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 Tragic Movie Sweeney Todd

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PostSubject: Tragic Movie Sweeney Todd   Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:00 pm

There are tragic films where the main character dies, loved ones of the main character dies, and all the characters die. In this movie, this tragic movie has most of the characters die, except three. Those characters killed included the main one, Sweeney Todd. This story was a simple love story then it turned into a tragic story full of revenge.

The story starts off with a man named Benjamin Barker. He had a wife named Lucy and a daughter named Johanna. Then there was a judge, Judge Turpin, who loved Lucy. He took Benjamin away and locked him up in prison for fifteen years. He comes out with a new identity, Sweeney Todd.

He arrives in London with a young lad named Anthony. He falls in love with a young girl, who happens to be Sweeney's daughter. Sweeney befriends a meat pie maker named Mrs. Lovett. She has a meat pie empourium below Sweeney's barber shop. Mrs. Lovett meets a young boy named Toby.Toby helps Mrs. Lovett around the meat pie shop. Sweeney wanted revenge, so he would "shave" men's throats and send them to Mrs. Lovett, so they would be turned into meat pies. In the end, Sweeney gets his revenge but is disappointed at the same time.

He accidently killed his wife Lucy and Mrs. Lovett. He got his revenge by killing the judge. While Sweeney is grieving over his dead wife, Toby grabs Sweeney's razor and kills him. Ever since, Sweeney Todd was known as the demon barber of Fleet Street. But he will still be considered a villian of a tragedy.

All Sweeney wanted to do was get his revenge on those men who betrayed him. Once he got to the judge, he felt like he had completed his mission. Sweeney was a person who had to be killed off in the movie, since he killed other innocent men. Those who do wrong to others should get killed off. In this movie, definitely.

The audience seemed that Sweeney was the last person to go in the movie. Once they have seem the characters go off one by one, they can tell who will go next. The three children,(Johanna, Anthony, Toby) are the only ones left alive. Once they disappear, the audience knows that child doesn't die. It's pretty obvious to tell who is going to die and who is going to survive.

There is a lesson from this movie. If you want revenge, don't kill people to get it. Sweeney wanted to get Judge Turpin cause he was the one who seperated him and his life.But killing the man isn't going to make your life better. He accidently killed his own wife. He is mad and crazy Twisted Evil But after Sweeney Todd killed Judge Turpin, he then realized the woman he killed was his wife. See how far revenge can go if you use it incorrectly. Sweeney Todd was a tragic film and it has a tragic ending.
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PostSubject: Re: Tragic Movie Sweeney Todd   Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:58 pm

THis goes under tragic play, film, novel analysis. Post it under that topic, and delete this one.


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Tragic Movie Sweeney Todd
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