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 General Writing Tips

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PostSubject: General Writing Tips   Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:28 pm

Examples of the Kinds of Work That Writers Do When They Compose Piece

When Writers Have This Intention…They Might Use One of These Strategies
Find an idea to write aboutFreewriting
Look around and let objects spark ideas
Figure out the focus for a piece
Ask themselves, “What’s the thing I really want to say about my subject to readers?”
Organize a draftStudy the structure of a model piece make a flow chart of the piece
Write an endingStudy the endings of several model pieces
Brainstorm several endings and pick the one that works best
Add information to a draftRead the piece to someone and add information that person wants to know
Draw a picture of what they're writin about to help them think of what else they could say
Edit their draftsRead their pieces out loud to themselves
Read their pieces out loud to someone else
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General Writing Tips
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