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 Somebody but for them

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PostSubject: Re: Somebody but for them   Fri May 29, 2009 12:53 pm

Mamadou Bah Period 7 May 29, 2009
Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then

Three shots rang out and Bill, Bob, and Sam ducked and started running for their lives. Then out of nowhere the cops started chasing them. Confused though, they still kept on running thinking the cops where running from the bullets being sprayed on them too. The three brothers kept on running trying to stay away from stray bullets that were coming their way.
On the other hand the cops running behind them were actually chasing them thinking that they were apart of a drive by that had just occurred. After a while the three brothers stopped running thinking that no stray bullet would get them from the distance they were in. Then out of nowhere the cops behind them caught up with them and slammed all three brothers to the ground. While handcuffing them, the cops read their rights and then hoisted them and put them in police vehicles to be transported to the county jail.
The brothers where astonished by what just happened to them. After all they witnessed a drive-by and where running from the hail of bullets. All three brothers knew that they were mistaken them for the suspects that fled the scene. But Bob, the oldest reassured his younger brothers that everything was going to be okay. He added that the officers will let them go, after they find out that they got the wrong people.
But the next day came uneventfully and they were requested to go to the court. On the way to the court the brothers were yelling that they didnít do anything but the officers coldly ignored and proceeded to the court. At the court, all the three brothers entered the court room in shackles while wearing orange jumpsuits. Then the judge came in and everyone raised and then seated again, the court was in session. The plaintiff showed the evidence he gathered and the court continued with the case. But something unexpectedly happened the judge announced that there is not enough hard evidence. Then it was the defendants turn, they argued that their clients was running away from the scene like everyone else which was to escape flying bullets. In addition they argued that their clients had no pervious criminal history.
So then they brought a witness to the stand. The witness stated that she was at the scene when the crime took place. She said that three people from a car started shooting then got out of the car and fled in a getaway car. She added that all three suspects did not look like the three brothers. The brotherís smiles grow after hearing the witness speak. Then the jury deliberated for an hour or two. After the jury deliberated they came to the conclusion that the brothers were innocent of all charges and were free. The brothers were incredibly joyful that justice was served and they where free men again. After exchanging some hugs and crying a bit the brothers started walking out of the courtroom, being escorted by a security guard. As they where walking out Bob heard an alarm it sounded like an alarm clock. He all the sudden woke up with his pillow filled with sweat. He was back in his room waking up from a terrible nightmare. He got up checking himself out seeing if he was okay. He called his little brothers to see if everything was okay. He confirmed it was a nightmare. So then he finally got out of bed getting ready for work. He was a police officer.
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Somebody but for them
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