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 Rosa Luna: Tragic Story: Oedipus Rex

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PostSubject: Rosa Luna: Tragic Story: Oedipus Rex   Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:56 pm

Oedipus Rex

This is a famous tragic story about Oedipus the king; it all began with the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta. At Oedipusí birth he was sent by his parents to be killed, because the oracle of Delphi had prophesied his son would be the cause of his fathers death, King Laius and he once he killed his father he would marry his mother, Queen Jocasta and breed children with her. Once he found out the truth it would become his downfall as king. This is one of a tragic story because everything prophesied occurred and with all the details Sophocles added gave a very descriptive story with a phenomenal manner of giving a story so dreadful to become of interesting to the readers.

The story of Oedipus starts of with this child being born and sent to his death by his parents just because of the fear in what could occur if he lived. As he was sent to his death pity came upon the one who had him so he gave him away to someone else to care for him as his own. He grew with adoptive parents in which as he grew older he was also was prophesied by the oracle the same prophecy that was given to his biological parents. To prevent this he ran of away from who he believed where his parents but in reality he was moving closer to his family. In the way to Thebes he met his father who he killed in a duel, he didnít know it was his father.

As he moved on he met with Sphinx who stopped every person who was going into the city of Thebes. Many where being eaten by the sphinx since no one could answer its riddle until Oedipus finally came along and answered the riddle. The Sphinx ended up giving up its life and finally allowing people to go through and the people of Thebes where thankful for his doing so to thank him they made him his king. The queen of Thebes was Jocasta his mother who he was married too and had children with. He slowly was making the prophecy come true without his own knowing.

Soon a plague struck Thebes and in search for the answer to his problems he sent Creon, Jocastaís brother to talk to the Oracle. The oracle advised to find the murderer of King Laius and he shall be killed. Oedipus was in search of the murder so he searched for the blind prophet to identify the murderer. He warned Oedipus to not search for the murder because it would only lead to his downfall. The blind prophet was angered by Oedipus and so he revealed Oedipus' identity of who he was. This slowly came upon him and once he had finally concluded he had truly been the one who caused his fathers death, King Laius.

The story of Oedipus soon ends with the death of his wife committing suicide. And he, literally blinding himself by gouging his eyes and soon after needed his daughterís guidance to roam the rest of his life. Then his life was ended at Colonus, roaming until his death was met. Mainly Oedipus death was caused by this prophecy made by an oracle and the different actions taken to prevent this ended up leading to the prophecy coming true and then slowly unraveling the truth until his death came to end him. The audience might have expected it since the oracle had prophesied what was going to happen. While you read the book you realize the details and the intensity of the situation it began from a prophecy ending with the prophecy coming true where it would soon come to an end.

There are many things to be learned although a myth and fictional story it gives different things that give a basic over view of trust, and what faith has a hold of you or you create your own. It is very controversial to read this story and give your view and people agree. You may have different thoughts upon what happens in life even if this story is only a myth or fictional story. You try to incorporate this with yourself and you end up realizing how do things really occur because I make them happen or because itís set for me already? Simple question that may go unanswered but itís your own believe. When you examine the story you reflect on what goes on ask question that give a new twist to the story as you read it because you are setting your own perspective as you read.

People may enjoy reading dark dramas, tragic stories because itís in human nature to look at the bad side first and you find it amusing because it is what is constantly occurring. We humans find cruelty in a way pleasurable except when itís occurring to you. People find other peopleís pain and problems amusing so they can give a quick laugh or just keep interested like with gossip. When you here a rumor you wonder is this true or when you hear something bad happen first instinct is to wonder whatís going on. Just being humans because when you hear something good happening you are usually careless and quickly move on since you donít really find any interest in it. I believe its in human nature to find sorrow and what goes wrong most interesting.

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PostSubject: Re: Rosa Luna: Tragic Story: Oedipus Rex   Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:59 pm

THis goes under tragic play, film, novel analysis. Post it under that topic, and delete this one.


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Rosa Luna: Tragic Story: Oedipus Rex
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