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 Last Dialogue

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PostSubject: Last Dialogue   Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:35 pm

This is where the dialogue you picked final draft go. This is from one of the 10 selected dialogues from the packet.
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PostSubject: Chris Ramos Mamadou Bah   Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:38 pm

Christopher Ramos & Mamadou Bah
Period 7
June 11, 2009
“Ring, Ring”
“Nine-one-one what is your emergency?”
Gasping, the caller said in a frantic voice “Hello, hello, hello yeah officer?” (Robert takes a deep breath)
I am being chased (takes another breath) by a uh…
“Sir please speak clearly and calm down, I can barely hear you.” The operator asked the clearly distraught Robert.
Rob said hestrically “I am getting chased by a f***ing madman!” he yelled,
“What is your location sir?”
“A f***ing madman!!”
“I asked what your location is” the operator Jill replied.
“I don’t (pause) know!”
‘Sir we need to know your location In order to help you out” Jill stressed “Hello, are you there/”
“Yeah, I just dropped my cell for a sec”
“Well can you at least describe where you are know?”
“O.K. ill try , there is a field of corn to my right and a huge open space to my left”
“Sorry but I need a better description than that” Explained Jill. “Can you at least describe the person chasing you?”
“Yeah, he this guy, about six foot, light skin , holding a club, he’s about twenty feet away from me. Crap he doest give up he’s been chasing me for awhile.”
“Did anything happened that caused the man to chase you?”
“I was (breath) lost, driving down a road that I didn’t know, then by accident I hit a car that was parked right in front of me….”
“Yes go on”
“After I hit the car I came out of mine to see If anyone was there when the driver of the other car came out with a club looking like he was gonna kill me”
“So what happened afterwards then?”
“I started to run as fast I could when he came out at me with the club at hand and swinging like an all-star”
“Then while I was running and I called you for help, which you’re clearly no t doing! (huffing)
“Is the suspect still cahsign you?”
“Yeah, wait he’s saying something”
In the background Jill hears the noise of someone running quicly and a distant but asgry voice saying “Im going to kill you lil b****. When im done with you they will have to pick you up in pieces!!!”
“Allright don’t panic, where are you now?’ Jill asid in a soothing voice trying to calm Robert.
“Wait a minute…… this is the junkyard! There is only one in the city so it’s the James County one!”
“Ill dispatches a unit right away, just try to not let him catch you.”
Suddenly the sound of the phone being dropped is heard on the line.
“Sir, Sir, SIR!! Are you alright, answer if you can” The sound of a struggle is heard but the phone is picked up again.
“Yeah im fine for now but not for long. The deranged guy finally caught up to me, now I really don’t know what to do. Help me please, he’s coming right at me!”
“O.k. the first thing you got to is look for weapon. Is there a pipe or anything useful there?”
(looks around) “Yeah there’s a crowbar (picks it up) “So what do I do know?”
“Look for the crazy guy and try to wack him on the temple that should knock him out”
“There you are punk, get ready to die”
In the following chaotic battle that followed Robert managed to get the upper hand and knocks him out with a swung of the crowbar.
“Is he down yet?”
“Yeah I think so, hey there’s the police! Hey thanks lady I never got your name””Its Jill and’ Interrupted by seeing the killer detained Robert paused.
The killer is detained and then passes Robert by the way. ‘This isn’t over punk, ill get you one day”
“Don’t think so bub, you’re going away for a long, long time” the police officer said.
(On the phone) ‘So Jill you think we can get a cup of coffe after this is all over?” “Yeah maybe after this all over”
Suddenly there was commotion and the killer tried to escape but was wacked again.
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PostSubject: 4 Pg. Dialogue   Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:20 pm

Dialogue # 9
By: Nicholas Gonzalez and Alex Brown Period 2

The day was going slow at the operator’s office in the police station. Even though it was only one o clock in the afternoon, not many calls had come in. Usually, there were prank calls or people calling to complain about something. There was something peculiar about the day so far. However, that would change in a matter of a single phone call.
Please answer the phone, said the caller to herself. “Hello. What is your state of emergency?” asked the operator. “Help us. Help us.” the girl whispered. “May you speak louder? I can hardly hear you.” asked the operator. “Help us.” The girl whispered a bit louder. “What is your emergency?” the operator asked again, thinking that maybe this was another prank call.
“We are stuck on an airplane with a few hijackers. They took control of the plane. They said that they will kill us all if we try anything against them.” stated the girl in a low voice. “Which flight are you currently on?” asked the operator. “We are on flight 296 heading towards Florida.” replied the girl. Suddenly, in the background a voice was heard. It was a loud voice telling a passenger to sit down or he will kill him.
That was when the operator realized that was no joke. The operator quickly notified two helicopters to track down the plane. “Okay. I just sent two helicopters to your location which we will find out from the airport.” said the operator in a reassuring voice. “Hold on.” the girl said quickly. In the background, the operator heard what seemed to be the girl’s boyfriend telling her that they were coming.
Then the operator heard something really disturbing. A gunshot was fired. The only thought in the operator’s mind was that the girl was killed and now she had no connection to the people on the plane. A few moments later, the girl went back to the phone. She told the operator that someone had just been shot for trying to get a hold of the hijacker’s weapon. In the background, the operator heard one of the hijacker’s tell the hostages that if anyone of them tried something like that, they would be killed.
“So how long will they take to get here operator.” “I think it’s going to be about 2 hours and 23 minutes for them to get there. But don’t worry everything is under control. Hopefully we can get more help and you’ll be in safe hands in no time.” She started to feel a sigh of relief.
All of the sudden an Arabian hijacker said, “Everyone stay in silence.” Now everyone take out your electronic devices and give them to the woman in the front. As a matter of fact pass them up immediately.” “Don’t worry I just found out that we can be there in an hour.” The operator said, “Hurry! Hurry! They said they are going to crash this plane at Nasa. We don’t have much time, that’s only 20 minutes away. Please don’t let us die.” cried the girl.
“Give us your phone now! Who are you talking to? You know what come with me. I have a special place for you to go.” “Help! Help! Let go of me!” the girl screamed. The conversation between the hostage and the operator was over. Their only chance on possible life was now over. There was nothing that could be done to stop the wrath of the Arabian hijackers. Then the other passengers of the plane decided to take matters into their own hands.
The hostages developed a plan to attack with everything they had. Nasa space station was right around the corner. It was time for attack. They sprang up and attacked each hijacker. Surprisingly, all of the weapons they possessed were fake. They stalled their pursuit to the station and soon army jets came, attached to the plane and started taking hostages off. If they had reacted earlier, maybe the woman on the phone would have never been killed. But thanks to her, hundreds of lives were saved.
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Last Dialogue
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