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 Modern Gods and Goddesses

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PostSubject: Modern Gods and Goddesses   Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:42 pm

Synthesizing: In synthesizing you combine or rearrange statements, feelings, or ideas to provide new or fresh perspective on a topic.

Directions: So far in this unit, you have generalized, compared and contrasted, and evaluated other selections from Greek mythology. Now it is your turn. It is time for you to synthesize what you have learned about gods family ties. Then define his or her domain; give your god or goddess by creating your own god or goddess. Begin by explaining your diety's family ties. Then define his or her domain; give your god or goddess a nickname, and provide him or her with weapons, symbols, and a profile. An example has been done for you.

Name: Zoom
Family Ties: son of Glide, the god of rollerskating,
and Plunge, the goddess ot tobogganing
Domain: god of skateboarding
Patron: of athletes, inventors, and adventurers
Crash and Helmethead
skateboards, lightning bolt
Profile: When Zoom was a small god, he
complained that roller-skating was boring and
tobogganing was too cold, so his father, Glide,
banned him from roller rink and his mother,
Plunge, exiled him from toboggan runs. He then
invented the skateboard. Skateboarders rely on
Zoom's protection in keeping them accident-free.

Family Ties:
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PostSubject: Re: Modern Gods and Goddesses   Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:46 pm

Name: Tech

Family Ties: Daughter of Shoot,
God of wood and Shara, Goddess of boredom

Domain: Goddess of Technology

Patron: Scientist, Doctors, and Inventor

Nicknames: {none}

Weapons: a cell phone and a laptop

Symbols: Computers, cell phones,
videogames and any electronic devices

Profile: When Tech was born
there was nothing to do besides running around chasing other
kids gods. She got really bored without having anything that
she classified as fun. Therefore she invented cool things such
as videogames and computers. Inventors rely on her to improve
technology and advancing it to make things more fun and easy.
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PostSubject: Re: Modern Gods and Goddesses   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:56 pm

Name: Amaya

Family Ties: daughter of Terri god of nature, and Malaya, goddess of earth.

Domain: Goddess of the night and rain.

Patron: Of the gloomy nights, and of the silhouetted souls that scurry the lonesome city streets.

Nicknames: Dreary, and Gloom

Weapon: Umbrella and Flashlight

Symbols: Rain- Moon

Profile: Abandoned to the fate, to the destiny of her luck Amaya was a young girl destined to live in the dark and in the pouring rain. She was known to crawl, then walk, and finally to run in the rain under the luminous moon. She may have never known she had parents until she seemed to never die. When lightning struck the village all died except him, when the earth shook all collapsed except him. She realized she was the daughter of Gods and until her final day came she met them. She saved the poor, and the nightly scurries; she protected them and cared for them like they were her own people. Amaya is now a god in the sky who protects the dark rainy nights and those who accompany those lonesome streets like she once did.
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PostSubject: Darline Rosa; The Goddess of Love   Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:37 pm

Name: Elamor

Family Ties:
Daughter of cupid, the god of love, and pizz, the goddess of peace.

Domain: The Goddess Of Love

[u]Patrons:Of romance, dreamers, and illusions.

Nicknames:Lova and Sweetheart

Weapon:Her Emotions

Symbols: Heart, Eyes

Profile:Since she was born, she was sweet and beautiful. People fell in love with her eyes. Wherever she went she always found someone who would protect her from hate. There once was a legend that she was the enemy of love, because love was reflected on her. And your worst enemy is always yourself. Since then she tried to overcome that and prove people she was the godess of love.
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PostSubject: Re: Modern Gods and Goddesses   

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Modern Gods and Goddesses
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