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 Amber's Advice Column

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PostSubject: Amber's Advice Column   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:11 pm

The A-List Advice
By: Amber Seda

A Couple Whose Love is at Stake


A young couple who feels that they are deeply in love but they are also causing big problems and are in great danger. They come from two completely different backgrounds, which makes it pretty difficult and places many obstacles before them and their relationship. Their parents don’t approve of their relationship and they don’t allow them to see each other. Instead of Romeo and Juliet going to their parents and discussing this situation with them, they decided that they were going to go and elope. This is crazy and we can definitely see that they are in desperate need of some advice.

What should they do? Should they get married without their parents blessing or should they wait a little and try to talk to their parents?

Post your advice below.


Hi I’m 16 and I Live here in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. In my town there are a lot of young couples that claim to be in love but in reality they are just another pair of teens who are lost and filled with mixed emotions. I think I can definitely relate to Rome and Juliet because a few months ago I was one of those lost teens that claimed to be in love. I was with a guy who I thought loved me but then out of nowhere, when I thought our relationship was at its highest, he went and crushed my heart and broke up with me. I eventually got over it but it wasn’t easy and now I look back at it and think “wow how dumb of me to even think this guy truly cared about me when we were merely teens!”
This is why I think that Romeo and Juliet should wait before they run off and go get married.
First off, they will be making a huge mistake, which is defying their parents. Their parents are being like this for a reason. They were once teens and they’ve also lived a life full of scandals so as much as we would hate to admit it our parents are right and all they’re trying to do is prevent us from making dumb mistakes that could potentially ruin our futures. I also think that Romeo and Juliet don’t understand the true meaning of love. If I was in Juliet’s shoe I wouldn’t get married because she is willing to give up everything even her family to go live in who knows where with her first love. Fact is that the majority of first loves don’t last long so I wouldn’t take the risk unless I was sure it would work out. Just imagine she did leave with Romeo and things don’t work out. She can’t come back and be left as helpless. Juliet has some serious thinking to do.
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Amber's Advice Column
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