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PostSubject: ::FAQ's::   Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:02 pm

1. What is the purpose of the Ultimate Pen Forum?
The purpose of the Ultimate Pen Forum is to provide an online resource for your coursework in our writing seminar class. It is flexible in its format to encourage individual work as well as peer editing.

2. What are the requirements of the Ultimate Pen Forum?
The requirements of the Ultimate Pen Forum are twofold: a) respectful and insightful postings and b) growth in your own personal writing style.

3. What is the timeline for this forum?
The forum will be available 24/7 for the duration of this writing seminar.

4. What are the guidelines for my postings?
As always, remember that even private forums are still “public domain,” and whatever you
publish here will be subject to scrutiny by others. All postings should follow the
recommended lengths per assignment and demonstrate your connections to the topic.

5. Are there any rules regarding the font or layout?
Choose a font that is legible and 12 point. Use the default font color on our website.

6. What are the deadlines for my postings?
Each assignment will outline the deadlines. A general rule is that each weekly topic will open for discussion on Monday and close at 11:59 pm the following Sunday.

7. How will I be graded for my postings?
Each weekly original piece will consist of a first and second draft, minimum. The first draft will be assigned a maximum of 50 points and the second will be assigned a maximum of 50 points. The final draft will be assigned a maximum of 100 points. All drafts must be included with the final draft to receive credit. Weekly discussion topic postings will be graded holistically on a 0-4 scale, with 0 points reflecting no responses and 4 points reflecting a minimum of three (3) thoughtful responses to other colleague’s postings.

8. How can I send my colleagues a message?
For email-style messages, use the “Private Message” button on the website. Do not use the discussion forum sections for any personal messages.

9. How does posting work for this site.
For every new topic, when you go to a forum you click on new topic. For every new topic you wanna post something related, it goes under that topic. DO NOT put your messages under a new topic if its relative to the original one.

10. Chatroom?
There is a chatroom at the bottom of this site. It is accesible to everybody. However, the chatroom use is not for chatting with friends on things unrelated to English Sem., or this site in general. You may use it to ask people questions, discuss with them topics, or any other use that you may need. Please keep in mind that the chatroom conversations are open to everybody online.

11. Polls?
When you do a post, it is possible to take a poll. Near the bottom of the screen theres an option called "Add a poll". Polls are used for opinions that people can debate about, like in Lord of the Flies. (See example for more details.)

12. How do i italicize, bold, underline, make a hyperlink, add a picture, etc.?
All you have to do is use these buttons--> [ ] and /.
Bold- b
underline- u
but no spaces between the text and the codes. Same steps for italicizing but with i, and underline is u.
[ i]text here[/ i] <-- if you fill the spaces it would be text here

For putting pictures you use

For links, its a bit different. what you have to do is put
then the site
the label, or what you want the link to say

If you put that together, it should look like
[url= www.google.com ] google [/url]
when you fill in all the spaces, it will look like this. click it if youd like.

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