deciet Mr.Hopkins was powerful. He was the mark of many assassins. The Shrimp, Mr. Octi, Dr. Whaler, and Flounder, and the leader Mr. Crustacean were the assassians hired to take him out. This was the Crustacean Nation League of Assassinations

Each member of this crew had a special ability that would help take out one Mr.Hopkins. Mr. Crustecean called upon a meeting to discuss the matters of Mr. Hopkins. He would rarely go out of his way to just focus upon one person. AS the meeting began he briefed why Mr. Hopkins was in need of being taken cared of. He called out Flounder and said you are indeed least closest to the crab community so you'll be in charge of crushing him.

As Flounder trained to end Mr. Hopkins The Shrimp called for him. The Shrimp was in charge of making and preparing weapons for the assissains. He handed Flounder a mallet a nutcracker and a grappling hook. These items were soon to be the demise of Mr.Hopkins. Flounder was now well prepared to fight Mr. Hopkins.

It was the day of a conference held by Mr. Hopkins himself to discuss what he's planing to do to the community. Flouner hid in the vents and waited patiently to make his move. First it would be Mr. Octi to ask a very debatable question to distract him. After wards it was Dr. Whaler's job to pretend she'll be fighting Mr. Octi for asking that question. The gaurds fell for the bait and it was now that Flounder had to make his move.

Flounder popped open the vents and shot the grappling hook at Mr. Hopkins chest. As he slid down the rope he took out the nutcracker and lunged at his feet and swiftly took out 5 of his 8 legs. As he took out the automatic mallet he was in open fire. He evasively dodged all of the bullets and dove at Mr. Hopkins. With the pull of the trigger he crushed Mr. Hopkins and ended his life. Mr. Octi then inked to act as a distraction for them to escape. With the death of the king, the Crustecean Nation league of Assissinations had another succesful mission.
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PostSubject: My favorite foods   Thu May 21, 2009 12:35 pm

Food, I have never been a big eater, However like everyone I have a favorite foods of all times. Of all foods I absolutely love seafood, which might not be a surprise since I’m from the Caribbean since seafood is very typical in the Dominican Republic. Over the years and the course of various trips to different places I have had the opportunity to taste all type of seafood in general.
My favorite food is a seafood salad, a plate with all types of sea foods along with salads and typical dressings based on sea food. The food is relatively basic, with an exotic taste. The plate includes green salad along with shrimps, crabs, octopus, along with many other flavors.
The taste I would say isn’t anything commonly known that’s its fascination. The food first tastes a little like sushi, somewhat raw, then like many salads it’s cool. The best part is when the flavors mix, and most of all how healthy it is. This is a delicious plate ideal of anyone’s health.
Another thing I love is fruit salad. Since I can remember I have eaten healthy, and this are things that meet my purpose, and I have learned to love. I love the cool taste, and the sweetness of some fruits in contrast with the acidic taste of others. That is one of the simplest foods to prepare that I make myself.
The recipe is relatively simple, it consist of many fruits cut together. Then depending on one’s taste syrup can be added which in my opinion is best when made out of a fruit blends.
Along with those foods I like drinks that taste strong, yet pleasant. As you’ve noticed I like tropical flavors. Drinks of course are not the exception, I love natural tropical drinks. Those, which are blended on the spot, and that allow you to almost taste each fruit separately.
Any of those fruit go well together, and the best places to find them are in various restaurants in New York City, and in the coast restaurants in the Dominican Republic where these are nothing more than typical plates.
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PostSubject: Re: Five Favorites   

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Five Favorites
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