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 Jennifer Valdez-Tragedy Analysis

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PostSubject: Jennifer Valdez-Tragedy Analysis   Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:58 pm

“The Dark Knight”
In my opinion “The Dark Knight” is a great example of a tragic film. All the characters had some kind of drama in their lives of Gothem City. For example, Batman living a double life of a billionaire and a hero. As a hero the insane Joker is pushing him to the limits. Then there was Harvey Dent who was the best lawyer Gothem City has had in years is also seen as a hero to the people. It was a shame how Harvey almost lost his life because of the love of his Rachel. The way I see it he was going to die for nothing because Rachel didn’t love him like he loved her. Anyways, Batman had to live his double life, which took a toll on him. For example being Batman had to give up Rachel to Harvey so she can have a normal life; even though she ends up dying in the end. The main character are always ruined a killed because it makes good entertainment in my eyes. I think people always cut off the loved character to see the audience’s reaction. They want to show that someone you must likely relate to can be snatched away in the blink of an eye. The audience is affected because The Dark Knight was so awesome that fact that Harvey went from good to evil must have been shocking. Also how Batman didn’t answer the signal at the end means he can’t be depended upon as much. What I learned from the movie is you can’t trust anyone. I have never seen so much backstabbing in movie just trying to stop the Joker(even though their plans failed). Also make sure you keep our loved ones as close as possible because Batman didn’t make appreciate what he really had until it was gone. Finally with power comes great responsibility, to be careful because too much power can corrupt people. In my eyes people like seeing dramatic or tragic movies for entertainment. It’s like human instinct to be intrigued by something that’s going on. That’s why there are so many shows for celebrities and whatnot; because we are so fascinated by other people live. Also sometimes feel like they can relate to certain parts of the movie because they might have been in he same situation or similar to it. You can be surprised how much you learn from movies, plays, novels, etc.
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Jennifer Valdez-Tragedy Analysis
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