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 :Updates and Hints:

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PostSubject: :Updates and Hints:   Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:46 pm

Three new sections have been added to the site, yet these formerly mentioned areas are different than the other areas. THe three areas are:

~Character Interactions

Each area has its own part to play but they all work out so they end up helping each other. But let us explain some things.


In the character section you make a character that you can pretend to be. When you are approved for that specific character(s) then you can go in the character interaction section. The character interaction section is where your character(s) can interact with other peoples character(s), but remember you had developed your charracter for a reason in the personality section so if your timid and shy don't go around and tryin to stab people while yelling inappropriate things.


The areas section is for making an area. Before you can RP you have to make sure there is an area that can be used and must have been approved or made by an Admin for use. If an area is made and approved anyone who wishes to go in the character interaction section is allowed to use it. When making the area be sure to be descriptive. If you are not then you will be denied and won't be approved until more detail had been added in that application.


The group section is so you can start a little circle of people your characters are able to interact with. When you do, do something like this is is easier to make a post order, this way there is an order and one person isn't posting after every other person. Also this allows the entire group to join in and have an equal amount of fun. But if you do make a group and want to leave the topic don't just stop posting, you have to make a post where you actually leave the area and that means you leave the topic.


Some terms of use when interacting with characters.

~OoC (Out of Character: this means you are talking to the people out of character when you are specifically in the Character Interaction section. That is the only section where this is needed.)

~BiC (Back in Character: You use this after you talk OoC and show you are now going Back on Topic)

~BoT (Back on Topic: Usually used when spamming occurs and you get off of topic, this is used to signify people back in topic and the prevention of spam.)

Those are the only real terms you need in the Character interaction center.


When you are acting as an approved character you made please be sure to be as descriptive as possible. we want a description for every little thing, we (being the staff) want all of the things in your post to be like little images in are head and we can actually see what is going on like a T.V show or a movie.


That's it....


leave already -.-
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:Updates and Hints:
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