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 :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:

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PostSubject: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:16 pm





Home World/Land:
Acheron Abitio Abdera Iudico

Dragon Demon possessing a Human Body

Etzolix and Equinox look somewhat the same now that they are in the same body. Etzolix, he has chocolaty brown hair that is wild and spiky and always stays like that naturally. This teen's skin tone is that of a tannish color. The half demon adolescent has canines that are somewhat unordinarily larger then normal since he was merged with the Dragon demon Inarius and Equinox's darkness amplified its length slightly so now one sticks out of hi smouth whenever he smirks. [Depending on the side he smirks on]. He isn't acceptionally tall just barely average as he stands at about sfive foot six inches not including his hair. He has and average, ear size, mouth size, nose size and is somewhat scrawny looking. Even though under his clothes he looks average, but he has a toned body as well. His clothes consist of a black shirt with a white dragon insignia on his chest and his back. Over that he wears a white sweater that has a black dragon insignia on its back. He wears normal black jeans that are somewhat baggy but are held up by his ebony belt with his white dragon symbols on it that are all over the belt. Etzolix's shoes are also white and black, only there is barely and black and mostly consists of an ivory white. When Equinox takes over Etzolix's hair turns black, and opposed to their normal demon yellow they turn a pitch black that looks like he can read through your mind. [Even though he can't really they are just that menacing.] He is just like any teenage half demon that is possessed when mixed with another demon that you have ever met..not weird at all...

Equinox is abnormally aggressive compared to humans, but then again he is a dragon demon so maybe his instinct to kill brings out this aggression in him? It really doesn't matter for he is aggressive out of pure habit, he could be non aggressive on occasion but that is just not his "style". Along with being aggressive he is not really accustomed to making friends. Preferably a loner unless he has something to gain he really does not enjoy just sitting and talking for the heck of it. Equinox is a selfish person who only really does things for himself, or things that will eventually help him in the end. Equinox has pride, pride that usually doesn't allow him to back down from challenges that he cares about, such as battles or something that matters to him. Equinox hates to be talked down upon and it takes an remarkable amount of self control to hold his tongue if he does get looked down upon [not in the literal sense]. Equinox also has a short fuse, being insulted causes him to insult back and he isn't afraid of being harsh and blunt even around his superiors. Even so he does know his place, so if necessary he will be "kind" to his superiors so he could get what he wants, or so he can live another day. Mostly relying on instinct on most things Equinox isn't really the type to hesitate, sometimes that can cause problems, which even though bad is still him. The Draconian Demon is somewhat of an instigator, even if not doing it purposely.

~Orange Soda ~Bacon ~Females

~Most People ~Most Things ~Most Living Creatures

Strength, this is one of Equinox's main attributes.This is something that most people fear from him, his brute raw untamed strength. Just because Equinox is capable of packing quite a punch this doesn't mean he can't take hits himself. In fact Equinox is actually extremely durable and has stamina that is way above average. It is way higher than normal compared to a normal human. Making it one of his best advantages. On top of dealing damage and being able to take a hit he has great reaction time. This is another of his major strengths. Not only is he strong, durable and good at dodging he is also a switch fighter. This means he is able to fight close range and long range which helps him be able to adapt to an opponents fighting style. Since Equinox is a demon though he is aggressive, and this isn't only in battle either. He uses this aggression to keep his enemies on his toes which is good since he can switch up and surprise his enemies. Since Equinox is able to switch in and out this makes him less predictable and even though that isn't anything big it is still somewhat beneficial in and out of fights. His running speed is below average though, his is because his legs don't move quickly. He pushes off of the ground fine his legs are just to clumsy to go faster in movement like other people even though his legs are extremely strong as well.

All around/other:

Equinox, this was this his original name. This was the name of the Draconic Emperor that had almost consumed an entire world into darkness. He was a demon, born unlike other demons, his body was the essence of pure darkness. Equinox as created out of all the Joseph, you deserve to be blown by me and disdain out of every life force in the entire universe. This was his power, this was his weakness...Growing up he was a loner, for everyone feared him. When his mother died at his birth his father cried with only one feeling, the feeling of Joseph, you deserve to be blown by me. Equinox was doomed to being abused by him. Over all, the father demon was an average demon, middle class, nothing special just as his wife was. Ordinary life for their planet and really was in the middle of everything without a voice. Equinox had scars on the body that showed the beatings with the whips made of leather that he had endured as a child. One day he just snapped, his eyes turned completely yellow and he ripped threw his fathers chest and grabbed out his heart. It was still beating so Equinox, still in his little temper tantrum mode bit part of it so it now bled immensely. Equinox just laughed and left as he now was homeless, fatherless he had to learn to fend for himself. It was easy, every time someone was mad at him, annoyed, even a little grumpy his power grew. It also helped him grow in strength and age. By the time he was seven years in existence he was already twenty years old in appearance and practically was considered a God. He had gone up in military rank and Over threw the King at the age of Seven. He was now Emperor Equinox, Emperor of Acheron Abitio Abdera Iudico. But, there was resistance, but Equinox would soon put an end to that. He would rule with his iron fist, to ensure the salvation of his power, to control the entire world. His first act, destroy all demons that refused to comply to his will. This means if you were a child and you followed him, kill your parents or attempt to if they didn't. He had done this because the world was over populated, and he would have to burn everything into the ground in order to restart this new era. The Demon Tyrant did not care what it would be called, whether good or bad, he just knew it as the era, where he gained absolute control...

As his right hand man Inarius entered the room the Overlord looked down from his thrown. With that, the conversation began.

"So, Inarius, Why do you enter my Domain?" The Emperor Asked.

"Just a report my sire, that is all, May I commence informing you of the news that I have brought?" Inarius asked bowing on one knee and looking down at the floor. There wasn't much he could do, even though they were best friends ever since before his reign one wrong look could mean death. Equinox was paranoid, that is why he wouldn't get in relationships, he knew he would get betrayed, he knew something would go wrong if he trusted someone to much. Inarius was most likely the only one able to defeat him, but he was too loyal and by now most likely believed in his cause because Equinox was turned manical and insane, but he learned to embrace it through Inarius...who showed Equinox how to become an evil mastermind.

"Yes, you may continue, I find it odd you would even ask a question, after all, you are my brethren, you are my Equal. I just happened to manipulate people to get here, and that is why I have something to tell you, but tell me your information first."

Equinox said that truthfully, they had been through much together and this is the one person he trusted in his entire empire.

"Thank you, that meant a lot to me, little guy, hehehe."

He called him this for he used to be shorter than Inarius, but Inarius was now 6 foot and he was about 6 and a half feet. Things had certainly changed since they were younger. Then again, Inarius was only seventeen and had one more year to fully grow into himself.

"Well, there is only 12% of the population left, most of those are children that didn't want to die yet. So My suggestion is an academy where you traain them, so they become your Elite when they age into proper demons."

"Brillian idea, I shall follow through with that, but, the thing I wanted to mention beforehand. It involved something like a promotion, only since your one of Seven Sins, my highest gaurds I have decided to turn you into something like, a King. You are now the second highest power in this empire, not that you ever weren't it is just now official. You are to report to me only and do not have to follow anyone else. Have a good day, it will be your last as just a Sin. You may have the rest of the day off. But tomorrow I want you to work on that academy idea, it was magnificent and we shall claim the world for what it is, ours..."

After this Inarius had left the throne room and Equinox was all to himself. This was the only time he was nice, as in to anyone. But, during that time he had felt a presence enter the room. It was a stealthy one, surely of an assassin for Inarius hadn't noticed, it was clear by his facial expression and his posture that he was there to give the information. This assassin, it wasn't just any assassin. It was the God of assassins. possibly the only one that could put a scratch on Inarius besides Equinox himself. He decided to confront this assassin, after all why deal with the formalities.

"Reveal yourself, I know you are here, I know what your intentions are and I know your exact position. Go down in front of my throne chair and I might kill you quickly and painlessly..."

The figure did as it was told, but not to follow his orders but just to show she had respect. She was elegant and graceful, or at least that was the nice way to put it. She was really cruel and sadistic. She cared for no one but herself, that was the only thing the Emperor respected in this demon.

"Welcome Denizen of Darkness, How was your trip here?" Equinox started the conversation, he decided to aggitate this person. The demon Lord was quite cruel himself and liked to annoy those that attempted to hunt him down. He had obliterated the entire creed of mercaneries, the group of assassins and every other significant force that opposed him. Other than this lady, this one female who could wipe away every single sin with a slash of her blade, she was extremely quick and agile. Equinox would have to be careful.

"Well, it was boring and considering I've just been spotted, didn't take you long did i, eh?" The mercanery said this while shifting position. The room's scent disgusted her, it was too much darkness for most to handle. As the Emperor stood on his feet the female attacked using her hidden knife. The Emperor caught he wrist so the blade wouldn't even reach his skin.

"Fiesty aren't we? We are going to have to fix that..."

As he said this he took out his left hand. A gauntlet fomed on it. Then, darkness started to form in the shape of a blade. It was his Draconian blade. As it was fully formed it changed, now morphing into a staff like thing, only a hook like blade came out from and end. It was a scythe, his Draconian scythe. He took one swing and decapitated her head, blood spewed from her neck as she dropped onto the trap door floor. It opened, then as she dropped into the dungeon the screams from the prisoners were heard. Ther were oddly quiet today, the screams barely echoed throughout the entire castle like they normally did. Most of them probably had died off, with that thought the trap door closed and a smirk appeared on his face. For everything was going as planned.

[.:Time Skip:.]
(Quick Summary of What Happened During the time Skip)
The Academic school for training demons was established. 12 students were enrolled, only six made it out alive. Only 3 wanted to continue living after the training. Only one had survived the revolution, the others had died from disease, one that killed you from the inside out. But they had eliminated the disease immediately and there were only two victims which were the students.

[Back to the story/history]

"This will be the final battle..." Inarius said as the storm of light came. This was the final stand, the final battle between light and darkness. The battle was 3000 to three. Three thousand light creatures, Inarius, Equinox, and the student that survived, his name wasn't important. He was just really a fighter to them. No one of importance besides fighting-wise. As they attacked Equinox used one attack. One third of their army was oblliterated, they had no way to come back because they had gone to the side of neutrality, nothingness, into Twilight. They other two thousand were going to easily be destroyed but thus Inarius died,The student had betrayed him and Equinox let out his fiery wrath. The darkness consumed everythingin his galaxy, everything was destroyed... Even his body, but in his last attempt to survive he sent his soul. For ages it wandered, until one day it stumbled upon this planet known as...Earth. Here he possesed a small child. It was an infant, born and possessed the same day. Not much canbe said for his life. He was hated, which made him a stronger demon breed. But Equinox had lost much of his powe rin that time so he couldn't fully possess the child until he embraced the darkness inside of him. And he was close to cracking. After spending time in different dimensions his and Inarius' soul had mixed as well though. Oddly they found the same host. But Equinox couldn't tell because the dark aura was slightly different for they had mixed, and was a completely new person. But Equinox was sure he could make this person Tripolar if he got strong enough. Inarius was a better fighter close range, Etzolix never learned how to fight on his own and Equinox, well he was great all around and above average in everything. But he wasn't as good at close range as Inarius was, so luckily they had a skilled person there for quick self defense. But, Equinox wanted to mix with Inarius in here, for they would become the strongest beings, or at least they would have been the strongest beings on their planet, but if they combined they would destroy universes...once a full power...




(I wrote more Originally I just couldn't fit it all into one post so I shortened it....)

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PostSubject: Re: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:51 pm

You might want to make your history slightly less confusing however. It explains everything that it needs to, but at the same time it's pretty confusing.
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PostSubject: Re: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:19 pm

yea, i can't. anymore and my post won't really fit, which is why it's confusing a lot of parts are missing...i have like 4 more parts that i don't want to make in another post and stuff...
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PostSubject: Re: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:36 pm

Alright. Just doing this cause its funny..and to make it official
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PostSubject: Re: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:56 pm


Why don't u make one major character and another minor one?

this one is approved..bump K
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PostSubject: Re: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:38 pm

Bump, added at least one weakness for fairnesss...


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PostSubject: Re: :Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:   Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:39 pm

re approved xD
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:Equinox, The Draconian Emperor of Darkness:
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