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 Ashelyn's Tragedy Analysis

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PostSubject: Ashelyn's Tragedy Analysis   Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:33 pm

Don't you just get frustrated when your favorite character gets killed off or dies suddenly !? In many tragic novels, films, and shows, now a days, the main character or protagonist ends up being ruined or killed off, leaving sometimes loose ends or even cliffhangers. Some of these characters have a tramatic life or experience and tradgetically die at the end. Should an author leave a reader or viewer curious at to why the protagonist dies? Personally, I believe if these characters were meant to be the center of the story, having all the events revolve around them , they shouldn't die or be ruined.In my opinion, this makes someone like myself feel like the story is pointless or incomplete.

To continue, the structure of a main character or protaganist (physical features, personality, background information) is what shapes the plot. But could a story be successful if in the main primary character is killed? Even though, preferably I like when the character is alive to the ending, the character dying can also create a successful story, depending on how the author continues with the story.

A perfect example where the main chacter is killed off would be the horror/thriller movie, "The Hitcher". the movie begins with Jim, a young college student who is picking up his girlfriend, Grace. Their peaceful, romantic trip to Lake Havasu, all goes wrong when they happen to pick up a hitchiker off the road. All is goin well until the seemingly casual and friendly stranger turns into an insane serial killer.

Throughout the entire movie, the couple does their best to get a way from this horrifying mystery man. At the climax of the movie, the protagonist, or Jim, is killed by the hitch hiker. So how does the author go from there? Once the main character was dead, the author used Grace, jim's girlfriend, as the primary character. The author shifts from one character to another.

In this case, the sudden shift in main characeters makes the story much more successful. It shows the viewers a taste of the unexpected, and makes the movie way more unpredictable. When I first observed this film, the main character dying didnt seem likely or possible. This gave the movie definitely a new twist, which seemed to catch my attention.
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Ashelyn's Tragedy Analysis
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