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 Maria's character

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PostSubject: Maria's character   Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:39 pm

Name: Jeevarani Natsajakwu
Alias: Jeeva

Age: 3,060 years old

Gender: Female

Home World/Land: Makani Island , off the Coast of Naila in Terazinda planet

Race/Species: Egyptian Lioness Goddess who can transform into any feline

Appearance: Beautiful face structure and has intense green opal eyes Her hair is always the same shoulder length with bangs a dark mocha color.Porceline skin and very tall and toned.The most powerful jewels on her crowned that helps her to have enough energy to continue on with any magical types of spells .She wears a white dress and lots of gold. She walks gracefully and almost as if she is ballet dancing.In feline form she makes the chupacabra look beautiful. With hair all over and teeth so sharp. The feline has 50 legs and scars . Scars that weren't afflicted on her but she was born with in her human form you can only see one scar altering her perfection persona.As a feline she is 50 feet tall and growls with intensity. Black and brown and white and gold fur engulfs her face. Her eyes beady and black and her mouth spilling out saliva at the gallons.Boogers and mucus coming out her ears and nose. Pink patches align her body.

Alignment: Neutral but can be mean and ruthless LOves to serve Justice but ironically justice hasn't served her

Personality: Shes mean hardly ever nice and doesn't like do be proved wrong She tricks people into favoring her outcome. Even her mother fell for her tricks and her mother Irisis is the goddess of Discoverey of lies. Caniviving and selfish are the best words to describe her. Yet at times she seem vulnerable and caring. Its her way or the highway and no one can tell her different. She is complex in every way and unpredicatable.Thats probably the most intimidating thing about her and most people stand down. The woman hardly ever cracks a smile and usually tries to find loop holes in what people say. She's always negative and is bound to change.If not Anubis will surely punish her for past crimes to humanity and to fellow gods and goddesses.

Likes: (Singing (secretly) Loves to watch humans Loves to visit the Golden Palace Felur Likes to prove everyone wrong.Enjoys spying on her enemies.

Dislikes: Hearing people lie and false accusations an cruelty to animals

Affinities: Singing,being fierce,Dazing people with her undescrible feline eyes

All around/other: Secretly wants to be human) Thats why she is so cuthtroat

History: She has stolen the throne from her mother and disreguarded Anubis's authority . Father mysteriously dissappeared and paws were left all over the area were he was last seen. She refuses to answer any questions about his dissappearence.After his dissappearence she was granted the opportunity to remove her mother from the throne as queen


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PostSubject: Re: Maria's character   Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:02 pm

Maria, can you please make the photo smaller? In like photobucket or something.
About your character in general:

Appearance: all you said was that she was beautiful.
Be more descriptive about her appearance. Give people a mental image of how she
looks, not only in human form, but feline form.

Be more descriptive in personality. WIth the little you gave off, I can name about
50 people with that personality

More details on your history please. Tell more of what's happened since birth, all the way
to how old she is now. Explain more how she has the ability to turn into a feline.
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PostSubject: Re: Maria's character   Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:04 pm

not approved..see K's comments
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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Re: Maria's character   Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Maria's character   

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Maria's character
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