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 POV of dollar

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PostSubject: POV of dollar   Tue May 12, 2009 5:19 pm

Christopher Ramos Period 7 April 23, 2009

“Ring, Ring “ the sound of the cashier opening rang around the compartment. Suddenly there was a bright light and a had reached in to grab some money. I was being picked up with my pal George and I was really excited that I wasn’t getting out. “Finally! We get to go somewhere” George yelled to me happiness. As I was being lifted up and I saw that we were still in the café fro last time. “Here sir hers your change” the cashier said and handed us to a brunette haired man that was drinking a latte. As he put me and George in his wallet I knew we were going on a fun trip.

After the guy (who we later learned was named Rick) got on his car and speed away to a place we dint know. When he finally stepped out I wondered where we where now. The smell of traffic was adrift In the air. “Where do you think that he’s going?” George asked and I replied with “Idk but I think were somewhere where there is a lot of people because you can smell the traffic. “Hey Rick you’re ready” “Yep I’ve been waiting to go Florida for weeks” Rick muffles reply came out. After an hour or so there was a lot of movement and it felt like we were going really high. “George! George! WHAT! I think we are on a plane. Yeah, so? This means we finally get to go someplace far away”.

Finally what seemed like hours we arrived. After we touched down and got to where I think Rick’s family was (because of the happy greeting that they gave him. Soon enough after me and George got a night’s sleep Rick picked us up and I knew we were going to be spent. I was proven right when a few minutes later e were at the mall. I remember being spent again on some Sundays. At least know I know that we are going to keep on going around the world.
And suddenly I realized that I was sinking again. I tried ferociously to get to the surface but to really no avail. After struggling for a good five minutes I relaxed and started to float up to the surface. Adjusting to it was a lot easier than I origally thought because it was easier to do know that I was not panicking.

As I practiced floating around I thought about what I can do. I then tried swimming around and it was pretty much the same the as swimming in shallow water. Soon enough I swam/dived around the deep section of the pool and was having a lot of fun. Suddenly I realized exactly how hungry I was an hour later when my stomach started to rumble as if my stomach had an earthquake. Then I decided to get to get out of the pool so I could go to the pizzerias that weren’t that far from the pool.

While eating the pizza I already wanted to go in the water. Since it was only around 2 I heard my parents call me. As I went over they told me that we (me and some of my extended family) were going to a beach. I was really excited to finally go the beach. That day it was incredibly hot and it was refreshing to be cooled down from the seawater.
A few minutes later we were all there and were all getting soaked.

As I started swimming again it was extremely different from when I was at the pool. In the pool the water was steady but the beach’s waves were rocking and it was much more difficult than it looked. Out of nowhere a strong wave came and grabbed me! As I panicked I was thankfully grabbed by one of my cousins therefore saving me from the impending water. That day was the first time that I ever went time I ever went
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PostSubject: Dollar Bill   Thu May 21, 2009 12:53 pm

I remember it as if it were yesterday, my first buy after being freshly printed along with all of my brothers; after being together so long we were cut apart and shipped off to different banks. A couple of people handed me around before I saw nothing but the inside of a bag and then I felt some violent shaking then the ride was real smooth. Apparently, I was in an armored car and heading towards my first house (the bank) only to be awaited by another dark place with others just like me. It was very exciting for me to be in my first actual car ride and I surely made the most of it.
The first thing I did once arriving was to be transferred into a safe and just before the door shut I jumped out of the pile and fell to the ground; the ride down was amazing. I free fell for a solid minute and finally touched the sweet floor I will soon miss; in ll of my life I have hardly ever been on the ground to save my life. All in al, this was a memorable moment since the cold wood floors would be the first meeting I would have in years. For the first weeks of my lifetime this here dollar bill was the man in charge; well at least I know that I had many friends back in that safe.
The clerks came to me one day in such a hurry and grabbed me as well as a bunch of my comrades bringing me and the others to some really nice people who immediately went into another store. I would peek out of the pockets and see everything; the world to me is fascinating! However, this moment was shortly lived as I was put into a cash register and in exchange some little boy received the biggest lollipop I’ve seen so far; it was twice as big as me and still some. After seeing some others and some unseen faces such as some five dollar bills, I received several greetings; that’s when I realized it. That moment was my first buy and I had actually purchased something and my duty was fulfilled, I know that I made that boy very happy.
As time passes by I will always move from place to place, from wallet to wallet and from country to country. I was fast asleep and in a hurry pounced out of my longtime home at the local Blockbuster; some man in a fancy suit stuck me in his pocket and reseeded into a taxi where he rushed to the airport. I barley saw the sign overhead that clearly said “Departures” however, in no time I was on flight to no than Europe! I tried sneaking out of the mans pocket for hours before I finally broke out enough to see a glimpse of daylight; the quarters were very roomy and of course my holder was dead asleep. That flight was the longest wait of my life and we eventually arrived in London and my move was once again inevitable; this time it would be the fanciest place so far, a grand hotel. On the whole, this would end up being my final home for quite some time, well at least I thought it would until some nice old man went over to America to visit his family; I would return back to the frontier!
No one ever believes my life story as just a simple one dollar bill however, I’m still here and will continue my journey as a mark of power and authority among the giants/beholders. The fact of the matter is that the memories still contained within me today are amazing, and I know for sure that there are only many more adventurers to come. Additionally, my value has gone up (sentimentally) since as long as the American Nation still stands strong I will remain a symbol to all those out there. Representing the first president of this great land my journeys have been major in every sense since I know that I have fulfilled some sort of necessity in some way; and I’m just happy to help.
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PostSubject: Dollar Bill Essay   Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:35 pm

Bill’s Adventure
My name is Bill Washington. As you may not know, life as a dollar is very difficult; if you were a dollar, you would know how it feels. People use you all the time to get things that are more useful to them. For instance, on a very hot, humid day, someone would put you into a vending machine to refresh themselves with a cold drink. Also, there are some people that don’t know the value of money. These people are called gamblers, people who waste all of their money for a chance to win more. These chances are very small though and many gamblers don’t realize it.
It was a very windy day. I was getting blown away every second to a different place. Later, after being blown around for hours, around three in the afternoon, Jack, an eleven-year-old boy, found me lying on the street alone. “Wow, this must be my lucky day. I found a dollar lying on the street” mumbled Jack. The second he picked me up; I knew that we were going to be great friends. “I am never going to spend you no matter what” said Jack. I had a feeling that this friendship would last a very long time.
The next day, Jack and I went to the mall. The looks on his face told me that there were many things that caught his interest. However, he made no attempts to spend me on the items. Instead, he just ignored them and continued on. Before we left the mall, he stopped a snack stand and grabbed a can of soda. If I had a heart, it would be beating very fast. I thought that he was actually going to spend me. To my content, he had asked his mom to buy it, not telling her that he had me. I should have known that I could trust him.
The following day, it was very hot outside. Jack had me in his pocket and went to the park with his friends. Later on in the day, he decided to go home. While walking home he took me out of his cramped, sweaty pocket. Then he suddenly stopped his walk home. He took a long look at me and then headed in another direction; away from home. I was puzzled at fact that he went somewhere else on a hot day besides walking to his air-conditioned house. Then I saw it. A block away, there was a small corner store.
I finally understood why he turned away from home. I finally understood why he looked at me for so long. He was actually going to spend me! I can tell that from the look that was on his face. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Jack entered the store and grabbed a can of soda. Then to my despair, he willingly gave me to the store clerk. I was really amazed that he didn’t give me up at the mall to get something, but instead, he actually gave me up for a cold drink on a hot day. Why didn’t he just continue home and drink something that he had at home. I couldn’t believe that I truly trusted him and believe that he would never spend me.
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PostSubject: Re: POV of dollar   

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POV of dollar
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