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 Staraxy, Danivia's Character

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PostSubject: Staraxy, Danivia's Character   Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:56 pm

Name: Staraxy

Alias: none

Age: 15

Gender: female

Home World/Land: She comes from the underworld, the land of the dead and vampires. Daughter of Tartz, the Emperor of Shelkinks, a city in the Underworld.

Race/Species: 90% Vampire and 10% human

Appearance: Medium height, blue eyes, long straight hair, pale light skin that makes her look as she glows in the night. you can recognize her by her short bat wings, but that doesn't stop her from been a good flyer. Her long hair goes up to her waist and it also glows when she walks.

Alignment: Neutral, she doesnít agree with the things her parents say but she thinks for herself too.

Personality: She likes to go to the upper world, even though she canít and its prohibited. Staraxy doesnít listen to her parents because she thinks they donít act fairly toward their subjects. Ser loves to play with Frodo and would be mad if anyone anoys him.

Likes: Staraxy likes to listen to music and walk at night in the upper world, or as they call it the Human World. She also loves to play soccer which is weird for other because they hate it. She started to like it when she saw a human in the Upper World watching a soccer game. In the game Chivas was playing and she liked it. Since then Chivas has been her favorite team. She also engoys playing with Frodo, who has been with her since she was a baby.

Dislikes: Doesnít like when people lie to her, something that is not fair occurs, the things that her parents do and drinking blood from the humans. She also hates when they call Frodo "dog"

Affinities: She likes to fly in her free time with Frodo and also listen to human music, specially rock.

History: Staraxy is the daughter of Tartz, he is the Emperor of one of the underworld cities. She is the only child and future Empress. When she was born her parents were worried about her because she wasnít acting like she was supposed to. Staraxy didnít like to drink human blood, which was exported for her specially. She didnít do the same things as the other children did. This preoccupied her parents because Tartz wanted his daughter to be a fear ruler and not a weak one. As she grew up a lot of things change. One day as she was looking around she discovered the way to the upper world. This was forbiten for the kids. Therefore she kept it to herself and went alone to explore the new world. There she meets a mysterious guy who she falls in love with. This she knows is a big mistake because he is mortal and human. Her parents would never allow. They could kill or do something bad to him. For her Julian is the guy of her dream but its impossible because he is a human. But what she knows is that he is not a human. But one of her kind, who was expel from the underworld for something terrible he did and no one should find out.

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PostSubject: Frodo, Staraxy's dog and best friend. (incomplete)   Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:38 pm

Name: Frodo

Alias: none

Age: Frodo is immortal but he looks like a 7 years old dog in dog years.

Gender: male

Home World/Land: Underworld, he lives with Staraxy

Race/Species: Demon in the form of a dog

Appearance: Just like Staraxy he has blue eyes, and short wings. His fur is a mix of black, gray and white. His ears are pointy and black and at the back of his head he hass back fur and his tail too. His body is cover in gray fur, for the ecxeption of his belly, which is white.

Alignment: Neutral, he acts according to Staraxy, he always have her back and would do anything for her.

Personality: Really playful with Staraxy and he protects her from people who would be a danger to her. Is nice to anybody that would be nice to Staraxy.

Likes: Frodo likes to follow Staraxy everywhere and his favorite food is Roasted Chicken, which he tried when he went with Staraxy. He also like to play soccer, and even thought he is a dog he can play really well.

Dislikes: Doesn't like when people call him "dog" Its anoying and that makes him really mad. He also doesn't like Julian a lot because he thinks because of him Starxy could get in a lot of trouble.

Affinities: He as Staraxy can fly really well and likes to listen to music with her. Even thought he is a dog he can play with her soccer because it also became his favorite sport.

History: Frodo was born from the dark pit of the Under World. He was descended from a dragon, but now that they became exterminated by other species heís the only one that is left. He is a cross between a dog and a dragon. He was found by Staraxyís dad and gave it to her as a birthday gift when she turned one. Before he was found by Staraxyís dad he was leaving in the darkest and most dangerous places of the Under World. There he learned how to defend and protect himself from other demons. Then when he was brought to Staraxy, they became attach to each other and he never left her side. Everywhere Staraxy goes he goes. But he is also jealous and mad at Julian because he could get her beloved Staraxy into a lot of trouble if her parents finds out of their love.


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Staraxy, Danivia's Character
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