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 xenobia- by miriam zamudio

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PostSubject: xenobia- by miriam zamudio   Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:22 pm

Name: Xenobia
Alias: Xenobie

Age: About 290-years-old

Gender: Both girl and a boy

Home World/Land: Scandinavia,Alexandria, Galaxy Far Far Away

Race/Species:Umpa Lumpa

Appearance: Xenobia is short and has blue and white hair. It has three arms and four legs. The arms are twice the length of the legs. The face is a half of circle and it has three noses and four eyes. The creature has two big marks in its forehead that help tell the diffrents from the other creatures.

Alignment:The evil person
Personality: This character could do whatever it feels like doing and is not scared of comitting any mistakes. All must be aware of this character.

Likes: Loves to kill people for fun
Dislikes: Hates peopel from earth, specially peopel named Ashelyn
Affinities: This character is good at randomly killing people at any given moment with out a warning or allowing the person to have a chance to attack back. The skill my character has is that it knows many ways to kill a person, ways that we humans have not seen before.

All around/other: This character is not all bad. This character loves children, but yet will kill anyone to receive what it wants. This strange creature has amazing skills that only a few people in the world or should I say in the galaxy have. This creature only has one goal in mind and that is to kill anyone that is stopping the world from reaching peace.

History: Xenobia was chosen to protect the planet Earth from anyone that creates chaos or hurts any one on Earth. Its main goal is to find Ashelyn and kill him before time runs out and leads the world to self destruction.

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PostSubject: Re: xenobia- by miriam zamudio   Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:05 pm

I know you're not done yet but a couple of things. For your appearance, you kept saying this species. You should put things in appearance that sets your character apart from others of your species. Its as if you said the species was human. We all basically have the same structure, but none of us look alike. Be more specific please
Second, alignment does not mean whether you're bipolar or not. You can put that in personality. Alignment asks whether your character is good or bad (or neither), and if your character is lawful(goes by the rules) or chaotic (causes havoc)


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PostSubject: Re: xenobia- by miriam zamudio   Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:36 pm

Name: Dainagon
Alias: Junji

Age: 500-yaers-old

Gender: Man

Home World/Land:Bangladesh, lezzien

Race/Species: umpa lumpa

Appearance: Has the Nose of a pig. The legs of a tiger,the arms of a zebra. the face of Ashelyn, and the rest a human like features. For example, the eyes are the shape of human eyes and the color of the eyes are green. The ears are long and pointy,the mouth is circular and has two pointy and sharp horns in the sides. The toes are the shape of peanuts. Junji's hands are wide and long and it has only two fingers in each hand. In each foot this creature only has two toes.

Alignment:This character is a nice person, but yet could turn into the biggest threat on Earth is someone is to ever get on his bad side. This character is much more calm than the rest of its kind, who have less tolerance.

Personality: This character is wise yet mentally slow, it has the sweetest heart and is the nicest thing you will ever know. He loves people and would never hurt them unless necessary.

Likes:His character was design to love human only

Dislikes: Dislikes nothing

Affinities: This character is only good at loving an taking care of the human race.This character has no other skill, but to love humans and protect them.

All around/other: At the start of age this character was made to know everything about the history of humans and is now has the responsibility to protect them.

History: At the beginning of time this character along with his sister/brother were send to earth to save the race from destruction. He was born to two creatures who had only one thing in mind and that was to give their children to the government to send them to earth. He was brought on to Earth about two hunded years ago
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PostSubject: Re: xenobia- by miriam zamudio   Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:45 pm


"species" is way vague...differentiate yourself..also, "alignment" is how the charcter is viewed by others, as Kevin said, "good," etc. Does he have an inner locus of control, or an external one, where he takes no responsibility for his actions and blames others for his plight.

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PostSubject: Re: xenobia- by miriam zamudio   

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xenobia- by miriam zamudio
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