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 RP..by Kevin

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: RP..by Kevin   Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:37 pm

As some of you may know, this site USED to be an rp site. It didn't get far, but we did do somethings before it became the site you know now. This story was part an RP I didn't spend too much time on, but looking back on it, I wish I could have finished into making it a story. But I'm going to post it anyways, because I'm sorta of proud of it. It was a while back, and my writing has improved a bit, but its just a sample of what RP'ing is.
[Credit to Joseph for Scenery Description]

Scenery Description: A City of silver and of modern technology permanently is sat upon by the sun in permanent limbo. It is never night never day, constant twilight surrounds the area. The buildings look as if they were recently made even though this area has been around for centuries. Mostly the constant moderate updates of advancements kept the place sanitary and clean. Gaurds surround the town at posts even though a relatively large city this rp is based on a small town that seems the most advance in technology. The gaurds are machines that have defense systems that determine whether the person is a threat or a normal civilian. There are two types of cops, the noticable ones which are robots with a white exoskeleton that make them look muscular. This is only apperance wise though, for the blue vest of titaium that they wear expands their chest by a good three inches on each side of their shoulders. The other type of cops are undercover, they have all black exoskeletons and have no titanium vest thus making them faster but not as good on defense. The streets are paved of a grey concrete that appears to be newly made, the road made of tar seems as if newly made in and painted on. The road is also completely smooth that allows easy movement with vehicles with wheels even though most of the vehicles driven vby adults hover through the air. Ebony trash cans are located in various points in this town and also help recylce by sorting the materials manually.


Walking through the City of Silver, as people had now begun to call it, everything was all too quiet for Zheack's liking. The light that bathed it made everything seem erie, but Zheack ignored the feeling, and walked on. He really shouldn't be walking at the dead of night, when aboviously this was a dangerous time, and an even more dangerous place. If he were to be caught walking around now by the police, surely they would try to stop him, but he did not care. They would never come close to touching him. Zheack could not sleep, and as much as he would try, he would never be able to. The only thing keeping him awake was the distinct feeling that he had to be somewhere, but he did not know where or why. Walking without a weapon wasns't help either, and just as these thoughts entered his mind, a man wearing a hood jumped down from the ceiling of the store he had been walking past and started brandishing a small silver pocket knife at him. As the man attacked, Zheack absent-mindedly side stepped to avoid a would-be lethal strike, and swung his leg around to the man's larynx, and not surprisingly Zheack heard the crush of bone, which caused the man to start falling, but not before Zheack brought up a fist to chest, disrupting the breathing. The man fell to the floor at Zheack's feet dead. The whole thing had lasted about ten seconds, and there had hardly been any noise or sign of a scuffle. Zheack stared down at him. He was skinny and he looked unkept, confirming the fact that this man probably didn't have anything, and most likely attacked people when nobody was around in order to get money or other items. People like Zheack. Then Zheack averted his eyes to the damage he had done to this man when he had been attacked. He had kicked the larynx, breaking the man's windpipe, and he had striked the chest, so basically he had cut off all air in the system. If the breaking of the windpipe had not killed him, surely the strike to the chest would have. Then again, looking back on what had just happened, Zheack thought that maybe he shouldn't have killed the man at all, and should have just fled. A sign of remorse passed through Zheack's faced, but it too soon quickly passed. He did feel sorry for killing him, but tonight was the one night he did not want to be messed with. With that, Zheack set off at a brisk pace, and the darkness engulfed him immediatly.

Zheack did learn that one thing was certain. He definitly was not going to be having peace that night. He walked for about half an hour nonstop after killing the man, yet he still did not know what he was doing. He just felt like he had to keep walking. Not paying attention to his surroundings, and pretty soon found himself half surrounded by several armed policemen. There were about twenty in front of him, but thankfully none behind him. Zheack cursed and then one of them spoke. "What are you doing at this time of night? What are you up to?" Zheack smirked but said nothing. He didn't have to explain himself to these men who thought they had authority because of their uniforms...they would have to SHOW him that they had authority. The policeman's eyes narrowed and his finger on the trigger of his gun tightened. "I asked you a question, now answer it. Don't make us use force! We WILL shoot you if we have to." Then Zheack turned to look at all the men around him, and said in an almost inaudible whisper "I'd like to see you try..." All hell broke loose and there were the chatter of 20 machine guns being fired at where Zheack stood. The noise was tremendous, and Zheack would not be surprised if anybody in the vicinity would be woken up by it. However, that was the least of his concern.... The policemen fired for about fifteen seconds, and suddenly stopped to let all the gunpowder and dust clear. Surely their target HAD to be dead...but yet as the dust cleared...there was nothing but the streaks of gunfire on the seemingly new concrete floor. The officer who had addressed Zheack before stood in shock and his eyes widened as he wildly look around for where the tall mysterious looking man had gone. HE would not be hard to spot being that his shirt and eyes stood out in the darkness. Suddenly, there was the sound of flesh on flesh and one officer went down. The leader commanded "KILL HIM!" and once again there was the fire of machine guns. Much to the leader's dismay, several of HIS men were going down. It was...impossible. In less than twenty seconds, the noise had died down, and the leader who had addressed Zheack before and commanded the kill, stood face to face with Zheack. The officer gasped, "Who.....what are you?! How did you do all this?!" Zheack smiled and spoke "My name is Zheack. As to how i did that, I do not have time to explain. Now, if you dont mind, i must be off." With that, Zheack pulled out the pocket knife the thief had used against him from before, and slashed at the officer.

Once again, Zheack had started to walk. Little did he know, he woulld find what he had been looking for all along. To avoid trouble, Zheack had started going down alleyways, and for a while, this seemed to work. But then, he found himself in an entirely different part of town. He looked around. He was still in the City of Silver, but he had the distinct feeling he had never been in this part of town before. It was an open plain, with grass all around him, covered in dew. The moonlight was shining overhead, casting a beautiful glow upon the whole field. The whole place looked beautiful, romantic, and untouched. He doubted anyone came to this place, and began to wonder if this part of town was prohibited. Yet, he could not leave. He could only stand in awe and take in the beauty of this place. The place that looked like dreams could come true. As he scanned the area, Zheack spotted one of the most beautiful things he had seen in his life. It wasn't a thing, it was a person, and she seemed to be standing there, as if admiring the place as Zheack was doing. She was tall, slender, and absolutly gorgeous. She had skin of a light pale snow color, and she had long, soft, silky hair that seemed to be blowing, even though there was no wind that night. Her face could compare to that of an angel, but in Zheack's eyes, she was more beautiful than an angel, only to be perfected with a pair of ruby red eyes. For once in his life, Zheack did not know what to do. He wanted to approch her, to make sure that was not dreaming, but how could somebody like him approach a godess like that? Then, without knowing what he was doing, he started running towards the girl, adrenaline starting through to pump through his system. Emotions took over him for the first time, and completely overwhelmed by them, he reached the girl, spun her around, looked into her eyes for a fraction of a second, and his lips met hers, at the same time embracing her. He could not believe what he was doing, and he was ashamed of himself for treating a lady like this without even knowing her, but there was nothing he could do. It could have been seconds, minutes, or hours, but Zheack did not know when he finally stopped kissing this gorgeous woman.

YES I KNOW THE LAST PART IS MUSHY. I was in touch with my inner feelings that day ._.
P.S., Zheack will be the name for my character. .-.


Zheack, the falcon demon

Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife
Atreyu- Two become one
Slipknot- Before i forget
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RP..by Kevin
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