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 Romeo and Juliet Advice Column

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PostSubject: Romeo and Juliet Advice Column   Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:09 pm

Dear Christina,
I'm in love with a boy but my parents are fighting with his family. They want me to marry a man that i do not love. I truly love Romeo Montague. What should I do?
- Juliet Capulet 16

Christina Says:
Your parents are forcing you to marry another man. That is not right. You should break the chain Juliet. Your heart is telling you to marry Romeo, but your parents want you not to marry him. Just because your families are in a feud. My best advice to anyone is to follow your heart.

Did you know that the heart tells you the best advice? I follow my advice on that. As a good friend of you, Juliet, I will be there for you, that's why I am a good friend. If you truly love someone, then you should go and love them back. Romeo seems like a nice gentleman and he would be the perfect husband for any sixteen year old.

Who are you marrying again? That County Paris? He is nice and all but if you don't love him, don't marry him. Romeo is the one your heart wants and my friend, always follow your heart. Your heart can lead to the best time of your life. My final word is follow your heart, break the chain, and I, myself, is a friend to both family Montague and family Capulet. Don't tell anyone that I am a friend with both families. It's between you and me. Follow my advice, and you will live a fairytale with your new husband Romeo.

I love you Christina I love you
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Romeo and Juliet Advice Column
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