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PostSubject: ANDREW'S CHARACTERS ...   Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:10 am

Name: Fiasco

Age: 21 & 1/2

Gender: Male

Home World/Land: Vertex Planet

Race/Species: Vertexian

Appearance: For a Vertexian, Fiasco is quite tall at 5' 11'. Fiasco has everlasting gray eyes which look straight into your soul. Dark hair and a look of experience are apparent on him. Obviously, he looks well- built and powerful. He often wears loose-fitting pants and a dark shirt.

Alignment: Good for the most part, he's a good guy, but he does like to cause chaos. (Laws don't apply to him, tho.. he's a G. ) lol

Personality: Fiasco is a fearless character, who is quick to find his goals in life. Determined, strong, and brave, Fiasco may seem like an ordinary, plain person, but don't be so quick to judge. ... Much of the time he can be sarcastic and rude and plainly, your probably not that important to him anyway, so he doesn't waste his time. Blunt as he may be, when talking to his friend Fiasco is well...less rude. Confidence is not lacking in him either. Fiasco could be a great ally if you are on his side, but if not be warned.

Likes: Fiasco, when he warps to each new planet, enjoys viewing the scenery and checking out the planet. Enjoys a good battle on occasion and is known to push himself to become stronger and more powerful. Yea...the usual.

Dislikes: Isn't fond of making new friend or enemies, but is very close friends with the few people that do know him. Writing. Fishing. Writing. Golf. Writing. Band. Writing.

Affinities: Fiasco, at a young age, was given a key to all of the worlds in known existence. As each world has it's own door which would open with the key. It is believed, but not certain, that Fiasco's father gave this key to him, but for reasons unknown to us yet... perhaps we will find out as we role play... (foreshadowing).
In addition, his home planet of Vertex is naturally caught in many many wars, so each citizen was trained to excel in fighting, knowledge, and basic living ability. Fiasco would have been at the top of his class would it not have been for his ..under average IQ. It's not his fault math was hard, but he is efficient in all form of fighting. There are three reasons why he is now unstoppable. First, he has two large "ninja stars" on his back which he can throw like boomerangs. They are really sharp... Second, although a very odd power, he is able to control fire and can shoot blasts of fire from the palms of his hands. This gives Fiasco an advantage because he is resistant to flames and high temperatures. He is able to last long periods without water and can turn parts of his body into flames. This power is very destructive which contributes to his tough personality. Last, he's beast.

All around/other: Fiasco has travel to many planets since he was younger and has learned much from all of the places that he visits. However, he is usually getting himself into trouble which often leaves the world in shambles.

History: As a child, Fiasco was given a special key from his father. This special key gives Fiasco the ability to travel worlds as he sees fit hopping from one to the next. Before, this time he was given elite training by those on his planet on how to fight and survive to the best of his ability. When he left he took with him two large "ninja stars" which he carries on his back, his ability "spring ability", and the special key from his father. During one of his journeys, Fiasco met his half-brother Lupe which suggests that his father had once been to that planet. The two became very close and now travel together hopping from planet to planet with their most recent stop being earth.

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PostSubject: Re: ANDREW'S CHARACTERS ...   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:27 pm

this is great. The only thing is that I think that your character should warp at free will to planets he's ALREADY visited. Or at least has seen before, whether through pictures or movies, ect.
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PostSubject: Re: ANDREW'S CHARACTERS ...   Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:52 pm

bump Kevin

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PostSubject: Re: ANDREW'S CHARACTERS ...   

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