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 Assessment Rubric Personal Writing

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PostSubject: Assessment Rubric Personal Writing   Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:27 pm

___ Stimulating Ideas
The writing...

  • Focuses on a specific experience or event.
  • presents an engaging picture of the action and people involved.
  • contains specific details and dialogue
  • makes readers want to know what happens next.

___ Local Organization
  • includes a clear beginning that pulls readers into the eassay.
  • presents ideas in an organized manner
  • uses transitions to link sentences and paragraphs.

___ Engaging Voice
  • speaks knowledgeably and/or enthusiastically.
  • shows that the writer is truly interested in the subject.

___ Original Word Choice
  • contains specific nouns, vivid verbs, and clorful modifiers.

___ Effective Sentence Style
  • flows smoothly from one idea to the next.
  • shows variation in sentence structure and length.

___ Correct, Accurate Copy
  • adheres to the basic rules of writing.
  • follows the form suggested by the teacher, or another effective design.

Scoring Guide

  1. Incomplete
  2. ok
  3. fair
  4. good
  5. excellent
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Assessment Rubric Personal Writing
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