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 Zheack the falcon demon

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Zheack the falcon demon   Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:34 pm

Name: Zheack
Alias: doesn't like being called anything else other than Zheack

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Home World/Land: Realm of Eterna, otherwise known as the "City of Silver" or "City bathed in Moonlight"

Race/Species: Half Falcon demon (Check history)

Appearance: Zheack is basically the definition of ‘tall’ . He is at least five foot eleven in height last time he checked and has dark brown almost black colored hair. His hair is pretty long, as in it reaches down to his eyes, and he has to constantly push his hair out of the way since it parts to one side, obscuring his vision. He has green eyes, or more specifically, emerald colored ones. They can even be seen in the dark, which show how noticeable they are. Zheack usually wears a green sweater with black designs on it and with a L emblem on the front of it, his insignia. He wears a black undershirt and baggy black jeans to match. He has tannish skin but it is the kind that is lighter than those with average tan skin. He has slightly sharper than normal canines due to his half demonness. His eyes are distinct because they have the slight emo look without makeup that come from the lack of sleep. This usually makes others cautious of him. Since he is always wary and has things on his mind, sleep doesn't come to him like it would to others. He wears black running sneakers that comfortable and have good grip so he doesn't slip, even though he manages to find a way how to trip anyway. He also wears a black ring with a emerald stone in the middle of it. Zheack usually chooses to wear it in the middle finger of his left hand. Other than that he carries a single silver chain on his neck and a watch to match.

Alignment: He's neutral, but chaotic.

Personality: Zheack is bipolar, or more of has two sides to him (Check history)

can be very kind or extremely sarcastic, it depends on the impression you give him. If you are nice to him then he will be nice back, if you are rude to him he will be as sarcastic as possible in attempts to annoy you. However, he almost ALWAYS is the kind of person that acts all high and above people because he's just that awesome. He usually will joke around and taunt his friends or someone he is comfortable with. Even though he may seem aggressive, he seems to have a very good sense of humor, which allows him to talk to anybody. Although usually stubborn and 'fun' he does have a serious side which is very insightful but rare. Zheack grew up on his own basically, so he kept a lot of time to himself learning the art of fighting, mostly street fighting. He likes to plan out what moves he will make but not in a fight more like a strategist where he plans out where people go to make the best formations. He usually only does this in timeswhen there is a mass battle, not one on ones. Even though a strategist he prefers to fight with instinct like mentioned in his strengths. This holds true for everything he does. Wheere ever he goes, and whatever he may be doing, he's thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. He's pretty smart, so when talking, his comments are usually snide, but suddle. All in all though, he's a pretty quiet person that keeps to himself, and only opens up to those he considers friends. He doesn't have many, since he's not very trusting.

is usually battle hungry and defiant. he does not like rules or to be contained. He loves fighting and plotting demise of others. He chooses not to interrupt Zheack's life unless it is in danger. He is more experienced in fighting and tends to have more fun the greater the challenge. He is excessively rude to those he finds annoying which is almost everyone. There are few people he actually likes, but he doesn't like Zheack because Zheack won't let him take over permanently but Auturon still is willing to compromise if it helps him survive. Anything he ever does is for himself, and MAYBE someone else occasionally. Excluding Zheack which he usually takes over and fights to save him to save himself but that is most likely the only exception. But besides that he likes to act wildly and be show offy when not in a fight which is rare, almost as rare as Zheack sulking. Auturon likes to fight and that is it. He finds no use in Zheack's strategizing on where to go because that makes things easier and less fun. He is usually the one to save Zheack from a difficult situation. He is overall more skilled in fighting because he doesn't hesitate as much as Zheack does.

Likes: Zheack likes to have a good time when he does things, but usually he is not able to do this. Not because of the things around him, but more of because himself. He's always thinking, something he enjoys to do, but usually leads to him being cautious of everything. He also likes to take walks all over town, to see what he would find or who he would meet. He would walk for hours in search of nothing, but usually come out with something. He doesn'y really do much else, and keeps to himself a lot. You would see him by the beach a lot. He cannot explain why, but something inside him craves salmon, and blames it on his half falconess.

Dislikes: Zheack doesn't really have much dislikes. Since he's always bored, looking for something fun to do, he does pretty much anything.

Affinities: Because of his half-falcon side (see history), Zheack has many talents compared to those of a normal human. He is able to run fast, has very good vision and hearing, as well as agility. He is very light, having the body built of an avien, but has the advantages of being human. Zheack is very intelligent, and a very good fighter. He is good at fighting with his instincts and usually comes up with 'eccentric' attacks. He is very agile and able to various flips due to his time break dancing in his youth. Even though he hasn't really done his childhood pastime in awhile he is still very good at break dancing and fuses that together with his skill with weapons to fight unpredictably and he does this having fun. However, because of his light built, he does have some disadvantages. Since Zheack is really fast, he has a very hard time overpowering people and has to rely on his speed and weapon skills. He still takes blows like a normal human. He is very sarcastic at times when annoyed and that can lead him into trouble. Even when in trouble he still usually taunts people and therefore getting himself to an even worse predicament. He doesn't think before going into anything including battles because he acts on his instincts most of the time and doesn't think about what he is doing.

All around/other: His favorite thing to say is "So..what are you wearing?" even though he can be standing right in front of the person.

History: Upon being born in Realm of Eterna he was taken into his mother's room where she was overjoyed to have her one and only son. After so many months of trying, she was finally going to have him. His name was Zheack. He had dark brown hair and black eyes. He had somewhat tan skin that was lighter than people who have average tan skin. He was crying at birth like most children did, when he suddenly fell asleep for no apparent reason. Or at least that is what it looked like. In reality, he was being possessed by an evil falcon Demon named Auturon. Auturon had no clue that the child would die so he continued to stay in his body relaxing, building up his energy for the next day. His mom, being one of the strongest mages in all of the worlds knew the signs. Especially one as noticeable as his eyes changing from their original black to their now demonic jade, or emerald. As his father was fighting in a war for regions, she had no other option and giving him enough energy to live, for if she didn't do it now, he would die. She casted the greatest of all magical healing spells. His body about to die from the spirit's strong energy, she casted her spells, not only saving his life, but forcing the demon to stay inside. If Auturon ever left Zheack, Zheack and Auturon would die instantly. So as the demon opened its eyes quickly, he tried to escape he found out he couldn't . The darkness inside of Zheack started to grow as energy off of Auturon started to leak like it would for the rest of his life until the age of puberty, where he would have enough to survive on his own if Auturon ever left...which he could not do. As his mother lay there next to him on his bed with her eyes closed, he started crying. Some think he cried because he knew his mother was dead, but it was because his father wasn't there to save her. Those screams were screams of hatred, which Auturon had influenced. Someone heard Zheack's screams of hatred He took him to the orphanage where he would spend the rest of his life being unadopted because of his eyes...As he grew up into adolescence he was usually ignored and feared even though he never posed a threat. He has been bottling up anger from his dad "leaving" him and his mother at birth. That was what the falcon's excuse to make Zheack more in tune with his falcon side. Or more of half-falcon. Zheack didn't give in though and he never will. But since he has darkness with in him he doesn't choose sides. Because the light isn't strong enough to completely take over, he will just stay neutral. Not fight for anyone but himself or friends and hopefully will find his father to see what his motives were for leaving. But he never will find out that he died in the war, he had sacrificed himself for Zheack's mother and Zheack. And his mother had done the same for him...and weirdly that is his goal in life. To die by saving someone else, so he knows he can make a difference in someone else’s life...


Zheack, the falcon demon

Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife
Atreyu- Two become one
Slipknot- Before i forget

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PostSubject: Re: Zheack the falcon demon   Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:25 pm

Zheack is approved to use.
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Zheack the falcon demon
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