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 Open Ended Question Worksheet

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PostSubject: Open Ended Question Worksheet   Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:08 pm

Check off or fill in the blanks for each of the following:

a) The Set-up: Reread the section to which the set-up is referring.

  • the first bulleted direction for action requires that I ___________________________________________________________________________________________

  • The second bulleted direction for action requires that I ________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Possible text connectors: (Fill in as many as possible)
      Something I've read: _______________________________________________________
      Something I've witnessed: ___________________________________________________
      Something I or someone I know has experienced: _________________________________

b) Write a complete paragraph response to the first bulleted direction for action.

c) Write a complete paragraph response to the second bulleted direction for action.

Have I
  • followed each specific direction of each bulleted direction for action?
  • paid attention to the number of items I am being asked to provide?
  • paid attention to the ACTION words and responded to them in appropriate manners?
  • answered ALL parts of each bulleted directions for action?
  • referred to the text when required?
  • stayed on topic?
  • used appropriate text CONNECTORS or LINKS?

Open ended Items

11. A sales person in an electronics store is working on her sales pitch about PCs. Based on the article, and your own knowledge, what might want to emphasize about PCs to a potential customer?
  • Name at least three PC features the sales woman should use when trying to sell PCs
  • Explain why these features are important or useful.

Use information from the article to support your response.

12. The author seems to have written this article partly in response to people who said the PC would soon become obsolete. After reading the article, what is your position on whether or not the PC will soon be replaced by new devices such as PDAs and other wireless technology?
  • Clearly state your point for view.
  • Provide at least two supporting details that will help you justify the position you take on the issue.

Use information from the article to support your response.


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Open Ended Question Worksheet
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