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 Christina's Character

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PostSubject: Christina's Character   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:12 pm

Name: Salem Full Moon

Alias: Salem

Age: 17 but actually 1394 years old

Gender: Female

Homeland: The Full Moon and the Black Century or the Black Cat

Race: Half human, half moon goddess, half cat


Alignment: She can be chaotic whenever she gets very mad. Most of time, she is just neutral. She can join any side and doesn't care about being lawful or proper.Her love for music gets her in any mood depending on what type of music it is.

Personality: She acts sweet and shy to people who are extremely kind to her. When anyone is nice to you, she purrs just like a cat. She is the kind of person who always puts her family first. When she needs to save them, thats the first thing that comes to her planbook. Salem can get mood swings and a little spooky, since she was born on Halloween.

Likes: Music. Her number one thing. She also loves the night time. She can see her family from the full moon up in the sky at night. Salem loves to keep an eye out for her family. She cares about her family the most. She likes skeletons, graveyards, and haunted houses. She was born on Halloween no wonder she likes all that type of stuff. She also likes cats, people of her kind since she is part cat. Salem practically likes anything with fur and scales. Except Dogs!!!

Dislikes: She hates dogs. Number one thing that she hates the most. Well, she is a cat. She hates it when people try to capture her when she roams around during the night. Salem is a shy yet spunky girl. The way people think of her, anything bad, she dislikes that the most.

Affinities: Salem is very good at jumping over things. She can jump over 600 feet wide things and jump as high as 70 feet tall.She can pounce like a cat and she can run etremely fats, about 125 miles per minute. Salem hates it when she gets mood swings. Look in history to figure out why she gets mood swings all the time. She can write music and play three instruments, the guitar, the piano, and the drums.

History: Salem Full Moon was born on the day October 31st, known as the holiday of Halloween. Her father was a black cat cursed by a witch and her mother was Full, the first ever moon queen. She grew up with seven other children. Her father have children with seven other women, beside her mom. She was the only child who came out half cat. The rest of the children were dogs. She has no idea how that happened. One simple night, when Salem was an infant, was struck by the moon's light and her left eye now glows a bright yellow, and in the shape of a moon. That strike gave her many mood swings. She was the first born and according to a prophecy, the first born of a moon goddess, has to get mood swings if struck by any lightning or anything very bright. Now Salem's left eye is very sensitive to the sunlight. Instead of regular ears, she has cat ears, from her father of course. The rest of her looks human from a distant relative. The owner of her father gave Salem her human half. Salem was then left to survive in the real world. Her parents had to get rid of one child once there is eight. Salem, the first born, had to go. Salem was only three years old at the time. All she wanted to do was write music and have other people listen to her music. On her own, she taught herself how to speak English so she could talk to people. She met a man, who was a musician and Salem asked him to teach her some music. He gladly said he would. Salem loved to play music, but she wished that she would play it for her family. Salem was put down for a reason. Salem was the oldest of eight children, so she was the strongest. Her family is in danger cause people come to take the first born of every moon family. Salem was very lucky but she hopes to get luckier, by living the rest of her teenage life as a cat, a moon goddess, and a human. Since she is first born, she was crowned a goddess. If her mother falls, Salem takes her place. Everytime you look up at the full moon, you know that Salem is there, watching over you, and her brothers and sisters are watching over you too with the other moon stages.

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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Re: Christina's Character   Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:32 pm

Your character may be very fast, and pounce very high, but running faster than one of the fastest things in the world seems a bit unrealistic. If you want her to do the things she does, you'd have to explain how she got this ability, not just through birth. Other than that its alright

Bump when ready
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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Re: Christina's Character   Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:05 pm

Approvable now. Just wait for Ms. M to look at it.

Like I've explained before, "bump when ready" means to actually bump and not wait until i realize to check it. -.-

Bump just means to post a reply saying bump or whatever you want, so the topic can become active again, and we'll know to check it.
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PostSubject: Re: Christina's Character   Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:02 pm

Approved..bump K

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PostSubject: Re: Christina's Character   

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Christina's Character
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