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 Parts of a Book Review: Studdents Choose from possibilities

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PostSubject: Parts of a Book Review: Studdents Choose from possibilities   Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:45 pm

Revise, edit and publish—but the ideas they are looking for will be in their reading notebooks and on their adhesive notes, not necessarily in their writers notebook.

An important feature of this , and any other genre study, is studying a sample of the genre to ascertain what its particular characteristics are. when students read several reviews or one carefully chosen review, depending on their grade, they generally notice some things that seem to be important in reviews. As students name these things, you can write them on a chart, or you may wish to make two charts from outset, one for nonnegotiable parts of a book review and one for menu of possible parts from which to choose(figure 5-1)

  • states title, author, number of pages, and whether there are illustrations (date published, publisher, price)

  • refers to awards the author or book has won

  • names genre of book

  • suggest the kinds of readers who might like or dislike the book and why

  • includes a summary or retelling depending on the length of the review

  • states life questions to consider while reading this book, (Is it honorable to lie to save a life? Is any type of family better than no family?)

  • refers to specifics in the text (could be story elements, events, outcome)

  • comments on the writing or style (lively, lots of dialogue, too many character)

  • gives the reviewer's opinions and cites examples from the book to support them

  • considers where the book fits in the reader's reading history (I am a different person after this book; I won't remember this book next week.

  • states age and kind of reader the book is appropriate for

  • Mentions if the book adds something new to a field of knowledge or a genre; mentions if there is an inaccuracy in the book

  • has all of the qualities of good writing we'd expect in any other genre

  • states how the book fits in a series or how it contributes to literature in general

  • considers large ideas that the author seems to examine across several books

  • Gives constructive criticism

  • makes comparisons to author's other books

  • names characters and gives some insights into them

  • makes comparisons to other books of the same genre or to other authors

  • notes something unusual about the text

  • draws connections to cornerstone literature

  • Makes suggestions for improving the book

  • uses quotations from the book to support ideas

FIG. 5-1 Parts of a Book Review:Students Choose from possibilities
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Parts of a Book Review: Studdents Choose from possibilities
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