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 Character Motivation

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PostSubject: Character Motivation   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:30 pm

Directions: Lawrence Kohlberg evolved a model of moral development to explain what motivates an individual to act as he or she does. Kohlberg Believes that his model can be applied to individuals of any culture. There are six levels of moral development in his model. All people do not reach the highest levels. Decide which level best describes each character by the end of the play. Indicate your choice on the chart, and briefly explain the main reason(s) for your choice

  • level I
Acts to avoid pain or punishment.
  • level II
Acts to get a reward.
  • level III
Acts to gain approval.
  • level IV
Acts because of belief in the law.
  • level V
Acts for the welfare of others.
  • level VI
Acts because of a self-formulated set of principles.

____________Reason For Choice____________
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Character Motivation
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