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 Cheat Sheet 2

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PostSubject: Cheat Sheet 2   Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:35 pm

- Have you grounded your story in a specific place, or places?
- Have you grounded your story in a specific time, or times?
- Do the place and time of your story affect the action?
- Are there opportunities to let the setting enhance the atmosphere or mood?
- Do your characters act in a way that reflects either their comfort or discomfort with their setting?
- Are you describing your settings so much that they slow down the action?
- Have you chosen the right places either to expand to expand or to compress time?

-Have you picked a voice that works in harmony with your POV choice, the personality of your narrator, and the narrator's emotional distance to the story?
- Do your word, sentence, and paragraph choices support your voice?
- Do your voice remain consistent throughout the story?

- Have you identified a theme for your story?
- Does your theme surrond your story with a light enough touch?
- Do all the elements of your story work to support the theme?

- Have you gotten enough distance from your story to begin the revision process?
- Have you considered reenvisioning your story?
- Have you looked through a magnifying glass at all the Big Things in your story?
- Have you looked through a microscope at all the Little Things in your story?
- Have you cut and tweaked as much as you possibly can?
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Cheat Sheet 2
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