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 Writing Activity: Getting to Know Them

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PostSubject: Writing Activity: Getting to Know Them   Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:52 pm

An introductory essay introduces the subject of a book. Introductory essays are used at the beginning of books to capture readers' interest and to tell them what to expect. To better understand what an introductory essay does, think about what you might tell a friend about a book or movie you think he or she would enjoy. What kinds of information would you offer about subject of the movie or book?

Directions: Using questions in the chart below, gather information for your intro essay from what you already know about gods and goddess and from what you've learned from this anthology so far. You'll want to refer to the selections in Cluster One and to the Gallery of Gods and Goddesses. Add any additional questions you think should be answered in your introductory essay.

Questions to be answered in introductory essay

How are gods and goddesses different from humans?

How are they similar to humans?

What are their relationships with each other like?

What special powers do they have?

What are some of their domains, or areas that they oversee?

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Writing Activity: Getting to Know Them
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