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 Tragic film

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PostSubject: Tragic film   Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:09 pm

The Titanic
By: Amber Seda

A tragic film that I have seen is the Titanic. Now many people would question why I'm calling Titanic a tragic movie, when there was all of this love between the two main characters. Although, there was a lot of romance in the movie, there was indeed a lot of tragedy also. The romance part of the movie was fiction, but the ship sinking was based on a true story. Many people died the day the Titanic sank.

The movie is based on the tragic moment when the ship sank but its also about a fictitious romance between two main characters. The characters, whose names are Jack and Rose, meet on the ship. They are from two very different backgrounds and they end up falling in love. This causes a lot of drama though because Rose is already with someone who her mother wants her to marry because he has money.

Throughout the movie Rose and Jack secretly meet with each other and their love grows stronger. People begin to find out about their secret meetings and that's when the drama begins. The worst part of all the drama is when the ship crashes into an iceberg. That's when tragedy strikes because the ship sinks and Jack dies. Rose is able to survive but she's heartbroken because the man she loves dies. This completely shocks the audience because Rose and Jack looked so in love that the audience was lead to believe that they were going to stay together and then BAM!! He dies.

The movie gets better at the end because then Rose becomes an old woman. She ends up dying of old age and is reunited with Jack in some sort of after life. I think that it teaches us that even though someone/something we really love leaves us, doesn't mean that its gone forever.

I think that people like to see not only dark drama but drama in general. Drama ,makes a movie, play, or book very interesting and captivating. As much as we don't like it in reality we love to see some sort of betrayal, death, or other misfortune because its entertaining.
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Rawrness in the making

PostSubject: Re: Tragic film   Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:16 pm

goes under the topic provided..put it there and delte this one please


Zheack, the falcon demon

Avenged Sevenfold- Afterlife
Atreyu- Two become one
Slipknot- Before i forget
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Tragic film
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